13 You have the power of the hero inside you!

Closing the door, Devin saw the two girls moving to the living area with Izabela taking in the room and the subtle yet expensive decor as she followed her younger sister to the couch. Devin followed in close behind, taking the couch opposite the siblings and offering them drinks as he still had a carafe of coffee as well as a pitcher of water. Izabela rejected the offer while Yana helped herself to a glass of water. After everyone was settled Devin decided to open.

"I'm assuming that Yana here has informed you of my proposal for your family to join me at my home in the US." Devin said as he looked at Izabela.

"Yes, she has and I have a few reservations about this as well as a couple of questions. Depending on the answers you give I may have to reject your offer Mister Price." Izabela said with a serious look. Devin could feel like he was being glared at by an adorable mother cat protecting it's kittens.

"Of course I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability, but I do want to say that there are a somethings that I will have to refuse to answer due to them either being too personal or regarding something confidential." Devin said as he poured himself another cup of coffee. He noticed that Yana looked at her sister nervously before Izabela nodded.

"Okay, first question. What do you do for work? It must pay well if you are staying in this kind of expensive room for the amount of time since Yana said she first met you." Izabela said as she looked at Devin like she was tying to see through him to his soul.

"I am a private defense contractor that works for various governments and groups all over America, Europe, and parts of Asia." Devin said as a look of confusion appeared on Izabela's and Yana's faces. The two sisters looked at each other before they turned back and asked for clarification.

"Basically, my job is to advise and plan defenses as well as protecting certain locations and caravans from potential threats, though I tend to work more on the planning and engineering aspects like building and refurbishing former military bases. I also do weapons and equipment disposal for a slight fee." Devin said before taking a sip from his mug. Izabela's mouth turned down at the thought of living with what sounded like a mercenary, but decided to finish her questioning.

"So, if we do accept your offer what exactly are we expected to do?" Izabela said as her eyes narrowed in suspicion. Devin knew what she was insinuating and decided to give two offers.

"There are two options you can choose from. Either I can give you jobs at my house to do in return for money as well as room and board or you can find a job in the city and pay a small amount for room and board. Your brother and Yana will be attending school as, Henric was his name, is still in elementary and Yana needs to finish school as I assume that she left to help support the family." Devin said to the pair. Devin could see approval in her eyes as he knew that some people would be insulted if they thought they were receiving charity or pity. Devin could tell that even as matronly as Izabela seemed she also had a sense of pride.

"Okay, final question for now. Are you involved in any shady or illegal affairs that could put my family at risk, now or in the future?" Izabela asked as she leaned forward. There was a slight hope in her eyes now as if this question would seal whether her siblings would be happier from now on. Devin took a minute to think as he knew that he would eventually be included in some of the events in the future, especially if Infinity Wars was still gonna happen. Devin decided to answer as honestly as possible.

"Now? I don't think there is anyone specifically or possibly targeting me. In the future I am not sure as there are so many things that could potentially happen and I never involve myself in anything illegal or immoral, but I can tell you this. Sokovia will not be a pleasant place to live in the near future." Devin said as he looked Izabela in the eye.

"What do you mean that it will not be a pleasant place in the future?" Izabela asked as concern laced her voice.

"Based on the current system in place for the government as well as some of the things that I have heard about the goings on in the world then this place may become a potential hot zone soon." Devin said as he explained with a half lie. He had heard about the goings on in this world, he just never specified when and what world he heard it on. A complicated look crossed Izabela's face for a moment before she looked like she had made a decision.

"Even though I don't agree with your choice in profession I don't have a problem with the rest of your answers and I appreciate the chance you have given us. I will do my best to make sure that you never regret making this decision should you take us." Izabela said as she stood up and bowed to Devin. Izabela knew that this was a once in a life-time chance for her siblings and was ready to do what ever she had to do to convince Devin to take them with them if it turned out that he was as Yana said he was. Devin was slightly surprised that she had agreed to his plan. Now all he had to do was wait for confirmation from Strom to get everything started and head home. Devin decided to send the girls home for the moment as he didn't have any news whether the Sokovian government had agreed to his counter offer. After excusing them to go home with promises that he would notify Yana as soon as he knew when they would leaving.

Devin decided that he would head to the site to see just how much damage had been done. He rented a car and headed out. A little bit later Devin parked his car and looked around the area at the little bit of damage, but surprisingly also at the clean up crews that were hard at work removing the chunks of destroyed concrete as well as an entire team trying to figure out how to load the destroyed heavy equipment that the Berserker had crashed into onto a flatbed semi.

Devin noticed that the bodies had been removed already. As he continued to look around a black SUV pulled up to the site, right next to Devin's car and none other than Strom stepped out. His usual suit and tie in place as he strolled toward Devin. Devin on the other hand was busy staring at the hole in the cement wall that was made from the charge of that brute.

"Mr. Price you seem well despite everything." Strom said in greeting as Devin only looked at him out the corner of his eye before replying.

"Yes I am for the most part. This seems a little early, but any news?" Devin asked as he took one last look at the damage before turning to walk beside Strom.

"Yes, I already spoke with my superiors and they have okayed your request. They put a rush on their order and I have the documents in the car. We can get them right now." Strom said as he gestured with his arm toward the vehicle he had arrived in. Soon Devin had the manila envelope in his hand. Devin checked and found three sets of visas as well as the rest needed for them to leave.

"I hope that everything is to your liking?" Strom asked with a slight smile on his face.

"Yes, everything seems to be in order. Is there any other services that need to be completed?" Devin asked as he set the envelope in the passenger seat for the moment.

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"No Mr. Price. We will take everything from here. We greatly appreciate the work you have done for us and we have your payment in full." Strom said as he handed a tablet to Devin for him to scan his hand for authorization. Devin scanned his hand and handed the tablet back to Strom and he placed it back in the SUV.

"It has been a pleasure." Strom said as he put his hand out to shake. Devin took his hand and shook firmly at first. Soon his grip turned tight and threatened to crush Strom's hand as Strom winced in pain.

"Listen and listen closely. Those three are under my protection and if you or your superiors think of reneging on our deal, then I want you to think back to all those bodies that you had to haul out of here and then imagine just what I'll do if they follow through. Because I know exactly who's number one on the list. You understand?" Devin said as his voice got quieter and icier with every word. Soon Strom was almost brought to his knees from the pain that was his hand being crushed. Sweat was beading on his forehead and the color had drained leaving him extremely pale.

"YES, Mr. Price I understand. I will make sure that we keep our end of the DEAL!" Strom said as he was at his limit and could hear the bones in his hand creaking from the pressure. Devin let go and got into his car to leave, but rolled down the window and said quickly, "Make sure you do".

Devin arrived back at the hotel and checked with the front desk to see if Yana had a shift later, but was told that she wasn't do on shift till the next day. Devin headed back to his room to place the documents in a safe place as well as to check whether they transferred his money fully. As he stepped into the room he immediately could feel another presence already further inside. Devin silently withdrew a pistol and stepped in cautiously. Checking the living room turned up nothing so the only rooms left were the bedroom and the bathroom. Devin quickly found the intruder and it wasn't what he was expecting. There on his bed sat Izabela in only an overly large shirt and a pair of white cotton panties.

"What are you doing?" Devin asked as he put his pistol in the back of his waist band.

"I am showing my appreciation for what you are doing for my family." Izabela said with a bright red face. Devin could tell that she had never done anything like this, but for the sake of her siblings she was gonna do whatever it took to make sure they have a better future.

"Izabela, don't take this the wrong way but I'm not helping you three because I want you or, heaven forbid, your sister. I'm doing it because I saw a chance to help a few individuals that I could recognize potential in. Again, don't misunderstand. You are a very beautiful and smart woman and that is very attractive, but you should do this kind of thing with someone you have a connection with." Devin said as he grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders. She looked slightly relieved and crestfallen at the same time, but Devin refused to take advantage of a young woman in such a way.

"I just didn't want you to change your mind and leave us here after giving my siblings such hope. Even if it meant convincing you with my body." Izabela said as her blush returned slightly at the end.

"I know Bell. Can I call you Bell?" Devin said before asking. Seeing her nod her head Devin continued.

"Here's what I need you to do right now Bell. I want you to get dressed and meet me on the couch. OK?" Devin said as he waited for a confirmation. Izabela saw he was waiting for a reply and nodded her head. Getting up and leaving the room Devin headed to the living room to grab the manila envelope and wait.

In the other room Izabela was changing into the outfit that she had been wearing that morning. She had seen the t-shirt and panties look in a movie she had been lucky enough to watch at an old job a couple years ago. As she pulled on the brown pants her mind was running a hundred miles per hour. Had she just ruined their chance at going to America? What was she going to do if Mr. Price rejected them now because he thought she was loose floozy? How was she going to explain to her siblings? Soon she was fully dressed and placed the over large shirt in a hand bag that had been her mother's.

Taking a deep breath to try and calm her nerves she left the room. Walking into the living room Izabela saw that her benefactor was seated on a couch with a large manila envelope on the table in front of him. Walking over slowly she took the couch opposite with not a small amount of trepidation. Devin could see her tension and gave a smile to show everything was fine.

"Calm down Bell. I'm not mad and I haven't changed my mind. I have something to tell you as well as something to show you." Devin said as he continued his smile and Izabela soon relaxed.

"Okay, on this last job here in Sokovia there were some complications and in return for not only my silence, but also because I helped to repel some aggressors, the government was gonna give me a bonus. This was after Yana told me about you three and your past. So, I offered a counter deal and the government agree. Now I want you to gently open the envelope on the table." Devin said before motioning to the item between them. Izabela was shocked to hear that he had passed on what she could only assume was a large amount of money to instead try and help her and her siblings. Looking at the envelope she gingerly picked it up and opened it to find three passports and a bunch of papers she didn't recognize. It wasn't till she opened one of the visas to find her sister's picture and name. It was then that she began to realize just what she was holding and tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Surprise! I received them today. We'll leave as soon as you three have packed everything." Devin said before being tackled by a crying Izabela. Despite her age and maturity she had been strong for too long and now the relief had broken the dam. Devin chuckled as he held her till her crying heaves became small shakes and hiccups. Soon she sat up and rubbed the tears from her eyes that were now red and slightly puffy.

"Thank you." Izabela said quietly as she slowly stood up.

"You're welcome. Now, head back and tell the others. How long do you need to pack all of your belongings?" Devin asked as he started to do a list of things in his head to complete as he held the door open for Izabela to exit.

"We can be ready by tomorrow." Izabela said as she stepped out. Devin nodded his head in acceptance.

"Alright, bring your siblings as well as your belongings here tomorrow and we will head out." Devin said as he already knew that he needed to start with the airplane tickets.

"Sure, I'll see you tomorrow." Izabela said. Just before she left she stepped forward and kissed Devin on the cheek before running down the hall out of sight. Devin smiled as he turned around and closed the door. He had some tickets to buy for three new roommates.

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