27 Understanding

The next day arrived all too soon as it were. Devin changed clothes before heading downstairs, only to find Izabela already preparing scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, and olives. Devin wandered over to the fridge to retrieve the orange juice and a pair of glasses from the cupboard. Sitting down the two enjoyed a meal quietly before the children came down half asleep and rubbing their eyes.

"I'll get you both some food." Izabela said as she took Devin's plate with hers to the sink. Devin only said good morning and watched both the kids and how they behaved. Soon everyone was full and about to disperse when Devin spoke up.

"Henric, Yana, please have a seat." Devin said with a serious look at both. This got the two youths attention as well as the nervous look on Izabela's face. The two sat down again, slowly lowering themselves into their seats.

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"Firstly, I want to apologize for worrying the two of you. Your sister has told me about how the two of you view me and I promise from here on out to be more careful, but I want you to know that I will always come home no matter how awful things look. Okay?" Devin said looking each in the eye, seeing the nervousness in their eyes.

"Also know that no matter what happens I will always be there for you three. If you need to talk or you need help with something then please feel free to come and talk to me. I will do my best to help you solve the problem as well as be proud of you." Devin said, causing Yana's eyes to mist up and Henric to look down. The thoughts that they had about him throwing them out because of the unspoken events that they were trying to conceal were now making them feel uncomfortable to the point of feeling slightly ill due to their own mistrust.

"That all being said, I'm hoping that we can talk about what is happening at school as well as these unusual gifts that you have started noticing. Relax you two, you two will still be staying here regardless of what is going on." Devin said easing the pair's fearful looks as Yana's eyes nearly popped out of her head in shock and Henric's did the same after jerking his head up from staring at his lap.

"Yana, Henric, it's okay. I've already talked to Mr. Price. Nothing is going to change. We're safe." Izabela said as the two settled at hearing their sister's reassurances. For the next hour or two the two youths talked about the bullying and what they had found out about their powers.

Turns out that about a week after starting school a group of girls and boys began bullying Yana and Henric had found out since Yana usually picked him up from school before they head home. He had gone looking for her after she hadn't shown up and had found the group of bullies cornering his sister against the school building. Needless to say what was said next caused Devin to see red, prompting him to close his eyes as he could feel his eyes change to the slitted red draconic eyes he now had thanks to his leveled spirit.

After seeing his sister being bullied Henric had tried to step in but had then been added to the bullying, shoved and pushed around by the boys as the girls dumped trash from a nearby trash can on Yana. Soon after the two fell silent as they noticed that Devin wasn't looking at them and both thought that they had disgusted him with their weakness, but that was when the crack of the wooden table breaking under Devin's hand startled all three of the siblings. The amount of strength he had just displayed caused each to worry about what was about to happen.

"Relax you two, I'm not mad at you two." Devin said as his eyes were still closed, but he dusted his hand off to remove the leftover shards from his hand.

"Then why won't you look at us?" Henric said, surprising Devin and Izabela at how bold and forward he was being.

"That is because if I open my eyes now I will show you something that could scare all of you and I don't want that." Devin said confusing all three siblings. It was at that moment that Yana had a look of shock and surprise before hesitantly asking a question of her own.

"Then does that mean that you have a special gift like Henric and me?" Yana asked as she looked curiously. Devin knew that here was no way to get out of answering this one, plus it might help them trust him more.

"Yes I do, but mine is different from yours." Devin said causing them all to be surprised then looking at him all the more curiously. Devin could hear Izabela muttering about how that was why he came home fine from that massive event downtown.

"Now that being said I would like to hear about what you two have been seeing and what you two can do if that is alright? Maybe I can help you make sense of what you can do and help you control them." Devin said as he finally could feel his eyes revert and then open to see both kids smiling at him.

It took another hour for the two kids to explain what had happened and what they had experienced while he was gone. Yana told about how when she was upset or angry then wierd things would happen to water fixtures and other water sources near her. Devin was getting a Percy Jackson vibe from this wondering just what the extent of what she could do as well as what her upper limit could possibly be. Then it was Henric's turn to explain what was happening to him. Henric said that he noticed that it started when those bullies were pushing him around. He got really angry and just wanted them all to disappear, but could do anything to make them stop. Right after the group left, Henric got up only to notice that his fingernails had gotten really long, like claws and his eyes felt different. This puzzled Devin as the claws power sounded similar to what he had saw from Sabretooth, but Henric was young and his mutation might not have fully manifested yet.

"Okay here is what we are going to do. Starting tomorrow I will be teaching both of you some self-defense for if those idiots try to corner you again. Actually lets make it all three of you so that I know that if an emergency occurs then you'll be safe." Devin said as he looked from the two youths to the eldest sibling giving them all looks that said this was non-negotiable.

"I will also be going down to the schools on Monday with Izabela and discussing this with the principle. This needs to stop now and if need be I will also be making a call to a lawyer friend." Devin said as he remembered Jennifer's business card on his dresser.

Finally, we will also be testing to see about your powers. I want for you both to train yourselves on how to control them and possibly use them appropriately. These powers are gifts and you both have the responsibility to use them responsibly, not in anger or for personal gain."Devin said as he gave them the most serious look he could possibly muster, making both kids nod seriously in response.

"I promise that we will make you proud of us sir." Yana swore as she made a cross over her heart, with Henric following suit.

"I'm already proud of both of you, but I appreciate your promises all the same." Devin said as he smiled warmly at them. This prompted the two to run over and hug him giggling. With a return hug and a ruffle of hair Devin sent the two outside to play. A comfortable silence descended between the two as Devin slowly sipped his OJ.

"Thank you." Izabela said with an ocean's worth of emotion filling her voice. With a wave of his hand Devin dismissed it as nothing and stood to put his glass in the sink. It was as Devin was leaning down to set the cup down that he felt a pair of full lips on his right cheek before their owner disappeared out the door. Devin was stunned by what happened, but knew that it was just her showing her gratitude for what he had done and what he would soon do. But now Devin had something to take care of before everything got busy again. Time for some pain.


[Salem Center, New York]

Once again there was a large group of individuals standing in a room surrounding the same bald man. This time though the number of people was smaller than previously.

"Chuck, we have got to stop this I'm getting the strongest sense of deja vu from this. It's weird." Logan said as he was once again leaning against the window sill, getting a few nods from others.

"My apologies Logan, but a matter has come to my attention that may need us to take care of. A few months back I got a reading while using cerebro that has garnered my attention." Professor Xavier said as he looked at his team.

"Is it another mutant that needs to be contacted Professor?" Kitty Pryde asked as she remembered Piotr and the others going to talk to a kid named Bobby here in New York.

"No Kitty, this signature is different from others. The reason I've been keeping an eye out for it is that it isn't like any human or mutant I have ever seen." Professor X said causing the others to look at one another in surprise.

"What do you mean Professor? Different how?" Scott Summers asked as he adjusted his visor.

"I don't know Scott, but recently I found two new mutants and when I went to check on their backgrounds I found that same signature in the same vicinity as them. I want to go see if we can convince them to come to the school, but I am not sure what this abnormal signature could mean." Professor X said as he looked at the others. Scott looked at Emma while the others gave looks of confusion.

"So what do you want us to do Chuck?" Logan said as he unfolded his arms and stepped up to the desk before placing his palms on the surface and leaning forward.

"As soon as Beast returns at the end of the week, I want the full team to head over and talk with these two youngsters as well as see just who or what is the cause of this signature." Professor X said as he looked at his team.

"Do you really think that that is necessary Charles? Isn't it a little much?" Emma asked as everyone began heading towards the door.

"I hope that it is just me being overly cautious, because the alternative just could be so much worse." Charles said as he stared out the window.

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