25 Return to Civilization

The amount of annoyance with dodging the SHIELD operatives could have been worse, a lot worse. Only having to slump down in the seat so that anyone below the window wouldn't have a line of sight was a small price to pay for not having to deal with Nick Fury and all of his agents.

Unfortunately, after about twenty minutes Devin's curiosity got the better of him and he decided to see why things were taking so long. Peaking up over the edge of the pod, Devin spotted a woman in a skin-tight, silver bodysuit with a matching utility belt and holsters on each thigh. THe only other noticeable characteristic was the paleness of her skin and the platinum colored hair that cascaded down her back. It took a moment of thinking before he remembered that she was a SHIELD agent named Silver something. He remembered her having something to do with Spider-man at some point. Devin had to duck down quickly when she turned abruptly to glance at the Fantsticar randomly. Devin held his breathe waiting to see if she had seen him or not. After five minutes of stillness, nothing happened and Devin relaxed. Soon he could her the other pods opening and muffled voices. Having an sudden idea, Devin clicked the mic button for the coms and could now hear the voices of everyone outside.

"We will have the cure created and distributed immediately to all those who were contaminated and as agreed we will close the hole and leave the under as is." Devin could hear an unknown woman's voice say. Devin surmised that was the silver chick that he had seen.

"Alright, we need to head back and check Sue over. We need to check if she was exposed as well." Reed said as the engines revved up.

"Alright, we'll keep you updated." Devin heard the woman say before they lifted up and sped off.


As the Fantasticar crested over a building and disappeared, Silver Sable lifted her wrist and taped a spot on her cuff before beginning to speak.

"Silver Sable to Director Fury." Silver said before pausing for a response.

"Go for Fury." Silver heard come through.

"Fantastic Four have just left. They turned over the sample for the cure as well as one of the conspirators that perpetrated the initial attack. I have also confirmed that they have recovered Sue Storm." Silver reported as she turned and walked over to the Quinjet where the other agents were loading up the woman called Kala.

"Good." Fury replied as nuetral as always.

"Sir." Silver said in order to catch the director's attention.

"Is there a problem Agent Sable?" Fury asked.

"It's not a problem per say..." Sable said with a hint of uncertainty.

"Then what is it?" Fury asked with a hint of impatience lacing his tone.

"While I was getting an account of what happened down there I felt someone watching me, but when I turned to where I felt it coming from there was no one. I also get the distinct feeling that the Four are hiding something." Sable said as she walked up the ramp and holding in to a rail as the Quinjet took off.

"Get back to the Helicarrier for now, we'll find out everything soon enough."


On the way back to the Baxter Building Devin questioned Reed on who the mystery woman was to find out that she was called Silver Sable and she was an Agent of SHIELD. Everybody separated to go and change out of their jumpsuits, leaving Devin sitting in the kitchen at the table with a bottle of water. A few minutes later the group all walked through the door at the same time in plain clothes.

"Have you guys ever thought how weird it is that you guys seem to have this weird synchronicity to some of the things that you all do?" Devin said as they all stopped to look at Devin in confusion. A minute later they shook of the confusion and took a seat at the table.

"Devin, it is time to honor your part of our deal." Reed said as Sue nodded her head looking determined. Setting his water on the table Devin held up three fingers before speaking.

"Three things. One, I still have the ability to veto certain questions. Two, Each of you get one question each, if I veto your question then you get to ask another question. Three, I just want to remind Sue of the talk we had in the caverns about respecting privacy and how she seems to have not learned her lesson." Devin said before leveling a hard stare at Sue that in turn caused her to squirm in her seat. The silence and stare lasted for roughly a half a minute before Ben decided to interject.

"Look I don't know what you two talked about, but I got my question. What happened to that big guppy that we left you with?" Ben asked.

"He lost his head." Devin replied simply while moving his hand across his neck. This caused the three guys to look surprised and a little shocked, but Sue only gave Devin a scowl.

"Now Sue, don't give me that. I told you what would happen if someone threatened my friends and those I hold dear and I would like to believe that I can count you among that count." Devin said which caused Sue's scowl to slowly disappear as she knew how important it is to protect those one cares about as well as a small amount of happiness at the fact that he thought of them like that.

"Fine I wont say anything. Now my question, when we talked down below you said you were human, but something else as well. What is that something else?" Sue asked as she looked into his eyes, hoping to see those glowing orbs with the slitted pupils. Devin had to take a few minutes to debate what to say or if he should use his veto. In the end he couldn't see the problem as long as he didn't give any details or specifics on his abilities or background.

"I'll only give one word for that answer, Dragon." Devin said with a straight face.

"Dragon? What does that mean? What does fairy tales have to do with what you are?!" Sue said, getting more frustrated as she piled on more questions.

"Sorry Sue, but I've already answered your question. Reed, Johnny, it's only you two left." Devin said as he took a swig out of his water.

"Ooh, ooh! Me next!" Johnny said excitedly as he hopped in his seat.

"Alright Johnny ask away." Devin said while a small grin crept onto his face regardless of whether he wanted it to. Johnny soon settled down and leaned forward with a serious face.

"Are you single?" Johnny asked with the most serious and straight face that when the others heard his question, they all had mixed reactions. Reed sighed and shook his head while Ben rubbed the bridge of his nose in exasperation. Sue had the biggest reaction in that she face-palmed hard enough to leave a red mark on her forehead.

"Really Johnny?! After everything that happened, is that the only thing that you can really think to ask?!" Sue said in a strained and frustrated voice.

"What? I trust Devin. He saved you and he's never done anything bad." Johnny said before he saw Sue mimic the throat cutting motion that Devin had used earlier.

"Well, truly bad things." Johnny said with a nervous chuckle.

"Plus, I could really use a bro to go out on the town with." Johnny said with a laugh. This statement caused the rest to sigh once more for the millionth time it seemed since the whole incident began.

"Looks like I am the final one with a question." Reed said as he looked at Devin like a mystery to unravel.

"So it seems, but might I make a suggestion to make it count." Devin said with a small smile still on his face. Reed took his suggestion to heart it seemed as he took a full five minutes to think on it before he looked up.

"Will you tell us what your abilities and powers are?" Reed asked. This question caused Devin's grin to disappear.

"No, I'm gonna veto this question. Not that I don't trust you guys, but at this time I don't have the means or power to guarantee mine nor those I care about's safety. If others found out my abilities then they could potentially find means to use that information against me. Sorry." Devin said with a serious face. Reed once again began thinking but only took a fraction of the time previously used to think of his question.

"Alright, then what about this? Can we trust you not to abuse the abilities that you have in the future? I ask this because you seem dead set on avoiding the authorities for some reason." Reed asked before explaining his reasoning.

"Yes I won't abuse my abilities for the wrong reasons. As I told Sue previously and you guys earlier, the only people that need to worry about me are those who try to harm me or the ones I love." Devin said as he stared Reed in the eye before continuing.

"The reason I am avoiding SHIELD, not the authorities, is because I have had plenty of people tell me the types of methods that Director Nick Fury will go to to make sure that anyone that he sees as a potential threat is either on his side or neutralized." Devin said causing the four to remember all the times that Fury had tried to recruit them as well as all the times that they had caught him spying on them.

"Alright, I can see why you want to avoid them and we'll trust you for now." Reed said as he nodded his head.

"Well then since I have answered those questions I'm gonna head home. I really need a shower and some sleep as well as a good meal." Devin said as he stood up and tucked his chair in.

"Let me give you a ride home!" Johnny said as he too stood up.

"Thanks Johnny, but I'll just catch a cab. Stay with your sister." Devin said as he threw his now empty water bottle in the trash, but as he passed Johnny he murmured a few words for only Johnny's ears.

"Your sister needs your guys' support now. A lot happened down there and some of it was eye opening while others might be disturbing to her. Stay and take care of her." Devin said has he patted Johnny on the shoulder causing Johnny to gain a serious face and give Devin a nod. Devin walked across the room, but when he reached the door Sue's voice reached his ears once more.

"Devin, thank you for your help." Sue said with a lot of sympathy in her voice. With a grin coming back to his face once more, Devin spoke over his shoulder.

"Your welcome Sue. Stay safe now." Devin said before he opened the door and left.


Thirty minutes later found Devin standing in front of his house for the first time in what felt like forever. Nothing had changed, but at this moment it felt like paradise to Devin.

Walking up to the front door Devin reached for the handle to the front door, but the knob turned on it's own before the front door opened to show Izabela with dark circles under her eyes. Upon seeing Izabela, a sense of peace seemed to sweep through Devin as it finally set in that he was home. Upon seeing Devin, a moment of disbelief seemed to consume Izabela before she finally recognized who it was that was standing in front of her.

"Mr. Price!" Izabela screamed before tackling Devin to the ground. Devin caught her so as to keep her from hurting herself. Looking down Devin could see her crying her eyes out on his chest, soaking his shirt through. Another voice alerted Devin to the presence of another person approaching.

"Sister are you alright? Who's at the doo..." the voice of Yana said as she rounded the corner only to freeze at the sight before her. Soon the spell that seemed to root her to the spot broke and she rushed Devin as well with tears in her eyes. Soon Henric, attracted by the sounds of crying came charging over to see what was the matter only to find both of his sisters crying into the chest of Mr.Price on the ground.

"Uh, little help?" Devin asked with a weak smile.

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