19 Truth

Devin knew that something was wrong as he looked at Sue. He could see the shock and a slight fear on her face as he stood up. He had heard a handful of notification sounds go off when the blast hit and he assumed that he had gotten something or, hopefully, he had completed another hidden mission.

"Sue, are you alright?" Devin asked to which Sue merely nodded her head in a slow fashion. Devin began to scan their surroundings to make sure that there wasn't any enemies that managed to escape from the blast radius. It was then that he managed to find one that had been unfortunate to have been caught on the fringes and was attempting to crawl away while missing both of it's legs and an arm. Devin strode over as he summoned his sword to his hand.

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The creature was pitiful to say the least. Both legs had been burned away, one at the knee and the other at mid thigh, the arm stump ended near the shoulder socket, the blackened flesh that was left behind was cauterized with large blisters beginning to appear above it and the blackened nub of the limb bones slightly protruding out. The yellow ooze that they called blood was slowly dribbling out of small cracks that had opened as a result of it's attempt to get away. The bare back had turned an angry orange color and was soon developing similar, white blisters to the ones on it's appendages.

'Damn, this is nasty. Definitely need to put it out of it's misery.' Devin thought as he raised the sword in both hands. His downward stab was met with a transparent, blue, psionic shield halting it in place

"Sue, what are you doing?" Devin asked as he kept the pressure on the shield with his sword. The goblin creature had stopped crawling and was staring in terror at the razor sharp blade just a few inches from it's face.

"You can't kill it." Sue said with a firm voice as she kept her hand raised.

"Why shouldn't I?" Devin said as he turned his head to look at the blonde.

"It is defenseless. It can't hurt us anymore. Just leave it be." Sue stated a hint of pleading entering her voice.

"Sue, I know why you are doing this, but at this point it is better to give it a swift end. It is critically injured and we have no way of saving it. If it weren't for the fact that the wounds it has have been cauterized for the most part, it would be bleeding out right now. Leaving it here could be worse than ending it. We have no idea where these came from or whether it will even receive help from it's own kind. They might even kill him themselves as we have no idea what their culture or if they even have one is or with it being weakened they might even possibly cannibalize it. Not to mention the fact that up until a few minutes ago, him and his friends were trying to kill us and I kinda doubt that they would have the same sympathy for us that you are showing right now. If you don't like it then turn your head and it will be over in seconds and then we can find a spot to rest and recover." Devin listed off the reasons for his decision before giving her at least a little bit of comfort in the fact that it will be quick and mostly painless.

Devin knew that the only way he could possibly save this creature was if he used the Gates of Heaven spell from the White-Silver Dragoon. In the game it was a full recovery healing spell for the entire party and he remembered that the real life spells were definitely so much more than what was in the game. Unfortunately, he didn't even possess the White-Silver Dragoon Spirit let alone the level high enough to use the spell. Plus, why would he waste all that spirit power to save a creature that had been trying to kill him? The two's stare off lasted for almost a full minute before Sue relented with a sigh and turned her head away. As Devin took this as her consent, he turned to finish the creature, but not before he heard her quietly say one last thing.

"Make it quick and painless." Sue said just above a whisper. Devin nodded his head in understanding. Stepping up to the creature one more and before it could move again he thrust forward with his sword. It's tip entering the front of it's throat and severing the creatures spine at the base of it's skull. Devin withdrew the blade and swung it to remove the yellow blood from it and stored it once more. Soon making his way over to Sue and giving her a hand in standing up. Refusing his aid she stood up under her own power, but as she reached a standing position, she wobbled and was steadied by Devin's hand. Sue quickly shrugged off his hand and took a few steps forward away from him to get some measure of distance between them. He knew that it would take some time for her to come to terms with what just happened.

After a few minutes of traveling they found a small outcove to rest in and sat down. Sue sat on a rock and brought her knees up to her chest before wrapping her arms around them in a hug. Devin decided to let her be and check his stats as well as what those notifications that he received as well.

'Open Menu'

'Open Notifications'

Devin was surprised at what he saw in his notification section.

The gain of five levels was expected, but what wasn't was the notification that the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit had leveled up!

Looking through the rewards given Devin found that with the level up his spirit gauge had refilled. He also noticed that his gauge had increased, which meant that he could stay in his dragoon for a longer period of time. With his level up he also found that he had unlocked a new dragoon spell and a new ability. The spell was called Explosion and was a wide range AOE type of spell so who knows what this real life version would be capable of. This was expected from his knowledge, but the new ability was a surprise. It was then that he remembered Alice saying something about him having a new ability upon level his spirit.

The new ability is labeled as a passive ability called "Fire Sight" and was exactly as Alice stated, as a type of thermal imaging ability that would allow him to see heat. This might give him an edge in areas with low light. It was when Devin was imagining the possibilities of what he could eventually accomplish when another notification popped up in front of him.

[2 New Missions]

[New Mission: Investigate the Invading Forces]

[Info: Investigate the invading forces that have attempted to invade the surface world and who is leading them.]

[Rewards: 500 Exp, 500 Shop Credits, 1 Bloodline]

This mission shocked Devin as he had literally been thinking of checking into the bloodlines as him getting the ability of wielding magic was a dream come true. Throwing fireballs and summoning lightning just about made him drool. In his excitement Devin checked the other mission, but was even more astounded at what he read.

[New Hidden Mission: ???]

[Info: Fight and Slay ???]

[Rewards: 2000 Exp, 1000 Shop Credits, 1 Dragoon Spirit]

'What the hell am I looking at?' Devin thought as he closed and opened the window several times to see if it would reveal more information to him.

'Alice why is there info missing for this mission?' Devin asked as he thought about who exactly he would have to fight and kill.

{Master, the info on the hidden mission is hidden because you don't possess the information yourself. The system can't fill in what you yourself don't know about the world and your surroundings.}

'Ah makes sense. Is there any way to reveal this info?' Devin asked as he began thinking of all those involved.

{Master, most hidden missions are branched off of other missions. By investigating and completing the original mission you may find the necessary info to complete the hidden mission.}

'Hmm so by working on the mission to investigate the invading forces I might find the missing info. Well call me Detective Dragon, I've got some investigating to do.' Devin thought as he looked forward to having two Spirits unlocked.

Devin stood up and looked over at Sue in her folded up sitting position. He knew that he had to talk about what happened and what they were going to do now. Striding over to where she was and sitting down next to her, Devin took a deep breath before speaking.

"Sue I know that what happened doesn't sit right with you, but at the same time I hope that you come to understand what I did was necessary." Devin said. A resounding silence met him and he knew that there was definitely a chance that his talk would fail. It was when he was getting ready to stand up and leave her to her own devices when she spoke up.

"I do understand, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I do want you to answer a question of mine though." Sue said as she looked up at him with a determined and fierce face. Feeling that it was only fair after everything Devin nodded his head in acquiescence.

"What are you?" Sue asked, which only confused Devin.

"Come again? What do you mean?" Devin asked in return.

You look human and your background shows it as well, but just now not only did you create a massive explosion and pull a sword out of thin air, but your eyes changed. They were bright red and slitted like a cat's. Are you a mutant or something else?" Sue explained clearing Devin's confusion. Mulling over what was asked Devin finally replied.

"I am human, but also part something else." Devin replied cryptically.

"Are you planning to use these powers for your own gains? For evil?" Sue said as she stood up and squared herself to Devin. Devin smiled before replying.

"I plan to use them to protect and safeguard myself and those who I care for." Devin said grinning before it morphed into a deadly serious look that sent chills down Sue's spine and her gut to churn in fear.

"And if someone or something should decide to try and harm anyone or anything under my protection, then they shall receive no mercy from me." Devin said before silence ensued. Devin soon turned and broke the silence once more.

"Come on, let's find a way out of here. Maybe find out what is going on." Devin said smiling over his shoulder before continuing to walk. Sue couldn't make heads or tails of this man, but one thing is for sure. Hopefully he stayed on the side of good.

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