71 The Plan Starts

To say that the others were less than impressed with Devin's plan was the understatement of the century.

"There is no way I'm gonna allow Jessica to go through with this insane plan!" Luke stated as he folded his arms across his chest in a show of supposed finality.

"You and I both know that unless we want to call down the authorities on us, we need to get Kilgrave isolated and to do that the safest way is to lure him where we want him. If we try force right off the bat then innocent bystanders could get caught up in the crossfire and I know you don't want that either!" Devin said as he pointed a finger at Luke. A look of conflict marred the big man's face as he realized that Devin had a point.

"Can't we use some kind of knock out drug or something? You gotta have something like that with all the weird shit you been pulling out of your ass." Jessica said as she looked like she wanted to punch something.

"I don't at the moment and while I could get something like that eventually, we would still have to worry about whether Kilgrave has enslaved other meta-humans or not when we decided to try. That extra time that it would take to get the appropriate chemical agent could potentially be enough time for him to recruit who knows what people." Devin reasoned as the others were trying to think of something that would allow them to refuse his plan, but weren't coming up with anything.

"Look I understand that none of us want to put Jessica in this kind of danger, but if we want to handle this without the authorities coming down on all of us then we need to get this done quietly." Devin reiterated while thinking of how much he didn't want SHIELD getting involved.

"Fine! Lets go over this again." Jessica said when none of them could think of another plan that would work as well as what Devin had thought of.

"All right, since Jessica is immune to Kilgrave's influence and the fact that he has an obsession with her she will basically be bait to lure Kilgrave where we want him. This means that we need you to get his attention and keep it while he follows you. You lead him to warehouse number 7 near the wharf and then we can go ahead and deal with him." Devin explained as he handed out com devices that he had stored previously.

"If we're trying not to attract attention and Kilgrave possibly has meta-humans under his control then how are gonna avoid attracting attention when we inevitably have to fight these metas?" Danny asked as he looked at the device in front of him.

"The wharf in question was completely condemned due to infrastructure instability two months ago and as usual the city is dragging their feet in actually taking care of it which is lucky for us. The warehouse number 7 is one of the only ones that we could safely use without threat of immanent collapse. I also did some experimenting last night and if you guys can subdue whoever he has gotten then I can use one of my abilities to remove his influence, but I have to have at least five seconds for it to be successful." Devin said as he finished handing out the coms and put his own into his ear.

Devin had indeed done some experimenting last night to see if his regular magic might have an answer for the mind-control. In the worst case scenario he could transform into his light form and try to purify everyone at once, but if Kilgrave can just place their enemies under his control soon after they are purified then that would be just a tremendous waste of energy. So after several tries and more than a few failures he managed to find that the purifying abilities of his basic magic could indeed be used to purify by using a spell the system labeled 'Purify'. (See Author's Note)

"So we lure Kilgrave in and if he calls in any metas then we subdue them long enough you can remove his control." Matt said as he placed his com in his ear slowly. Devin had prepared Matt's specifically for him. The volume was low enough not to harm the Man Without Fear's hearing while still keeping him connected to Devin and the others.

"Well then, Let's get going. Sooner we get this done, the sooner we can be rid of this whole nightmare." Luke said as he stood and waited for Jessica to respond. She was unmoving for half a second, before she placed her palms flat on the table and stood up with a determined gleam in her eye.

"Yeah, Let's finish this."


Devin and the rest of the guys had set up along the route that Jessica was planned to lure Kilgrave along. Devin was the last in the chain before the warehouse and as soon as Jessica and Kilgrave would pass one of the others they would follow discretely till they all were at the warehouse.

So far the plan was working. Devin knew that with the level of obsession that Kilgrave had for Jessica, it would be damn near impossible for him to ignore Jessica even if he suspected a trap. Luke was the first in the chain followed by Matt and then Danny. So far Luke and Matt had reported in saying that things were going good. Now Devin was waiting for Danny to que in. A ruffling noise on the mic alerted Devin that Danny had opened the channel.

"Devin, Jess and Kilgrave are headed towards you now. So far no one looks to be following them." Danny reported as Devin nodded and began to scan for any sign that the two were approaching.

"Got it Danny. Head towards the warehouse with the others so that once Jessica is in position we can surround Kilgrave and hopefully take him with no complications." Devin said as he swept the area again.

"Got it." Danny said before the line went dark and silence pervaded Devin's ear. Devin soon saw a flicker of movement from the corner of his eye and noticed that Jessica and Kilgrave were approaching from a slightly altered direction than what they had planned. Devin noted it in his head but knew that it was probably most likely due to something minor like a parked vehicle or something that got in the way. None the less he noted it down and started to follow them to the warehouse.

Seeing the pair enter the warehouse ahead of him, Devin was about to enter only to see movement near the side of the warehouse. Devin stopped to wait and see who else could have been in this neck of the woods. There were multiple people in black outfits crowded around a chained side-entrance. As Devin watched the people stand around the entrance he caught sight of three more individuals appearing from where Kilgrave and Jessica had emerged.

The first was an african american man wearing an expensive black suit. with what looked like a black gauntlet on his left hand. The slack face spoke to him being controlled by Kilgrave. The next person was another man this time of what looked like middle eastern or even southern asian decent. wearing a white button up shirt and a long black trench coat. The final man had a trench coat as well, but made of leather. A black tank top and black cargo pants with multiple pockets on them made out the rest of his clothes though the skullcap and goatee gave the man a sinister vibe. The sinister vibe was offset by the fact that he was twirling a singular chop stick between his fingers.

'Great. I could guess any number of people that these guys could be though the african american guy does look familiar.' Devin thought as he turned back to look at the group that was breaking into the side-entrance only to see the last member of the group disappear into the doorway silently.

'This is gonna be a shit show. I just know it.' Devin thought as he dropped off the side of the building and onto the fire escape to follow everyone into the warehouse.

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