68 The Addict and the Fix

Devin now changed into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, jumped into his truck with both Jessica and Luke, before turning down the road.

"So what's this lead you have that we need to check out?" Jessica asked as she looked at Devin from the passenger seat.

"That depends on where you live?" Devin answered as he pulled up to a red light.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Jessica asked clearly thrown off by the question.

"We need to head to your place to find the lead I'm thinking of." Devin said as the light turned green and he started to speed up once again.

"Are you telling me that there is a clue to where Kilgrave is at my apartment?" Jessica asked with some skepticism lacing her voice.

"Near it, but yes. Now, which way?" Devin said before Jessica pointed out the next corner for Devin to turn at. It took the trio only a half-hour to reach Jessica's apartment. Once there all three got out and strode forward before Devin stopped, causing the other two to look back at him.

"Kilgrave knowns that I'm on to him so that could mean that he's either going to get rid of any leads he had in place already or he's gonna turn them into traps against us." Devin said as he stared up at the building in front of them with a pondering look. This caused Luke and Jessica to look at one another in concern before turning back to Devin.

"So are we alright to find this lead or do you want to call some kind of backup that you know?" Luke asked. Devin stared at the building for a half-second more before shaking his head.

"No, just stay on your toes and expect the unexpected. Hopefully we can just get in get the information and get out before Kilgrave even realizes that we know about this source." Devin said as he started walking again. Walking up to the building and entered the elevator, Devin and Luke followed as they continued their ascension upward till they got to the appropriate floor.

Entering the floor to her apartment, Devin then took lead as they passed door after door till Devin suddenly stopped. Coming out of a door next to where Jessica's should be was an African American man in his mid to late twenties with a wild and disarrayed afro and a goatee on his face wearing a jean jacket over a burgundy t-shirt and grey jeans. He looked up at the three and for a split second there was a look of some emotion that covered his face but was quickly changed to a smile as he waved in greeting to Jessica, leaving the door ajar and forgotten.

"Hey Jessica, how's it go-" the man got out before Devin stepped up and grabbed him by the collar before shoving the man into his apartment through the still cracked door before following inside. Jessica and Luke shared a confused and slightly alarmed look before following inside and shutting the door. Luke even looked up and down the hall to make sure that no one just saw what Devin just did.

"What the hell man!" Malcolm yelled as he stood back up only for Devin to push him into a seat with one hand as Jessica stormed over and grabbed Devin by the arm before jerking him around to face her.

"I'd like to know the same thing! What the hell are you doing?!" Jessica demanded as Luke joined them. Devin looked at them before turning back to the man sitting down and looking from one person to the next.

"Malcolm Ducasse. Was formerly controlled by Kilgrave through his abilities before getting free." Devin started before being interrupted once again.

"Yeah formerly, but now all he is is an addict. What's that got to do with Kilgrave?" Jessica asked clearly frustrated at Devin for his treatment of the man.

"I formerly controlled by Kilgrave with his abilities. Not that he was formerly controlled. Kilgrave still has him as his lapdog, just through different means." Devin said as he bent down to look closely at the man now beginning to look nervous. Grabbing the man's wrist and lifting his sleeve to show the needle marks on his inner elbow. Jessica looked at Devin confused before seeing the marks and a pondering look on her face before the look morphed into one of anger at her now apparent betrayal. Luke managed to grab her and hold her back from beating the shit out of the little traitor.

"WHY YOU LITTLE-"Jessica began before Devin interrupted.

"I have a few questions for you Mr. Ducasse. If you tell me the truth then not only will I not let Jessica beat you to death, but I'll even help you out with your next fix." Devin said as he leaned in close to the shivering man. The mention of giving the man help with his next fix definitely got the addicts attention as he then nodded fervently.

"Alright, now where do you meet Kilgrave usually when you are passing him information on Jessica?" Devin asked as he looked the man over. He looked for any signs that the man might be lying.

"We usually meet at this park near where the kiosk is. Sometimes he'll have a friend meet me and tell me where to go to meet him." Ducasse said as nodded at Devin for his approval. Devin smiled as he nodded before looking at his companions with the same smile and rolling his eyes then turning back to the man.

"Okay, now what time do you usually meet Kilgrave?" Devin asked and this time Ducasse seemed confused before his face lit up like christmas.

"I have to be there by a quarter to ten or else he won't give me any money." Ducasse said as he looked sad at the reminder of a past memory.

"Very good, now I want you to write down the directions to the park that you meet him at and then you'll get your reward. Okay?" Devin asked as Ducasse jumped up and yank a piece of paper out of his printer before grabbing a pen and began drawing and writing. Soon he ran over and handed the paper to Devin with an expression like an excited puppy. Devin made a vial appear in his hand which replaced the happy look with confusion.

"Just drink this and you'll be fixed right up." Devin said as he placed the vial in Malcolm's hand and then turned motioning to the two to follow. Jessica stopped for a second to glare once more before leaving and slamming the door.

"Why did you give him a fix after what he did and why do you carry around drugs with you?" Jessica asked as they left.

"I don't." Devin said simply as they entered the elevator again.

"Then what was that bottle you gave him?" Luke asked as Jessica pushed the button for the bottom floor.

"It was a body purifier. It's gonna clean out all the toxins in his body, including the drugs in roughly an hour, which is gonna be rough and horrific to witness. I usually use those for nullifying poisons and other things, but Mr. Ducasse might be of help in the future." Devin said as he opened his truck only for the three to hear an agonizing scream from above them. Devin only smirked and the other two could only look from the building to Devin and back before looking at each other with the same exact thought on their minds.

'What kind of devil are we dealing with?'

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