Dragons Of The Hidden City
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Dragons Of The Hidden City


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What is Dragons Of The Hidden City

Dragons Of The Hidden City is a popular web novel written by the author scar_likes_chicken, covering GENDER-BENDER, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY, STRONG-FEMALE-LEAD, Teen genres. It's viewed by 188.2K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 63 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This takes place in a world that is full of magic,Dragons and different beasts,Royal families,Nobles,clans,and underground organizations and also not only that, this is a world where there is both magic and science. Its about a girl's journey about how she changes her life after coming out of her family's clan, how she meets new people,and makes friends,and how she changes from a cold person to a person with feelings,and how she learns about people around her,knowing the difference between fake and real friends and how she faces challenges. Aside from the girl there are also another two main leads who becomes best friends with her but they wouldn't ever imagine even in their wildest dreams that she would be a girl and until that time,everyone would think she was actually a guy. There is also a legend in this world which is, for every 1000 years there will be five dragons who will be coming out of the dragon gate and will choose their successors. The people who will be chosen are considered to be unparalleled. wait and see who they will choose and how it will lead us to a road of mysteries. --------‐---------------------------------------------------------------- (looking at the ice block before her, which has a person inside it.) Illuka:" Wow......What a devilish beauty. Hold tight...let me break this for you." Jing shen:"......" Illuka:My devil~ If I break this you have to marry me to pay me. Jing shen:"......." (After 10 years, When a talk came about their marriage. ) Illuka(Sweating):"Jing shen ....They are saying that we are going to be married soon. We are still young, there is no need for a marriage this soon, tell them we are not going to get married yet." Jing shen:(silently looks at illuka with his Gold coloured eyes)"We are already married the day you met me." Illuka:"What?!!!!But I didn't know how I got married." Jing shen:(Smirking)"Wife , The dragons get married by exchanging the blood." Illuka:(Remembering the day they met.) what??!!!!! Jing shen:"Wife , let's go to bedroom . we have already delayed our wedding night for a long time. Illuka:W-wh-what????.... (He princess carries her to their bedroom.) Illukas friends & Master : serves you right. At last someone is tormenting the person who torments us...ahh this feels so good. (Author: Guys, forgive me if you find any mistakes. I don't have an editor and I am typing this in a phone, so you may find mistakes. I will try to reduce them as much as possible and try to make this novel as interesting as possible.)


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