43 Revival

As Devin staggered out of the tunnel, he check the status of his Spirit gauges only to see them maxed.

'Guess all that slaughter while I was in rage mode helped that at least.' Devin thought as he switched to his list of spirits to see that the Red-Eyed Spirit was still at level 3 and the White-Silver was still at level 1 though he didn't know how far the killing he had done while under had added to it's progression. He knew that he didn't need it for what he had in mind.

"Rogue." Devin called out to the woman in green and yellow. Turning towards Devin Rogue walked over with Yana still in her arms, having been checked by Beast and claimed she was stable though he was trailing behind as he wanted to keep scanning her to monitor her condition in case she got worse.

"Lay her down here, gently." Devin said as he stood up. Rogue did as he asked as a few of the others gathered around. The rescued children still cowered in a group nearby, but refused to leave as they had nowhere to go being surrounded by desert. Emma and her sister were talking quietly off to the side. Soon Yana was layed in front of Devin and Henric walked over and grabbed Devin's hand.

"Can you help sister get better?" Henric asked while looking up at Devin with tears in the corners of his eyes.

"I'm gonna try. Go stand by Storm and I'll do my best, okay?" Devin said as he pointed to Storm and gentle pushed Henric towards the woman. As Henric reached Storm Devin reached for the spirit. Soon a blinding, white light enveloped him. The light turned into a towering column with the shadow of Devin inside with glowing white feathers swirling around the pillar before everything flashed again and revealed Devin in his new armor. It looked similar to his Red-Eyed armor except the plating was a gleaming silver while the under-suit was a turquoise color, the membranes of the wings matching the under-suit.

As Devin hovered down to stand beside Yana, the rescued children couldn't take their eyes from his form as in their eyes Devin looked like an archangel had descended. Likewise the others couldn't look away as this change was surprising to all of the mutants. Devin felt his magic surge as a bow made of energy appeared in his hands as a massive portal appeared in the sky at the same time to show a massive celestial body that looked like the moon from another planet. Devin pulled back on an invisible string causing the bow to bend as an arrow made from the same energy as the bow formed in his hand. Pointing the arrow at the moon before whispering the name of the spell and releasing the energy arrow.

"Moon Light." Devin said before the arrow soared through the sky and seemed to hit the orb in the portal, causing it to shine brighter. Seconds later a beam of light shot down from where the arrow hit to enshrine Yana in an circle of white magic. As the others watched the bruise that had been on her head rapidly began to fade till it completely disappeared and the split in her lip sealed itself. As the magic faded Devin emitted another flash of blinding light and was back to normal.

Everyone held their breath as they waited to see if what Devin had done worked. With one final deep breath Yana's eyes slowly fluttered open and she slowly sat up raising a hand to hold her head.

"What happened? Where am I?" Yana asked as Henric rushed his sister to give her a hug while Devin kneeled in front of the two with a smile. The rest smiled at the fact that the girl was now healed and reunited with her sibling.

"Come on. Let's get out of here." Devin said as he stood up and limped toward the Blackbird with the two kids following.


As the Blackbird took off and was now a speck in the distance. There was nothing around except for the dusty ground and a tumble weed as it rolled by.

Suddenly a hand burst forth from the ground before pulling the rest of the owner from the dry soil. Standing up was the man that had been shot by Stryker in the head previously. Dusting himself off the man then reached up and pulled the synthetic skin off his face to expose a bald head covered in cancerous, pink flesh.

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"Well, that was an experience. Now, if I head south I should be able to find some authentic chimichangas." the man now known as Deadpool said as he pulled his mask from a pocket and put it on before strolling off into the desert.


A few days after having returned the kids were starting to return to normal for the most part. Devin could tell that there were still some problems and trauma left. Henric was having trouble sleeping thanks to nightmares plaguing his dreams. Yana would flinch sometimes when a person would move too quickly and was wary of strangers. Devin had asked them if they wanted to resume their training to which both had agreed readily and enthusiastically.

Devin decided to go through the files and see if there was any important info that could be of use to him. Most was just data from all of the experiments as well as random files of no importance. Then he found it. A file that was surprisingly encrypted. He started his computer on decrypting the file, but who knew when it would unlock. Devin continued on to the files containing information on the adamantium binding process as well as the different ways that it could be worked.

The processes required a lot of preparation and careful handling because once the metal cooled it couldn't be reworked or changed according to the files. Devin knew that Ichirō Yashida would eventually develop a method to rework the metal in order to create his Silver Samurai exo-suit. For now Devin had a couple chances if he was careful.


Waking up and showering before heading downstairs, Devin was thinking about what he should work on when the doorbell rang. Walking over with some trepidation as he remembered what happened the last time it rang. Opening the door found a package sitting on his doorstep with a note attached. Devin had all kinds of alarms ringing in his head. Devin pulled out his dagger and quietly checked around the front of the house for anyone, but nothing could be found.

'Alice?' Devin thought as he stood and stared at the package.


'Do you think you can scan this package and see if this thing is gonna blow me up before I actually pick it up?' Devin asked as he looked around once again.


A few seconds later and confirmation came through from the system that the package was indeed safe. Picking up the box and heading back in side, Devin was wondering who had sent it. Removing the card and opening it found that it was a collage of messages from the children that had been rescued from Stryker's compound, most of them calling him either angel or archangel which was confusing. Another letter was within the other and was a message from Storm.

She detailed that they were helping to return children to their homes while offering to help them and their parents if they wanted it. Those children who didn't have anywhere to go back to were gonna be brought into the school as wards instead of an orphanage all of the children were found to be mutants.

She also made a note that Rogue seemed to be behaving strangely since they had returned and a few of the other X-men thought that it might have something to do with the energy that she had absorbed from him. Devin made a mental note to check in and see if he could find out if his energy really was the cause. At the end of the letter was another offer for Yana and Henric to join the school if they wanted. Devin decided to wait till they were more settled and had helped them to work on moving past the trauma.

Folding the letters and opening the box he found dozens of pictures as well as individual letters and even a poem or two that he assumed were from the children in the first letter. As he looked at and read each one a smile began to form.


"Did you give him the box?" Kitty asked as she drove down the road with Nightcrawler in the passenger seat.

"Yes, I left it on the doorstep." Nightcrawler said as he opened a banana that was stored in the glove compartment.

"Wait, I thought you handed it to him?" Kitty asked with a frown on her face.

"No, it didn't seem like anyone was home so I left it on the doorstep and rang the doorbell just in case before I left." Nightcrawler said around a mouth full of banana.

"Kurt, doesn't that seem pretty suspicious to you?" Kitty asked with an exasperated sigh.

"Hmm, nope!" Nightcrawler said before taking another bite. Kitty would have face-palmed if it weren't for the fact she was driving so she instead rolled her eyes and sped on.

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