32 Unexpected Guests of the Super Persuasion

Devin had gotten to work immediately upon getting back to the house. He had looked for Izabela as soon as he had walked through the door, but found that she was giving him the cold shoulder only answering in short, clipped sentences which only confused him even more than the kiss did.

'I don't understand what is going on with her?' Devin thought as he left her alone. He decided to give her some space and then try again later. Maybe she'll open up more then. He transferred all of his new electronics to the new room below the house and began to create his setup. After a few hours Devin had finally completed what he wanted regarding his new system. He had roughly a dozen monitors arranged on two of the walls with a main monitor resting on a desk in the corner. He then booted up the system and began setting up an interface that would automatically scan for key individuals across not just the country but also the world. Devin started with the various members of The Avengers and then moved on to other groups as well as individuals. In the end he now had a continually updating search going that would look for roughly three dozen individuals and groups comprising of both heroes and villains.

'Too bad I can't make an A.I. like Jarvis, then I could just let him do all the work.' Devin thought as he started heading back up for dinner. Upon entering the kitchen Devin found Izabela sitting at the table and decided enough was enough.

"Bela, we need to talk." Devin said firmly as he stood across the table from her. She merely looked up for a minute before looking back down at her hands resting on the table top and nodding slightly.

"Bela, what is going on? First you kiss me then you avoid me and then you act like I offended you. Talk to me Bela." Devin said as he dragged a chair around next to Izabela and then sat down facing her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to end up like this." Izabela said quietly. Devin motioned for her to go on.

"I've had these very confusing feelings for awhile and I wasn't sure what they were. Then when we had that conversation and we were in that position it felt right and I wanted more. Once the kiss was over, I realized what I had done and was scared that I might have ruined our friendship so I thought it best to avoid you till I could figure things out. I finally thought that if I denied my feelings that things would return to normal, but instead it backfired. Again, I'm sorry." Izabela explained with tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Its okay Bela, I understand. I'm flattered that you would think about me that way. So let me ask you this next question. What do you want to do now?" Devin responded. Devin needed a moment to think about his own feelings too. Was he ready for a relationship? Izabela was an attractive woman and he enjoyed her company thoroughly. In the end he decided to leave it up to her. Devin didn't have to wait long for her reply.

"Though I do like you I think it is best for the both of us to wait for the time being." Izabela said as she gave Devin a nervous yet determined look.

"If that is what you want then that is fine by me, but if you should change your mind just let me know." Devin said as he placed a hand on her shoulder which caused her to smile. Soon after they made dinner and not long after everyone headed to bed.


The Next Day


The next morning everything returned to how it had been before the awkwardness. Everyone had sat down and had breakfast together while talking and joking. Once everyone had finished eating the two youngest headed to the livingroom while the elder two cleaned up. As the last few dishes were cleaned and washed, the doorbell sounded. Devin looked at Izabela in question as tey heard Yana get up to check who it was. Just as Devin was drying his hands off he heard the sound of converstion and soon his name was called by Yana.

"Yes Yana, is everything okay?" Devin asked as he turned into the livingroom and looked toward the front door. There at the front door was a bald man in a suit sitting in a wheelchair with approximately a dozen other individuals behind him. Devin recognized the man as well as a few of the other individuals that were with him as Charles Xavier and his merry band of mutants known as the X-men.

"Yana, Henric please go help your sister finish in the kitchen please?" Devin said and as they looked at him with confusion they saw the serious look that was on his face and did as they were requested.

'Alice, do I have any defence against telepaths?' Devin hesitently asked as he finished drying his hands while the kids left the room.

'Master, it would be advisable for telepaths to avoid trying to infiltrate your mind as the ferocity and madness that the spirits feed on creates a natural barrier that could result in mental trauma if encountered or forced. Though if a telepath is either extremely talented or experienced then they could get through. In this case I would suggest equiping the Pheonix Plume'

Devin mentally nodded as he ask for Alice to equip the item which appeared on his upper left arm that was facing away from his new guests. Having finished drying his hands he stepped forward to greet his new guests.

"Hi, can I help you?" Devin asked as he looked from Xavier to the others.

"Hello, I am Charles Xavier, founder and headmaster for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. I was wondering if my associates and I could come inside and speak with you for a few minutes?" Xavier stated while trying to be as pleasant as possible.

"I know who you are Professor Xavier as well as quite a few of your associates and honestly I have been expecting at least a couple of you to show up for a while now, but I honestly wasn't expecting to have your whole team show up on my doorstep." Devin said as he looked first at Xaviers shocked face to the others. Devin saw that a few of the team members turned and whispered to each other.

"You're welcome to come in though most of you are gonna have to stand." Devin said as he opened the door and walked back into the room. He watched as the various individuals walked in before sitting on one of the couches. The siblings soon came in from the kitchen and seeing all of the new arrivals hesitated nervously before moving over to sit on the same couch as Devin. After everyone was seated and introductions done silence came over the room. It was then that Devin spoke.

"I am assuming that the reason why you are all here is to recruit both Yana and Henric here to your own school like other mutants?" Devin asked surprising his guests again.

"So you know about us and the school." Xavier said to which Devin nodded.

"You are correct that we are indeed here to recruit both, Yana and Henric you said, to our school, but we are also here because I sensed that there is a mysterious energy and presence here that we feel is dangerous and now that I have had the chance to meet you I can feel that same feeling coming from you Mr. Price." Xavier said as he looked at Devin with a raised eyebrow. This caused a bit of surprise to cross Devins face before it disappeared.

"Sorry to interrupt here Chuck, but I just want to add that this guy isn't human." Wolverine informed from the corner of the room.

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"Are you sure Logan?" Xavier asked as once again the others of their team looked at one another then tensed as a frown crossed Devins face.

"Oh I'm sure Chuck. My nose never lies and this guy smells unlike anthing I've ever encountered." Wolverine said as he looked at Devin directly.

'Damn! Guess the Bloodline changed how I smell somehow. I've managed to conceal everything so far then these guys show up and everything is getting revealed. Guess I'm not as good as I thought.' Devin thought as he sighed.

"Well guess I can blame those reveals on your abilities and being caught off guard. Wasn't expecting any superpowered guests today, but no use crying over spilt milk." Devin said aloud more for himself than the others in the room.

"Let me just state that I have been training both Yana and Henric on their powers. They are both accepted and loved here in this house and it will be their choice on whether they join your school or stay here." Devin said as he looked Xavier in the eye.

Professor Xavier on the other hand was having another problem all together. He had tried to gain access to Devins mind a couple times now and kept hitting a wall so far. Upon using more power in his attempt to gain access he found himself in a dark void with a creature unlike anything he could have imagined. It was massive and blood red in color with six green eyes, three on each side of its angular head. Its head was connected to its body by long neck and had three, plated peaks rising on its back and two short legs coming out from sides under two more plates. Each leg ending in a three toes each tipped with a razor sharp claw. As Xavier looked up at the awesome creature in front of him an earth-shattering roar ripped through the space throwing Xavier from the space and slamming back into his own mind in immense pain.

"Professor!" exlaimed Ororo Munroe as well as a couple others as Xavier was rocked back in his chair while groaning in pain. A few others usch as Wolverine prepared for a fight. While they checked on the professor, the siblings looked from Devin who sat there calmly to the man in the wheel chair trying to understand what happened finally someone spoke.

"What did you do to him?!" an angry Cyclops demanded as he glared at Devin.

"I did nothing. I'm assuming that your dear professor tried to gain access to my mind and suffered backlash from my mental defences." Devin stated. Devin knew that that is exactly what happened as he confirmed it with Alice while they were checking on the downed man.

"You're lying!" Cyclops shouted as his optic visor began to glow. It was then that Xavier actually managed to speak.

"No he isn't, Cyclops. It is just as he stated. I apologize for that rude behavior but I felt it necessary to protect me and my team." Xavier said as he sat back up straight in his chair.

"Oh I know it wasn't for that reason, but I'll leave it be. Just be warned that if you had tried any harder then you wouldn't be concious right now or worse." Devin said which caused Xavier to raise his eyebrow again.

"If I may, what was that creature? It didn't feel like a mental construct but more like a seperate entity." Xavier asked as he looked at Devin then each of the siblings in turn.

"We all have our secrets professor. I don't expect you to share yours so don't expect me to share mine." Devin replied.

'Not that I don't already know quite a few of your dirty little secrets.' Devin thought.

"Shall we move on? Now about that mysterious energy/presence that you felt as well as your little reveal Wolverine. What do you intend to do about it?" Devin asked as he looked from Xavier to various members of the X-men. Devin pushed his senses to their pinnicle so as to be ready if he needed to fight. He held back his eyes though so as not to startle anyone.

"We only wish to know what the intent behind that power is and whether it is a threat to us and other mutants, though I am wondering what the explanation behind what Logan discovered." Xavier stated. Devin relaxed a little as he sensed no lies in the statement.

"I'll tell you the same thing I told the Fantastic Four. I have no ill will towards anyone, though if someone were to even think of harming those I consider friends or loved ones then I will remove them from the face of this planet." Devin said as he gave Xavier a hard look. It was then that Devin heard the sound of someone walking up the drive due to the crunch of gravel underfoot.

"Are you expecting anyone else?" Devin asked as he looked from Xavier to Cyclops and then Wolverine.

"No, why?" Xavier asked before his face changed and a frown creased his face. A sigh escaped Devins mouth as he stood up and walked over to the front door to open it. Just as he opened it he found a man in a burgandy suit and cape with a matching helmet on his head standing at the door with his hand raised and a slight look of surprise on his face before it became a smile.

"Hello, I am..." Magneto got out before Devin interrupted.

"Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto. Master of Magnetism and leader of The Brotherhood of Mutants. Xavier your buddy is here!" Devin said before yelling over his shoulder, causing Magneto to frown before Xavier appeared in the entry way causing Magnetos frown to deepen even more.

"Hello Erik."

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