1 dragons eyes

Amy starts to run, she has been running for an hour or so. she stops and glares back to where her home once was. now there was a dark and thorned path. she sighs as she sits on a bench. exhausted she lays down, rubs her eyes and sleeps.

as the break of Dawn's sun rises, Amy woke up. wary, she sits stareing at the beautiful sunrise. she stood up and walked towards the sun. she was happy. finally she could do what she wanted, no restrictions. as the sunshine woke up the little town, Amy felt as if it was a dream.

as Amy was walking she saw particles, it was weird to see them outside. she investigated the strange aura coming from the particles. as she drew close, someone pulled her into it. Aparently It Was A PORTAL. how could a portal be outside and no one else noticed? how strange.

Amy looked around. she looked through the window to find that someone was sat there. who were they? how did they get here? and where are we? most of this questions plagued her mind. she tapped on the glass saying," where exactly am I and what happened." then the figure turned around and said," I didnt know you could talk." the figure said there name was theo and that he captures rare beings and that she was one of them. " I mean a dragon descuised as a human in the human realm? what a rare find!" as he got closer I felt his breath on the glass. " what kind are you?" Amy didnt know anything about dragons and didnt think she was one of them," you mean those huge beasts that eat children and trample on villages, na I think you have the wrong person? beast? what should I call them?" he finally says," my portals make no mistakes. you are special and you are mine."

Amy looked at him with anger and vengeance, as she did he backed away. Why you may ask, the reason was that her eyes weren't normal as they were before. they were a deep purple and pinkish, he got scared because the cage made of glass was dampening her magic powers. he asked," what exactly are you?"

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