20 Reunite

For those who expect and prepare for everything, they are rarely surprised. So when Devin and Sue turned what looked like another boring corner and stepped onto a large balcony that over looked a room that resembled a royal court, complete with an actual throne, needless to say they were wondering if they stepped into some bizarre dream.

The walls of the room were decorated with long, purple drapes with golden trim. The throne itself was an ornate, gold chair with purple stitched cushions on an upraised dais at one end of the room. A crimson carpet lead from the dais to under the balcony the duo stood on. It was at this time that the sound of footsteps could be heard coming from somewhere under them, causing them to duck behind the rail and peak at who could be the owner. Soon a single man strode into the room wearing what looked like a red sleeveless shirt and skirt with a gold belt encircling his waist with a massive belt buckle embossed with a downward pointing eagle on it. Two metal suspender looking straps rose from the buckle to his shoulders before connecting to a large purple cape via two gold crown claps. To cap off his bizarre outfit, he had crimson, calve-high boots with matching crimson wrist bracers. He strode with confidence to the throne and sat with a flourish.

"I hope that Kala can finish the plans soon so that we can dispose of that worthless little runt. I do miss her accompaniment." The mysterious man said before clapping his hands. It was then that the two saw what looked like the grey cousins of the creatures from earlier start to fill the space on either side of the crimson carpet. They were thicker bodied and more heavily muscled than their yellow-gold counterparts. Their skin a stone grey color with glowing red, beady eyes. Devin noticed that there were a few near the edges of the group carrying what looked like some kind of bizarre sci-fi rifle.

'This guy seems to know those other two we saw. Kala must be the woman with the permanent sneer and the runt must be the Igor lookin' dude.' Devin thought as he realized that if this guy was the ruler of this faction then there might be guards on their way here. What ruler leaves a balcony like this unguarded? It's just asking to be killed by a sniper if not. Grabbing Sue by the upper arm and dragging her into the corner where the shadows were the darkest, Devin whispered for her to stay quiet. Soon, the pattering of bare feet could be heard before two of the grey creatures emerged onto the balcony.

'I can either have Sue turn us invisible and sneak out of here or I can take out both and keep listening.' Devin considered as he summoned one of his daggers to his hand just in case. He decided on the former as the chances of them being discovered go up if he tried to kill them as any noise could draw attention to their position. Also, Devin just knew that if he did kill them then Sue might just change her mind on him being good.

Devin whispered as quietly as possibly for Sue to turn them invisible and duck out the way they came. Slipping out the entrance and heading in the opposite direction, the two didn't uncloak till they were dozens of feet away from the two creatures.

"Sue, do you happen to know any of these people we have seen?" Devin asked as they continued looking for an exit. The sight of Sue biting her lip told Devin that she knew something.

"I know one of the three. The others and I have encountered the short one before. His name is or was Harvey Elder. He goes by The Mole Man now." Sue informed after a minute of thought.

"So, what's his deal? Is he the typical "Take over the world" type or what?" Devin asked as he moved to a corner and peaked to check if the coast was cleared.

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"He hates the surface world because of the scorn and ridicule that he received while he lived there. He wants to take over as revenge for what happened as well as to expand his rule to beyond his minions, The Moloids." Sue said as she followed behind Devin step after step.

"Well from what we just heard and what we've seen so far I can safely say that Old Moley's gal pal, Kala was it, is colluding with the skirted wonder back there and is planning to back stab him at some point." Devin said. No sooner having said those words did they hear footsteps once again, this time coming from beyond a corner. Devin looked at Sue with his finger to his lips while pulling his dagger again. Seeing his look and the dagger, Sue nodded with a grimace on her face. Devin pressed his back to the wall next to the corner with his dagger at the ready as the steps got louder. Just as the toes of a boot appeared, Devin surged around the corner pinning a person to the wall with his blade to his throat.

"Wait Devin! It's Reed!" Sue shouted as Devin stopped himself from slitting the brainiac's throat. As Sue ran over to them, Devin stepped back and let the arm with the dagger fall to his side.

"Sorry about that Reed, thought you were someone else." Devin said as he pulled Reed off the wall only for Sue to tackle hug him square into the ground. Devin could only chuckle and scratch the back of his head as Sue clung to a now downed Reed. Reed for his part looked as confused as humanly possible.

"What is going on?" Reed asked after looking from one person to another.

I'll fill you in as we get out of here." Devin said as Sue only gripped tighter.


Somewhere Else in the Tunnels


"Johnny remind me to kick your scrawny ass when we get out of this!" Ben said as he tossed another of the minions that followed that wierdo Mole Man at a group, mowing them down in the process.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say Ben. Just keep fighting!" Johnny said as he shot another jet of flame at his own group of goblins. As the two continued to fight they didn't notice that two figures were watching their battle from on high thanks to a tunnel that opened higher up in the chamber.

"Those irritable cretins are here to try and interfere with my plans once again!" The Mole Man cursed as he wrunged his hands on his staff as a look of disdain became etched on Kala's face at her companions comment.

"But not this time I will have them on their knees as I take over the surface world! HAHAHA!" Mole Man ranted as Kala turned to look at the two intruders that had been found. They had been informed by a scout moloid that a pair of intruders had decimated an entire squad with some kind of weird fire ability and ever since they had been on high alert. They had finally found a pair of intruders including one with fire abilities. Kala couldn't let the plan be delayed any more or else her beloved might become dissatisfied with her and she might be cast aside. Having to accompany this foul little toad.

Soon the tides of moloids became too much and the two were swarmed by numerous bodies. As the sea of bodies continued to surge the short, little rotund man began to hop up and down while clapping his hands quickly.

"Now all we need to do is to find the other two and we'll be unstoppable!" Mole Man exclaimed as he turned and ran down the tunnel to begin the search for the missing intruders. As Kala turned to follow her disgusting little temporary partner, a creeping feeling kept pricking at her mind saying that there is something dangerous besides these four waiting for them.

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