2 Tutorial

Devin opened his eyes only to see black once again.

"Oh come on!" Devin said with a complaining tone while slowly getting up. It was then that he noticed that this time around his body was missing. He could see a grey outline of his body but there was no details. It reminded him when he had seen 'Truth' on Full Metal Alchemist.

"What is going on?" Devin thought as he examined himself as well as the space he was in. Soon a *DING* rang out from behind him. Turning around he noticed that there was a message window floating in the air.

[Welcome to the Dragoon System! Would you like to begin synchronization? Y/N/]

With his face scrunched in confusion at the option to refuse he tapped the 'Yes' option. to begin.

[Syncing. Please wait one moment.]



As a loading wheel spun with the percentage underneath, Devin began to speculate why he was given the option to refuse. Did it mean that he would come back to life without powers? Was it a glitch or error in the system?



"Thing loads as fast as my old phone." Devin muttered as he watch the percentage increase.



And that was where it stopped increasing. Devin waited and waited for that last percent but it seemed like it wasn't gonna change.

"You've got to be shi..." Devin began to shout before he was interrupted by another *DING*.

[100%. Thank you for your patience. Would you like to start tutorial? Y/N?]

"What is this system?" David thought as he pressed the 'Yes' option again. Soon another screen popped up and surprised Devin at the contents.

[Welcome host! This is the main menu for the Dragoon System interface. You currently have 4 tabs available to access. {Status} {Inventory} {Spirits} {Shop}.

Status will show your current status as well as those in your party.

Inventory is where you can store and manage any and all items that you will encounter on your travels.

Spirits will be where you can check which Dragoon Spirits are currently unlocked and at what level they are. There are other features to this tab that will unlock once you have reached a certain point.

Shop allows you to purchase items, equips, spells and even bloodlines from the different races.

Do you have any questions host?]

"Ok, pretty standard explanation. How am I going to be reborn into the Marvel world?" Devin said as he looked at the menu.

[Host will design a body that will be dropped into the intended world.]

"That explains the lack of body." Devin said while looking at the outline that indicated his hand.

"Can we start on the body customization?" Devin said with slight excitement.

[Beginning customization process.]

Soon a window popped up with a copy of his appearance in the human body template. Devin liked his looks for the most part, but felt that a little tweaking here and there would be ok. Spice things up a bit. So he changed his plain brown hair to black while changing his eyes to blue-grey color that reminded him of blue steel. He left his skin alone as he didn't want to be really pale or super tan. He did increase his height to 6'3" so that he wouldn't have to be looked down on by all the people he might meet. Devin wanted to be handsome, but not to the point where it became obnoxious and a problem. So with a few other minor adjustments he decided that he was finished with the basics.

The last thing on the body check list was the aesthetics. He added a roman numeral 13 to his right wrist on the inside for Damien and a pair of circling wolves on his left arm chasing a sun and moon for Darrel. He added a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Next was a pair of black boots and a leather jacket to round things out.

"There. All done. Now what?" Devin asked the system.

[Congratulations! World start process being initiallized. Host will now be dropped into designated world to begin new life.]

At hearing this Devin slowly became unconscious as his sight began to fade.


The first thing that Devin noticed was the whistling of air around him as he groggily opened his eyes.

"Getting tired of this happening." He stated as he finally opened his eyes fully. At first he wasn't sure what it was that he was looking at. Tons of green interrupted by small patches of blue, grey and brown. It was then his brain kicked in and realized he was looking at an aerial view of a forest. It was beautiful. Until he realized that he was headed straight for it in a free fall surrounded by a burning aura with only seconds left till impact.

"Oh you motherfu..." Devin shouted as he soon struck the earthen forest, ploughing a deep trench through the soft earth before finally stopping at the base of a large pine tree upon impact with the large tree. Devin slowly stood up and dusted himself off while alternating between spitting out debris and cursing at everyone involved, mainly Peter and his system.

"System! What just happened? Are you guys TRYING to kill me? AGAIN!" Devin said while he looked around at the coniferous forest around him.

[Host,you were told you would be dropped into this world multiple times during the previous explanation.]

"I didn't think you were talking literally! So where are we currently?" Devin said as he checked himself and found all the changes he made were in place so far since he couldn't check his reflection yet.

[Relax Host, you were given an aura shield that helped to take all the impact from the landing. As for where you are, you are currently in a coniferous forest situated in New York.]

"Ok, can you pull up my status menu." Devin said. He wanted to check it before he started anything just in case. *DING*

Name: Devin Price

Age: 21

Lvl: 1

Health: 120/120

PA: 50

MA: 0

PD: 50

MD: 0

SP: 0/0

MP: 0/0

EXP: 0/100

"System what do these stats represent?" Devin asked as he stared at the status screen in confusion.

[The first two are your attack stats. The first is physical attack and the second is magical attack. The third and fourth are your defense and similar to your attack they are physical and magical defense respectively. The last two are Spirit Power and Magic Power. Spirit Power is needed to activate the Dragoon Spirit once you have unlocked one. Magic Power is the energy you will need in order to use spells in your dragoon form. Again prerequisites are needed before you can utilize this.]

"Sweet! Magic! Also system can you call me something other than host?" Devin asked with slight annoyance after his initial enthusiasm.

"Customization is possible for System AI. Would you like to customize your system AI? Y/N?]

Pressing yes caused a list to open. Clicking on the box labeled 'Name' Devin entered 'Alice' for a name. Gender was check marked with 'Female' and what surprised/horrified him the most was the 'Title' menu.

"What are these options?!" Devin shouted as he gazed in shock and horror.


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1. Host

2. Master

3. My Lord

"Forget it! I'll figure it out later. Now to find civilization and maybe when I am in the timeline." Devin declared as he picked a direction and started walking.

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