50 The Panther's Den

Devin had made it home and began to pack after telling Izabela about his latest job and how he was having to travel. She was noticeably worried, but when Devin told her that this might be a clue for her to protect the kids. After that she readily agreed but only after getting him to promise to come home safe. Waking up the next morning Devin grabbed his bag and drove to the airport to meet Ussom.

He arrived just as Ussom and the two dora milaje were stepping out of an SUV dressed in discreet clothing. The four individuals soon strolled towards the tarmac that had a personal airplane waiting for them to board. Hours later found the group of four departing the plane in the "Capital". When Ussom had said that this was the capital, Devin couldn't help but chuckle internally. There were a few larger buildings and public places, but Devin knew that the real capital was much grander.

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Entering a large garage, one of the women walked over to a wall and turned a fixture that was mounted on the wall. This caused a wall to slide to the side revealing a Toyota 4runner in black. Entering the vehicle it was a further hour drive till they slowed down and stopped. There wasn't any noticeable change, but the vehicle then moved forward and once they passed a certain point a massive city seemed to appear out of thin air. It was still a ways away in the distance, but it was still massive and more magnificent than what Devin remembered seeing in the theaters.

After another drive later and the group pulled up to one the tallest buildings in the city. Devin guessed this was the royal palace. Walking inside was awe inspiring. A massive hall with the symbol of the Black Panther emblazoned on the far wall. Banners hung from the ceiling carried the same symbol while dual statues of black panthers on pedestals flanking a short set of stairs.

"This way Mr. Price." Ussom said as he started for a set of doors on the opposite wall. As the four walked towards the doors Not only did Devin recieve some puzzeled looks from various Wakanadans, but both of the dora milaje moved to either side of himself as they soon approached an elevator. The doors opened and the group stepped in. This elevator was circular in shape and could have transported a couple dozen people easily.

"Going up?" Devin muttered under his breath as Ussom pushed a button that glowed purple. Nothing seemed to happen before the doors opened and showed a completely different hallway. Devin was confused before figuring that it was so smooth he never noticed the movement. Walking towards the doors, Devin was stopped by Ussom before the doors.

"Mr. Price I would like to ask you to remain calm and civil in this room. Past here we have the council that helps to govern our kingdom alongside the king. So, please remain calm and don't do anything rash." Ussom asked as he looked at Devin with a slightly pleading look. Devin returned his look with one of understanding before replying.

"I won't do anything rash unless they do so first. I don't like resorting to violence unless I am forced to." Devin replied though he could think of a few instances of when this wasn't exactly true.

"Alright. Right this way." Ussom said before opening the doors. Inside there were seven people sitting on seven chairs, in front of them was an empty chair, The man in the middle was obviously the king of Wakanda, T'Chaka. Devin strolled in and stood beside the empty seat. He was waiting to be invited to sit as was customary to his body's information and memories.

"Please, have a seat." T'Chaka said while motioning with his hand to which nodded and sat down.

"Thank you your highness." Devin said after having a seat.

"Now I was told by Ussom that you have gained knowledge on a man of interest to this council. Is this true?" T'Chaka asked as he took on a serious expression like Ussom had back in the embassy.

"That is true." Devin answered simply.

"Can you tell us how you came across this information?" T'Chaka asked as the doors opened. In walked another man who was much younger than the others but greatly resembled the king. Devin assumed this was T'Challa the prince of Wakanda.

"Son, why are you here? Shouldn't you be visiting your sister down in the labs?" T'Chaka said with a frown at being interrupted.

"I apologize father, but I have urgent news that I wished to impart on you." T'Challa said as he walked over to his father's side.

"It will have to wait a moment. This meeting is also urgent." T'Chaka said as a few of the council members grumbled in discontent.

"Of course father." T'Challa said as he stood silent by his father's side.

"Where was I? Ah yes. Please tell us how you came about this information pertaining to Ulysses Klaue." T'Chaka said while motioning for Devin to explain. Devin noticed a look of anger cross the prince's face at the mention of Klaue.

'Apparently, I underestimated the amount of loathing these people have for Klaue.' Devin thought. For the next half an hour he gave a rough summary of the events of the assault on the desert base and how he had gotten the transcripts of the messages between the two villians.

"So, these emails contain information on the location of Klaue?" T'Chaka asked as some of the council members began to mutter amongst themselves.

"It gives coordinates of their temporary base of operations. It also has details about their plans to assault your home and steal a large quantity of Vibranium to be sold on the black market." Devin said as this really got the council buzzing.

"And in return you are demanding fifty pounds of Vibranium as well as all the equipment of Klaue and his associates." T'Chaka stated rather than asked. The response to this was rather angry, but Devin kinda expected this.

"That is correct. I need the vibranium to protect those close to me. It won't be given to anyone else and I want their equipment as it is most likely either unique or is untraceable by normal means. This can be valuable to me. Like I told your ambassador, if I had just shown up and given the information to you then you probably would think that I was colluding with the man. At least this way we can get on the same level of understanding without the need for suspicion." Devin said as some of the council members grumbled similar comments to what Ondati had said at the embassy.

"And what is to stop us from taking this information from you? Your so called powers that Ussom talked about? Nonsense! We will not be fooled by mere parlor tricks!" an older man spit as he seemed to seethe at the thought of meeting Devin's demands.

"And I told Ussom that I can do so much more than any of you have a clue about." Devin said as he transformed his eyes and looked at each of the council members in the eye before settling on King T'Chaka and T'Challa. The man remained calm and collected while his son seemed to tense up. Each of the surrounding dora milaje readied their spears in anticipation of Devin's attack. The stare off remained for a full minute before Devin blinked and his eyes returned to normal.

"Alright, I will agree to your conditions but I would like to ask for your help in stopping this incursion into our kingdom." King T'Chaka said which caused all of the members to begin protesting immediately. A full minute later the clear voice of the king rang out, cutting through all the other voices.

"Enough!" T'Chaka hollered in a strong tone of command. Immediately all the voices became quiet.

"He will not be doing this alone. I will be sending my son along as a representative and to make sure that everything goes as needed as well as several dora milaje." King T'Chaka stated as some council members grimaced and others nodded.

"That is fine by me. When should we depart?" Devin said as he looked from T'Chaka to T'Challa and back.

"Rest for tonight and you both can set out tomorrow. I assume that the date for Klaue's assault isn't that soon correct?" the king asked as he raised an eyebrow along with the question.

"No. It's scheduled to begin roughly three days from now. Stryker had sent him some individuals to help, but there wasn't any information on who he sent or if they had any abilities so I suggest that we make sure that we are careful when we attack." Devin stated as T'Chaka nodded in agreement.

"Then we will end this here. You will set out first thing in the morning once you have all rested and prepared." T'Chaka said as both T'Challa and Devin nodded their heads in acceptance.

"Okoye, please show our guest to a room and ask some of the staff to help him to settle in." T'Chaka asked as a woman different than the rest of the dora milaje. She had a more elaborate type of armor than the others though she still had the same bald head.

"As you wish my king." the woman said before bowing and walking towards the door.

"It's been a pleasure King T'Chaka." Devin said with a bow before following the woman tasked with leading him to his room. Hallway after hallway was entered or passed before Okoye stopped at one door in particular.

"This will be your room for tonight. I will have a few staff bring you food and anything else you might need." Okoye stated.

"Thank you for your help miss." Devin said as he stepped closer to the door.

"Do not thank me. Thank my king for his kindness. If it was me, I would have thrown you out of this tower and into the wilds after we had gotten all the information that we needed from you." Okoye stated with disdain.

"Guess that shows why he's in charge and not you." Devin said as he opened the door and stepped through. He then closed the door and walked through the small apartment that he found himself in. He spent about a half hour roaming around and checking things out. It was about that time that a woman with hair piled on top of her head showed up with a tray of food and some water in a clear jug.

Devin ate and decided to crash immediately after so as to be ready for tomorrow. He had only slept for roughly an hour or two before a knocking at his door caused him to sit up with a groan.

"Hopefully this is important. I'd hate to disappoint the naysayers." Devin muttered as he stood up and threw on a robe before trudging over to the door. Looking through the peephole only showed a pile of braided hair bouncing up and down just below the line of sight that the peep hole could show. Devin slowly opened the door as confusion took hold of him. Opening the door showed a girl roughly the same age as Yana, in her mid-teens and acting like the energizer bunny with a sugar rush.

"Are you the outsider that my brother mentioned?!" the young girl asked loudly.


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