6 Life is all about resolve. Outcome is secondary.

A blinding light shone through the window onto Devin's face. Scrunching his face in annoyance Devin wondered if his mom had opened the blinds in his room again as he slept. Lifting his head up and cracking open his eyes, Devin observed his surroundings. The room was vaguely familiar till the memories of his death and yesterday flooded in reminding him that his parents and friends were gone. A small pang of sadness and some loneliness throbbed in his chest before he squashed it in favor of the thought that his friends were off on adventures and his parents wouldn't want him to slip into such depressive thoughts.

Hopping out of bed and throwing on his clothes from yesterday, Devin decided that he would continue to move forward for both his family and friend's sake as well as his own. First things first though he needed to sort out his income problem as food doesn't appear from thin air and money doesn't grow on trees.

A small package on the dresser caught his eye to which he walked over and picked it up. Taking the top off he found all the documentation that he was promised for his new life. His new ID with his name and photo. A small marble was rolling around in the bottom of the box. Picking it up, Devin observed the swirling black and white pattern before turning to his system for answers.

"Alice, what is this thing for?" Devin asked as he held it up to the light.

[Master, this contains all of the necessary memories and knowledge about your background. Just crush it.]

Following the direction given, Devin clenches his hand pulverizing the orb into dust. Soon the dust rose up into the air and streamed up Devin's nose freaking him out before the memories and knowledge start streaming through his mind. He came from a small middle-class family and had gone through college for technologies and biology. During his second year of college his parents died in a car accident. Now he travels the world as a private defense contractor for various organizations, advising them on various matters. This could be a blessing in disguise. This way he can practice his abilities and gain spirit points to fill his spirits and level them up.

Devin was gonna stow his new documents, but a thud noise got his attention once more. Looking into the box again he found a new, black leather wallet along with a new phone. Pulling both out and setting the box back down Devin stared at it for a full minute to see if something else appears. Nothing happened to so Devin assumed it was done. He placed his new phone in his pocket and his new wallet in the other before starting toward the door before another thud was heard.

"Why do they do this? They're watching this laughing." Devin said as he moved to the box and find two stacks of cash this time. Picking up the money and weighing it in his hands Devin saw the box disappear. Placing the cash in his inner jacket pocket Devin left the room to get his day started right.

Entering the kitchen and pouring a bowl of cereal for himself, Devin began to ponder what to do first until his eyes landed on his shirt sleeve and a drop of milk that had dripped off his spoon and soaked into the material. That had decided what would happen next, clothes shopping. One of the few things that could not be stored when he was stocking his house. The food had appeared when he had finished the kitchen and toilet paper had appeared in the bathroom. Everything else wasn't present.

An hour of travel later and he was standing in a massive, two story shopping mall that was filled with numerous people. Store after store he walked by. He'd visit a shop and continue on and when he had visited a half-dozen shops, he decided to stop on a table in the central food court. Three or four bags in each hand filled with clothes and other items for the house. What he hadn't thought of was how he was gonna get all this back to his house. After a minute he decided that he needed a car or truck, but that wouldn't solve his problem immediately so something else would have to be considered. It was then he remembered that he had an inventory. Could outside items be stored? Time to find out.

'Alice, can outside items be stored in my inventory?' Devin asked as he watched the people meander through their lives.

[Master, some items can be stored while others cannot. If the items are bigger than a certain size then they can't be stored. Also, you have a limit of 99 for each item. More than that, the excess will be left out.]

'Got it.' Devin said as he stood up and collected his bags. Finding a place that was isolated would make sure that no one questioned why a half-dozen bags disappeared into thin air. He found a small area designated for smokers that was empty and quickly stored his purchases before stepping out once again. He had one last shop to hit and then it was off to the auto-dealers to purchase a vehicle.

Stepping into the shop flooded Devin's nose with dozens upon dozens of smells and scents. The bathroom had been stocked with toilet paper, but soap and shampoo weren't so he was gonna grab something and leave. He found hand and body soap, before turning to grab the shampoo. Unfortunately, he bumped into someone and causing them dropped their basket which he had caught at the last second to keep it from smashing into the ground.

"Sorry about that I didn't see you there." Devin said as he faced the person who he had bumped.

"It's fine, I'm also at fault since I wasn't looking as well" said a beautiful brunette in a grey and lavender suit and skirt combo. Her hair pulled up into a neat bun and black rimmed glasses perched on a pert nose above full lips coated in cherry red lipstick.

"Here ya go." Devin said as he handed the basket back to her.

"Thank you. My name is Jennifer Walters." the now named Jennifer said holding out her hand.

"Nice to meet you Jennifer, my name is Devin Price." Devin offered while taking her hand to shake. As he shakes her hand, he notices that her grip was unreal. Putting two and two together Devin realized just who he was talking to and also who she is related to.

"Nice grip you have there." Devin commented as they released each other's hands. A small blush and a bit of embarrassment appeared on her face.

"Yeah runs in the family." She said placing the hand on top of the one holding the basket.

"Cool. So, Mrs. Walters, are you on your lunch or on your way home?" Devin asked as he glanced at her grey suit before looking around the shop for where a good shampoo would be.

"Ah, I actually got off early because my case got dismissed. I'm a defense attorney." Jennifer said as she walked along side Devin as they finish their shopping.

"What about you?" Jennifer asked as they neared the register.

"I am a private defense contractor and just moved into a new house near here." Devin offered as he pulled a few bills out of his inside jacket pocket.

"Wow, I've heard of your profession, but never met anyone who has it." Jennifer said.

"Yeah, pays the bills." Devin said as he tried to play it off as nothing big. They continued to walk and talk as they moved through the mall. They stopped here and there as Jen, as she said to call her, had a few stores to stop by. Soon it was time to part ways as Jen had to head home and look at her other cases and Devin still had to find a car.

"Well Jen, it has been a pleasure to get to know you. Maybe we can meet again in the future." Devin said as they approached the entrance to the mall.

"Yes, it has. Here's my card, it has my number on it. Maybe we can get some lunch sometime." Jen said while removing a card from the pocket on her left breast while offering a gorgeous smile.

"Yes, though I hope it's not for business and more for pleasure." Devin said as he gave her what he hoped was a charming and possibly saucy grin. It must have been right if the blush that appeared on her face was anything to go by. As they split ways Devin found himself smiling at how good this life was going so far and the few characters he had met so far. There might also be something more in the future as well, maybe.

Thirty minutes later had Devin signing a series of papers on a brand new, four-door truck and another thirty minutes later saw him getting in and driving home. As he pulled into his drive way, he noticed a new message on his phone labeled 'Unknown'.

"Mr. Price, my name is Wilhelm Strom. I am a representative of the Sokovia government. We would like to hire you for a consultation on a base that we have recently reclaimed and repurposed. We are willing to pay well just for the consultation as well as additional payments should you agree to a long-term contract. Please contact me at this number and ask for me personally. Have a good day." A male voice said through the speakers of his phone. Well this came sooner than imagined. Devin wasn't too sure where he was in the time line, but with the knowledge of The Fantastic Four existing and who knows what else there is it might be a good idea to see which incarnation of Sokovia this was. Plus, it might be a chance to grind some Spirit points.


[New Mission: Investigate Sokovia]

[Rewards: 200 Exp, 1x Weapon w/ manual, 500 Shop Credits]

Well, that decides that. Looks like I'm going on an adventure.

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Seeing as it was late in the day and the time zone difference would mean it was the middle of the night there so Devin would have to call tomorrow to set up the appointment. For now, dinner would be the next objective for the day. A simple dinner and a quick shower helped to clear away the clutter of thoughts from the day. As Devin climbed into bed his last thought before unconsciousness claimed him was 'Tomorrow was going to be interesting in so many ways'.

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