72 Warehouse Throwdown

Devin slipped into the warehouse and saw that Jessica and Kilgrave were standing less than a dozen feet from one another arguing about something. but Devin wasn't paying attention to what was said though he still kept track of the two's movements. What had his main focus was the people in the black outfits creeping along the rafters. Devin was watching them move along the roof to slowly surround the pair in the center. Devin knew that Jessica's friends were hidden amongst the abandoned crates and other large objects that were left behind when the place was condemned. It was then that Devin also noticed that the three people that Kilgrave had entranced were hidden nearby as well.

'Well, how am I gonna get past this?' Devin thought as he looked from the "ninjas" on the ceiling, the three backup for Kilgrave, then Kilgrave himself. Pressing his finger to his ear piece, Devin sent a signal that would prompt the others to answer their coms.

"What's wrong?" Danny came through as the others chimed in with similar comments.

"We've got a problem. We were right about Kilgrave having backup, but apparently someone else came to crash the party." Devin said as the others waited for an explanation.

"There are three men that are hiding behind crates in the southwest corner, to your right. There are what looks like a bunch of ninjas crawling across the ceiling amongst the rafters." Devin said before hearing two sharp intakes of breath.

"You said ninjas?" Matt asked as Devin looked at the men in black attached to the roof.

"Yeah, outfits, masks, and even swords. Why?" Devin asked as he checked on the situation with Kilgrave to see the two still arguing.

"Those are members of The Hand." Danny said with tension in his voice causing Devin to curse which was heard over the mic.

"You've heard of them?" Matt asked as Devin re-evaluated the people on the ceiling.

"Mostly stories and rumors. No interaction till now." Devin said as he turned to look at the three backups for Kilgrave.

"Any idea about Kilgrave's backup?" Luke asked as Devin looked them over.

"The only one that looks even remotely familiar is an African American man with a gauntlet on his left hand." Devin said before another sharp inhale sounded once again through the mic.

"That might be a guy named Willis Stryker. Street name Diamondback." Luke said to which Devin nodded remembering that all of Luke's villians were named after snakes.

"Okay so what's his gimmick?" Devin asked as he study the other two for clues.

"The gauntlet gives him enhanced strength or something. He also happens to be my half-brother." Luke said which had Devin surprised for a split second. It was then that Devin noticed that things had come to a head between Kilgrave and Jessica.

"Looks like things are about to start. Everyone be careful." Devin said as he Pulled an AR from his storage and aimed at the two dozen people on the roof. A minute later all hell broke loose. Devin opened fire on the ninjas killing roughly a third of them before they could find cover from his fire.

Devin jumped down and saw Luke going for his brother while Danny and Matt were fighting the other two. Looking to the right Devin saw Jessica chasing Kilgrave around a bunch of crates while he screamed for his three slaves to come help him. Soon the remainder of the ninjas dropped down and joined which had Devin working double time to help the others. Every punch from Luke dropped a ninja while him and his brother threw shots at each other.

Danny was fighting ninjas while trading blows with the man that looked middle eastern with the trench coat. This left Matt dodging random items being thrown at him by the other man in a trench coat which also helped to take out the ninjas that were trying to swarm him at the same time. The fact that the man was throwing random items with pin point accuracy clued Devin in as to who the man was. He was Bullseye. One of Daredevil's main villians. The third man was still a mystery. With all the ninjas dropping left and right and the actual villians duking it out with heroes, the whole scenario looked like a episode of Power Rangers or something.

Devin jumped in and began to kill ninjas left and right which he knew the others wouldn't agree with but these were the ninjas that were trying to take over the city and were behind the scenes in most of the horrible things that happened to Matt and Danny as well as numerous others. Luke managed to slam his brother into the floor before stepping on his back and pinning him face down to the concrete floor. Devin seeing this dashed over while his right hand began to glow with a white-silver glow before pressing his hand to the back of Luke's brother's skull. A few minutes later the man slumped unconscious on the floor.

This allowed Luke to change priorities to helping Danny as he was slowly losing ground between the ninjas and the skill that the other man had which looked to be on par with Danny's own. A roundhouse kick knocked Danny down only for Luke to run through with his arm extended to clothesline four ninjas while Danny planted his foot on the chest of his opponent and then flipped him over himself when the man tried to jump on him. This slammed his opponent into and through a small stack of crates which then collapsed on him. Devin took this opportunity to grabbed the downed man's wrist and once again use Purify on the man to which he then slumped down unresponsive.

Danny and Luke were now trying to stop the ninjas as even though there were only about two dozen of them to begin with there were more that had apparently shown up at some point. Matt was still fighting it out with Bullseye while dodging ninjas and both Kilgrave and Jessica had disappeared in the chaos. Devin had drawn his knife to parry the swords of the ninjas while he wielded a pistol in the other hand. Soon even more ninjas piled into the warehouse. This was both good and bad news. Good news because the hand would want to keep these evens from the public and anyone watching, but the bad news was there were even more people trying to kill them.

Soon Matt managed to launch himself off to the side as Bullseye threw the lid to a steel drum at him which then hit the corner crate on the bottom of a stack which then caused it to break and crumble. This lead to a domino effect as the stack then fell on top of Bullseye. Devin stabbed a ninja in the thigh before forward rolling under a dual horizontal swing from two ninjas and making a mad dash towards the last of Kilgrave's new stooges.

Soon a shout from up high had everyone's attention to see Jessica with Kilgrave in a headlock and Kilgrave begging for his life. Her three friends began to plead with her to not kill the man in-between attacking and defending. Those pleas fell on deaf ears as with one swift jerk Jessica snapped Kilgrave's neck, causing the man to pitch forward and bounce like a ragdoll down from the top where he died before slamming into the ground hard with a sharp crack.

This caused everyone to pause for a minute before all of the ninjas seemed to redouble their efforts which confused Devin.

'Why is The Hand here? it can't just be a chance to get rid of Matt and Danny. There's more to this.' Devin thought as he killed another ninja. Seeing how they were getting swarmed Devin started to gather the heroes with an idea in mind. A very risky one, but a plan. Coming up on Luke, Devin kicked a ninja away before speaking.

"Luke, get to the others and then barricade the doors behind you!" Devin said over his shoulder to the man.

"What about you?" Luke asked as he slugged another ninja in the face.

"Don't worry about me. I've got a plan." Devin said before the two separated and Devin began to fight his way towards the center of the warehouse while Luke began to fight towards the others. Soon Luke had the other three as well as the unconscious villians that had been subdued at the entrance of the warehouse.

"Devin we gotta get out of here!" Danny called as they held off a few stragglers. Devin managed to pistol whip another ninja with his now empty gun before yelling at them them to go. Luke dragged Jessica and his brother out before Matt and Danny followed with their respective villians. Devin continued to fight for a few more seconds before the ninjas seemed to step back, giving both parties a second to breath. Eventually a ninja with red accents on his outfit stepped forward to speak.

"Surrender. You may die quickly if you do." the ninja said as he pointed his sword at Devin. Devin returned the gesture with his dagger before replying with a shake of his head.

"Then die!" the ninja yelled as he gestured for the rest to swarm Devin. At this point Devin activated one of his Spirits with a flash of light. Devin floated there in his Red-Eyed Dragoon form with his sword drawn and his eyes a burning red as he stared at the ninja that was supposedly a leader.

"What are you?" the red ninja asked as they all stared at the being floating before them.

"Annoyed." Devin said before he dropped out of the air and drove the tip of his sword into the ground which then began to glow and bulge before a massive explosion erupted, engulfing everyone and the warehouse.


As the group of four walked and limped away from the warehouse they hurried to remove the unconscious bodies and those still able to fight to head back and help save Devin. Just as they reached another warehouse that looked stable. There was a flash of light from the windows of the warehouse then seconds later the entire warehouse seemed to explode before being engulfed in flames as the four heroes looked on in horror at the fact that the place their newly acquainted friend was fighting just turned into a massive fireball.

"Devin!!" Jessica shouted as Luke stopped her from going back. The four watched in silence as the building continued to burn. Soon the wailing of sirens could be heard. Matt and Danny tied the three villians up for the cops to find before recommending that they all should leave. After a second of silent communication the four left down an alley. Once they had left the only sound that could be found was the roar and crackle of the fire.

On a pier some hundred feet away from the warehouse, there was the sound of water splashing before a hand shot out of the water and grabbed the edge of the pier. This hand pulled the rest of the attached body out of the water to reveal the water-logged form of Devin laying half out of the water.


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