28 Trouble on the Home-front

A few days had passed and it was now Tuesday. Devin had been spending a few hours everyday teaching all three of the siblings self-defense. Henric took to it like a fish to water while Yana had the hardest time as she was very uncoordinated. Sunday was the first time Devin got a look at Henric's and Yana's mutations. Devin had both of the potential mutants doing some meditation to see if they can draw their abilities out with their own willpower and caused a reverse of the self-defense results.

Yana was seated in the backyard near the pond and after just a few minutes of observing Devin noticed that the water was starting to ripple in two different spots this ripple then turned into what can only be described as two water spouts rising up from the surface of the pond. Yana opened her eyes and became so excited by her discovery that the two spouts dispersed back into the pond from her loss of focus. As she returned to her meditation Henric decided he wanted to show his powers as well. Sitting in a similar position Henric began to try to meditate, but his excitement turned to frustration and soon anger as nothing seemed to change.

"Relax Henric, focus. Getting impatient and angry won't necessarily help you." Devin said as he could see the crease in Henric's brow from his frustration.

"But Sis was able to do this so easy, why won't mine show. I'm doing the same thing as her so why won't they work?!" Henric shouted before scrubbing and ruffling his hair in agitation.

"Maybe that's what the problem is. What are you thinking about when you meditate?" Devin asked as he crouched before the young man.

"I'm doing like Yana, clearing my mind and thinking of peaceful things." Henric answered as he stared at Devin in confusion. This caused a chuckle to leave Devin's mouth before he answered.

"I told your sister to clear her mind and think of water in its various forms. To think of waterfalls, the waves on the ocean, and other things like that. The reason is that she said that pipes would burst and fountains would overflow when she was under duress. You might have a different trigger." Devin said as he explained the reason behind what he had told Yana earlier, which Henric might have heard snippets of.

"Ok, so what should I be thinking about?" Henric asked as he now felt embarrassed about not paying attention.

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"Close your eyes and get into position." Devin instructed to which Henric followed.

"Now I want you to think back to when you noticed the change and what was happening at that time. Think about what you were feeling and what you wanted at the time." Devin instructed softly as he watched Henric's face for any change no matter how minute. Soon he saw Henric's nose start to scrunch up just seconds before his eyes squeezed shut and a soft noise seemed to reverberate from deep in his throat. It was then that Henric's eyes snapped open and a set of ten claws burst forth from the tips of his fingers, each only maybe an inch long. His eyes a bestial yellow with what looked like vertical slits or possibly ovoid shaped pupils looking back. Soon Henric seemed to snap out of the thousand yard stare he had and looked around.

"Congratulations Henric, you've done it." Devin said as he smiled at the young man. Another look of confusion crossed his face before he looked down at his hands and noticed the claws on his fingers now. It was at that time Henric followed his sister's example and started to dance around in excitement. Once he settled down, Devin noticed that Henric still had the claws and eyes and became worried that he might have to do something as the kids had school the next day.

"Henric, I want you to close your eyes again and think of peaceful things like you were doing in the beginning." Devin said which Henric followed immediately without question. Soon the claws retracted like they were never there and hopefully the eyes changed back to normal. This was proven true a few seconds later as Henric opened his eyes to show them back to their normal form and color.

"Ok Henric, here is what I think I've found out about your powers. They are triggered by what ever emotion or feeling that you were focusing on. They seem to include your eyes as well as the claws that you grow. I'm guessing that the eyes give you enhanced sight and the claws are probably extremely tough. It will take some more time to see what else you get, but there is a word of caution for you." Devin said before looking Henric dead in the eye with a serious look that had Henric swallowing his nervousness.

"Your powers stay activated till you clear your mind and enter a state of calm. This means that for the moment your powers will stay active unless you decide to put them away and that means that if you don't then others will see the changes. The other thing is that we don't know if there will ever be a time where you won't be able to deactivate them so I want you to promise that you won't use them unless you absolutely have to ok?" Devin said to which a chill of fear ran down Henric's spine.

"Relax Henric, you'll be fine regardless of what happens in the future. We will all love you no matter what." Devin said as he brought the child into a one-armed hug. The two separated and soon the call for lunch from Izabela brought the trio into the house for food.


The next day was Monday and that meant that not only did the kids have to go to school, but that Devin and Izabela had a meeting to attend with the administration of Izabela's school. The two had decieded to wear more appropriate clothes as to make an impression and have them take the two more seriously. Devin pulled out an expensive suit that he had gotten in case there was a time where he had to meet with important individuals or formal occasions. The pants, jacket, and tie were all a pitch black color while the dress shirt was a crimson red color that looked like fresh blood.

Izabela had a white, ruffled blouse and a black pencil skirt that ended just above the knee. A pair of low-heeled shoes were pulled out as she folded her voluminous hair up into a tight bun. Soon it was time to go. The first to be dropped off was Henric and as he waved goodbye the rest saw a couple of other kids run up and greet the boy in a friendly manner before they all ran off to the school entrance.

Soon it was Yana's turn and after dropping her off at the front entrance, Devin drove over to the visitor parking lot and found a spot. Soon the duo were entering the main office and speaking with the middle-aged secretary seated at the front desk about meeting with the principle on an important matter. Seconds after the secretary paged the principle about his guests a voice that made Devin irritated and Izabela's skin crawl came through loud and clear.

"Make up some excuse and get rid of them Ms. Moss. I don't feel like dealing with any of those poor nobodies." the voice came out as clear as crystal. At hearing this and standing face to face with the secretary, she at least had the graciousness to at least look ashamed of what was just said. Waving with his hand at the paging system and raising an eyebrow in inquisition, the secretary nodded in acquiescence to his silent request. Devin reached over and pressed the button before speaking loud and clearly.

"Well then I guess this poor nobody will end the formal talks here and go see if my lawyer is available to issue a lawsuit." Devin said before releasing the button and turning towards the door. Him and Izabela took two steps before the door to the principle's office nearly ripped off it's hinges as the door was yanked open by an obese man in his late thirties to early forties with a large bald patch and swinging jowls that were both being mopped by a pink handkerchief pulled from the breast pocket of his brown suit.

"Who do you think you ar..." The words that were being spewed with heat soon stuck in the man's throat as Devin leveled the coldest glare he could at the rotund man without activating his dragon eyes. Thanks to the intimidating suit and his defined features combined with the cold glare, Devin cut a figure that looked like the Devil coming for his due.

"I'm sorry but who are you and what can I do for you?" the man managed to wheeze out past the feeling of what felt like a steel knife in his windpipe. It was at this time that Ms. Moss the secretary awoke from whatever fantasy daydream she had been in with the tall, dark, and handsome stranger that had walked in only moments ago to address the question for the principal.

"This is Mr. Price and Ms. Silenko. They are here to discuss with you about a problem with some of the students harassing and bully their child as well as her younger sibling Mr. Lynch." Ms. Moss said as she batted her eyes at the handsome younger man in the hope of earning his attention.

"Harassment and bullying? Do you have any proof of these things actually happening such as names or eyewitnesses?" Mr. Lynch demanded as he now found some kind of boost in confidence.

"I have a list of all the students that were involved in the bullying here and both of the kids said that they would speak about what has been happening." Devin said as he handed over a list of names he got from Yana the night before. As the now identified Mr. Lynch looked over the list of names a constipated look soon found its place on his features making him look like a depressed toad. It was at this point that the principal crumpled up the paper and threw it in the trash can next to him, infuriating the duo.

"Mr. Price, hearsay is not proof and each of those students you have listed are major contributors to this community. On the other hand we have a your student who has just started arrived here and started school from who knows where and has contributed nothing and I will not offend those students and their families without solid evidence." the worthless, greedy little jackass said as he turned to go back to his office. A tug on his jacket sleeve told Devin of Izabela's concern and anger.

"Fine then, I will get cold, hard evidence and when I do it won't be us talking then. It will be my lawyer serving you papers." Devin said in a cold, polite tone. The slime-ball turned back around with his face turning purple.

"Is that a threat Mr. Price?!" Mr. Lynch shouted as he now resembled a giant purple boil ready to burst.

"No, no. That wasn't a threat. I don't make threats. I make promises and I always keep my promises." Devin said as he glared once more before he gathered Izabela and walked out walking tall. As they drove away from the school Izabela left a text for Yana to try and get anything in the future on video while Devin reassured her that he would take care of it. Pulling a card out Devin dialed a number with a malicious smile on his face before the other party finally picked up.


"Hello Ms. Walters."

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