44 Mystic Surprise

Time seemed to move on quickly since Devin and the kids returned from the desert. The kids had gotten back into their routine as had Devin and Izabela. Izabela was glad to have her siblings back safe and sound though she would frown anytime one of the kids would show some evidence of still being affected by what happened.

Yana had gotten even more of a fine control on how she manipulated water. She could now create numerous shapes as well as extremely intricate forms. Her current challenge was to see if she could change it's matter form to either ice or vapor.

Henric had been working on his transformation speed. His improvement was the most dramatic as he had changes added to his form. He was starting to grow what looked like forest green plates on his back, upper arms, and thighs. It was as he was training with his sister that Yana noticed that when she would cover Henric in water there would be movement on the sides of his neck. When Devin investigated it was found that Henric now had a set of auxiliary gills besides the lungs he already owned. It seemed that he was slowly gaining more and more biological adaptations. One side effect to his further mutation progression was that he was needing more and more protein to which Izabela was having to add more and more meat to the weekly shopping list.

Devin had been making headway on his research into what was recovered from Stryker's computers. He was currently setting up the new room that he had added on next to the vault. He had already put the smelting tank that he had stolen of the adamantium metal and was trying to think of what he should cast the adamantium into. He seemed to use his daggers and his sword the most during fights. The only issue that Devin was wanting to remedy before casting was that any weapon that wasn't from the system couldn't have magic channeled through it. He needed to learn a way to incorporate that ability into his new weapon.

Deciding to take a break from his plans as they seemed to be going in circles, Devin decided to get some lunch. It was as he was making himself a sandwich that Izabela walked in with a very puzzled and worried face.

"Devin there is a bald lady at the front door along with two men and they are all wearing very strange robes." Izabela said as she looked over her shoulder to double check that they hadn't followed her inside. Devin's eyes open slightly in surprise as he had been expecting this visit shortly after he arrived, but as time past and there was no sign of a visit from The Ancient One Devin began to relax and believe that there wouldn't be a visit till after the events of Doctor Strange.

"Could you show them in and then put a pot of tea on please?" Devin asked as he finished his sandwich and set it down at one end of the table. Soon, Izabela returned with three individuals in different colored robes. The woman in front was wearing parchment colored robes that that his most of her slender frame. Her bald head gleamed in the light coming through the windows of the kitchen. The two men behind her were both grim faced in contrast to their leader's calm and peaceful one. The man on the left was an African-American man with a clean shaven head similar to his leader's. He was wearing a golden tunic with black embroidering on it along with matching pants. The other man was of a paler complexion and slick-backed hair in a raven color. The creases at the corners of his eyes spoke of better times but the frown made it seem out of place. His golden tunic matched his fellow master's but the maroon under clothes set him apart.

"Greetings to all of you. I am Devin Price. Might I ask who I have the pleasure of addressing?" Devin asked as he waved for the three guests to take a seat at the table. The two men looked at their leader for confirmation on whether to sit or not to which she nodded and grabbed her own seat, the others following suit.

"I am known as The Ancient One. Leader of the Masters of the Mystic Arts and Master of Kamar-Taj. These are my fellow Masters of the Mystic Arts. On my right is Master Daniel Drumm and on my left is Master Kaecilius. We are sorry for coming to meet you so late but unfortunately there were some issues with a former Master and some problems that had to be handled first and foremost before we could have this meeting." The Ancient One said as Izabela walked around the table setting down cups of tea.

"Understandable, former members can cause quite the problems." Devin said as this seemed to surprise the two men.

Upon reaching Devin, Devin whispered for her to head out and do some shopping while the kids were out just in case. Izabela nodded and then grabbed her bag and left. The only one that seemed to have a problem with this was Kaecilius who's frown deepened as Izabela left.

"Now, what can I help the three of you with?" Devin said as he took a sip of his tea.

"We have come because we sensed an entity enter this universe through a massive amount of mystic power and wanted to determine what that entity's intentions were." The Ancient One stated as she took a sip of her own tea.

"I see, and have you found said entity?" Devin asked as he remained smiling even as he could feel a slight pressure from the possibility that he had been found out.

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"Mmhmm." The Ancient One hummed an affirmative as she set her cup down on the table. She then looked up and stared directly into Devin's eyes as her two companions visibly tensed. Devin slumped back with a sigh at being discovered.

"So what gave me away?" Devin asked as he downed the rest of his tea.

"You have faint trace amounts of energy that not only have a similar signature as the energy that we felt the first time but could only come from some one that has been using mystic energies." answered Drumm. It was at that point that Devin sighed in annoyance. Then again these guys were masters so the chances of anyone else being able to detect those trace amounts were slim. Maybe the Asgardians might be able to tell but other then them Devin couldn't really think of anyone else who would be able to tell at the moment.

"So, where do we go from here?" Devin asked as he looked at the woman with the gleaming head.

"I would like to ask you a couple questions to see if action is necessary and just so you know I will know if you lie." The Ancient One said as Devin shrugged in acquiescence. He knew that if he refused at this point then he might have to fight the three masters and it was better just to answer a few questions and get them off his back.

"First question. How did you get here?"

"I fell from the sky covered in some kind of energy." Devin replied casually.

"Second question. Who sent you here or did you send yourself?" she asked.

"I think I sent myself. Don't quiet remember clearly." Devin said with a shrug.

"Okay, now what do you plan on doing here in our universe?" The Ancient One said as her two sidekicks leaned in.

"I plan on living life and doing my job here. I don't have any grand plans to take over the world or destroy it. I just want to get strong enough to protect those who I have come to care about." Devin replied honestly as two out of the three relaxed. The only one that seemed to stay tense was Kaecilius.

"I think he is lying." Kaecilius stated as he continued to glare. This caused his companions to frown at him.

"Why do you think so?" Drumm asked as he looked back at Devin.

"With the amount of power that was felt on his arrival, he could destroy many areas before we could stop him. Also we have no reason to trust him and for all we know he could have enslaved that woman that was here as well as others using his power." Kaecilius said as he looked at his companions before glaring again.

"I have sensed no deception from him." Drumm stated as he looked at his companion.

"Kaecilius, please wait for me outside for the moment." The Ancient One asked as she looked at Kaecilius then back to Devin.

"But Master I-" Kaecilius said only to be interrupted by The Ancient One with a look. Kaecilius to his credit closed his mouth, stood up, and left, but not before giving one last glare.

"I apologize for that." The Ancient One replied after a moment.

"It's fine, though a word of advice. Keep a close eye on him, I feel a sense of negativity from him." Devin said as he decided to drop a subtle hint at what Kaecilius might do in the future. Being the main antagonist of Strange was necessary, but also that didn't mean that he couldn't hope for some extra backup for when Thanos showed up.

"I shall keep that in mind. Now I believe we have occupied enough of your time so we will excuse ourselves. Thank you for your hospitality." Ancient One said as she and Drumm stood up.

"Of course. Anytime, though I would appreciate a heads up first." Devin said as he walked with them to the front door.

"Noted. Fare well." The Ancient One said as Drumm nodded in fare well before they stepped through an eldritch portal and disappeared.


"Master are you sure we can trust him?" Drumm asked as they strolled through the New York Sanctum.

"I'm not sure though I believe that unless provoked he will not be a problem." The Ancient One said.

"If you are sure, Master." Drumm said as he split off for another part of the Sanctum.

'Though the fact that all of the questions except for the last were only half-truths is a cause for concern the fact that he answered truthfully on the last one is a good. That warning about Kaecilius is concerning in the least.' The Ancient One thought as she opened another portal and stepped through.

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