47 Knuckle Sandwich

"Alright, I'll bite. Why did you hit me?" Devin said as he slowly stood up while keeping an eye on Cyclops.

"We asked you to come and fix what was wrong with Rogue, considering it was your fault in the first place, but instead you came in here and assaulted her. You are nothing short of a nuisance. I hope you leave those two kids here to learn peacefully and leave." Cyclops accused.

'He didn't even mention that she was the one that started the fight nor that I healed her. Self-righteous prick.' Devin thought as he looked at the supposed leader. Dusting himself off, Devin slowly rose from his seat on the ground to stand before looking at the insufferable dick.

"Careful Summers, a few more words and I would have mistaken you for one of the Brotherhood. Alright, here's how this is gonna happen. I'm gonna give you a chance to apologize on the account of your team and how great they've been. If not then Xavier isn't gonna be the only one rolling around this mansion in a wheelchair." Devin said as he squared up with a hard look.

"Guys let's not blow this out of proportion. We cans settle this civilly." Xavier said as Storm maneuvered between the two only for Devin to step around her and square up again.

"I've been civil this entire time. Putting up with this ignorant and arrogant prick. I would have continued doing so if he hadn't decided to hit me, but now I'm done. So, either apologize and piss off or get ready for an ass kicking." Devin said with the last part aimed at the man in front of him. Cyclops didn't even reply except with an optic blast that Devin managed to barely dodge at the last second. Unfortunately not without damage as the burn line on his cheek indicated.

"Wrong choice." Devin growled before driving his clenched fist into Cyclops' midsection. As his fist drove into the man's gut, the air whooshed out of his mouth in a rush. Cyclops then dropped to his knees while holding his stomach and retching. As soon as he looked up from his curled position, Devin drove his knee into his face which snapped his head back and a crunching noise could be heard from his now obliterated nose. Cyclops laid there with blood streaming from between his fingers as he twitched in pain.

"Had enough? Feel like apologizing?" Devin asked as he stood there waiting. A few of the others had tried to step forward and come between the two but had been held back by the rest of the team. Scott propped himself up on an elbow while holding his nose. Devin unfortunately was unable to dodge the second blast that was shot a half second after Cyclops sat up. The blast hit him square in the chest and launched him across the room and into the wall where he bounced off and landed face down.

"Now get your friend, leave the kids, and get out of our mansion." Summers ordered before turning and trying to leave. He only stopped when the sound of laughter reached his ears as well as the others. Looking at the downed Devin showed that he was shaking on the floor before pushing himself up. He was still chuckling when he stood up and turned towards the group. Opening his eyes showed that his iris' had gone red with a white glowing slitted pupil in the middle.

"I was gonna let you go with a minor beating and an apology, but now? Now I'm gonna cremate your punk ass and feed you to the plants outside." Devin said as he slowly lifted off the ground thanks to the white energy streams that projected out of his shoulders. This caused the entire team to tense up as the last time that he had taken a form similar to this, he was uncontrollable.

Devin raised his right hand and generated a ball of fire in his palm. Cyclops visibly swallowed as the ball became roughly the size of a basketball. With a flicker of movement the ball was launched through the air towards the bleeding man. Rolling to the side in a diving movement, Cyclops managed to evade the lobbed projectile, but the punch that appeared inches from his face was not.

The shot force causing Cyclops to fly away before Devin stomped on his stomach from above thanks to his wings. The sound of cracking ribs was audible to all and this time the rest of the team surged forward. Unfortunately, they weren't quick enough. Another stomp from Devin shattered Cyclops' knee making the now broken man to scream. That scream was then halted by Devin's hand grabbing his neck and holding the man up by his throat.

"The next time you cross me. The next time you even look at me wrong and I'll torch your ass. There won't be enough of you left for your team to find to fill a matchbox. Do you understand?" Devin stated as he held the man up. He relaxed his hand enough that Cyclops could answer and was greeted by a whispered "Yes". Having got his answer Devin dropped the man who crumpled to the ground immediately before stepping away. As a couple of them team lifted him up Devin turned to the others.

"I make clear distinctions between friends and enemies, but it is still possible for one to change to the other. I see the majority of you as allies at the very least thanks to your help in getting my family back, but Mr. Summers made his distaste for me clear since the beginning and this was inevitable. If you wish for me to leave and never come back I understand, but I hope what happened between me and him won't ruin this relationship." Devin said as the left over X-men looked at one another. After a few minutes of silence Wolverine of all people spoke up.

"Listen kid, normally I wouldn't care for something like this, but if I'm being honest. Scott had that coming." Wolverine said as a few other nodded. The only ones that didn't were Xavier, Frost, Beast and Storm. Devin figured that since they were the other leaders/senior members they couldn't quite condone what happened, not to mention that the relationship between Frost and Summers was complicated in the least. Xavier's silence could have been for any number of reasons since Cyclops was one of Xavier's biggest kiss-asses.

"Alright. Well then, I will stay till Rogue wakes up and then we shall take our leave." Devin said as he walked over and sat down next to Rogue, who thankfully wasn't injured in the fight a few minutes ago. It took another half hour for Rogue to finally stir. Devin slowly helped her to a sitting position while cautioning her to take it slow.

"What happened?" Rogue asked as she held her head.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Devin asked as he stayed kneeling next to her.

"We were just arriving back at the mansion and now I'm here." Rogue said as she looked up at Devin. It took a few minutes to explain to the confused mutant everything that happened. After he fell silent about the events since, Rogue was now in a depressed mood. Devin could understand but knew that she couldn't stay that way.

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"Rogue, look at me." Devin said firmly. The upset woman looked up at the man that had helped her.

"None of this was your fault. No one, not even me, could have foreseen what that energy would do to you. If you want you could even blame me. I'm sorry for you having to go through this, but please don't blame yourself." Devin said as he looked the mutant woman in the eye. The two stayed there looking at one another for a further minute before Rogue reached up and wiped her eyes.

"You're right. I shouldn't blame myself and I'm not gonna blame you either. Neither of us are responsible for this and I'm gonna just get past it, Sugar." Rogue said as he stood up along with Devin with smile now. Seeing her okay brought smiles to everyone that was still present.

After leaving the Danger Room and heading back up the elevator, Devin and company found the kids as well as Izabela in a room with a foosball table. After collecting the three and giving farewells. Devin and the group headed back home, but as they pulled up to the front of the house the sight of an unconscious Luke Cage supported by a desperate Jessica Jones signaled that Devin's work wasn't done.

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