37 It's a Trap!

Devin had plenty of time to think as they traveled across the country. He knew that when he got the kids back there is a chance that they might need help with this trauma. He would need to up their training too if they wish to continue. Devin just hoped that this didn't drive them away from him. He didn't have his original family as they were back on his Earth, nor did he have this world's version of his family as they were already dead so these three were pretty much the only family he had and he didn't want to lose that.

Devin decided to up his own training as soon as this was all over as he still had the feeling of failure from the kids being taken, the taste it left was bitter on his tongue. He needed to find a way to grind spirit points to upgrade his spirits. Devin decided to do one last check on his gear once they were only a few minutes out from the base.

Plenty of rounds left in his pistol as well as a couple of spare clips. He still hadn't touched the assault rifle and of course his ever present sword and daggers. He really needed to add to his arsenal. Double checking his spirits he was now full on both.

'Note to self, go shopping for more guns and maybe some explosives.' Devin thought as he waited near the rear ramp while the aircraft landed they had landed a bit off behind a small plateau for some cover. As soon as they were on the ground the ramp lowered and Devin walked down into the sweltering heat of the desert.

"Mr. McCoy, which way is the entrance?" Devin asked as the rest descended.

"From what I saw the entrance is supposed to be located near the other side of this plateau near an alcove." Beast said as he tapped away at a tablet that hadn't left his hand since he got on the aircraft. Devin nodded and turned to the others.

"Okay we need to split up into two groups. The first group will be going after the ones that got taken and the rest will be going after Stryker and the rest of his little operation. I want Cyclops and the X-Men to go after the others and get them back to the Blackbird safe and sound. The Brotherhood and Wolverine will go with me to take care of Stryker." Devin said as he delegated jobs. It was at this moment that both groups began to protest to their roles.

"Sugar I think that some of us would be better suited for taking care of the assault on Stryker." Rogue reasoned as a few of her colleagues nodded in agreement.

"You can't expect that we would leave the rescue of Magneto and Wanda to those softies!" Avalanche demanded as he glared at Devin.

"I expect you to shut up and do as you're told. If you become the weak link in this operation then I'll put you down here and now. I came here to get those two and take care of this stupid little group. So, either get with the program or get lost." Devin said as he got in Avalanche's face with his eyes glowing once again causing the guy to become nervous and start spluttering before stepping down. Devin turned and addressed the rest of the group.

"The reason behind this decision is that I can count on the X-Men to get any and all innocents and captives out safe and sound. The Brotherhood and Wolverine I can count on for maximum destruction and helping me to put a complete end to this bullshit. So are there anymore complaints or can we get this thing going before this old bastard completes his plan and kills everyone?" Devin said as he looked around waiting for someone to speak out, but silence greeted him.

"Good. Now let's go." Devin said as he started moving around the plateau cautiously in case of surveillance. As the groups approached the entrance, which was another steel, double door set into a rock face, everyone split into their respective groups on each side of the doors.

'Pretty stupid to leave a door like this just sitting here for anyone to find.' Devin thought. This though apparently had the power to summon the powers of Lord Murphy as two doors opened underneath the two groups. The ones that could fly grabbed who they could as did Nightcrawler, but not everyone was saved.

"Knew I should have practiced more with summoning my wings." Devin thought as he fell into darkness.


[On the Surface]

"What do we do now?" Nightcrawler asked as he set Kitty down having managed to grab her hand before teleporting.

"Well we can't exactly just turn around and leave. I don't think that we should follow them down there since it's definitely a trap so let's do like we originally planned and meet up with them later." Rogue said as she looked at who was left. There was Nightcrawler, Kitty, and Storm while there were two from The Brotherhood that had survived not falling and that was Toad and Callisto.

"How did you two not fall?" Kitty asked with shock at the two left with them.

"My tongue can stick to things and is strong enough to carry more than my weight. This bitch decided to grab my leg on the way dow..." Toad responded before getting round-housed in the face by Callisto.

"Shut it asshole!" Callisto growled as she glared at the downed man.

"Alright let's get in there so we don't lose out on any of the fun." Rogue said as she cracked her knuckles and stepped up to the door and began punching after the fourth or fifth the door caved and fell in.

"Let's go." Storm murmured as the last remnants of the groups entered.

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Devin awoke in a massive room with steel plating on the walls. Looking around found that a portion of the group had also fallen with him. A sound from a window nearby with bars running vertically across it got Devin's attention as he slowly stood up and stretched. Walking over Devin observed the bars for a second before jumping up and tapping one of the bars with a finger. Returning to the ground unharmed showed that the bars weren't electrified so jumping once more and grabbing a hold on the bars, Devin pulled himself up and looked into the other room.

On the ground was the a few of the others who were on the other side of the door when the trap doors opened and all of them were still unconscious. Returning to the ground Devin turned just in time to see Wolverine starting to stand up.

"What's happening?" Wolverine asked as he shook his head to clear the fussiness from the landing.

"We fell for a trap, literally." Devin said as he looked around again.

"Who else got caught?" Wolverine asked as he looked around too.

"From what I can see. we got Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Us, and a few of the brotherhood are next-door in another holding room." Devin said as he spotted a what looked like a door at one end of the room.

"Great, so all we need to do is cut our way out of this place and then we can get to Stryker." Wolverine said as he looked at the room and the steel plating on the walls and door.

"Only problem with that is that we have no idea how thick these walls are or where we need to go. I know that the wall between our room and the one next door is at least a foot thick. Even with your claws that will still take time to get through. For now lets get the iron giant up as well as the boy scout and go from there." Devin said as he waved at their three unconscious teammates.

"Fine." Wolverine growled as he walked towards Colossus and Devin towards Beast. It only took a minute or two to wake everyone up and another couple of minutes to update them on their circumstances. It was then that the sound of a PA system cued up.

"Welcome. I've been expecting you." the voice of Stryker came through clearly.

"Now that I have you here I would be remiss from playing my part as a host and not entertaining you for the moment." Stryker said as the four gathered and looked at the speaker. While the other three looked at the speaker Devin activated his eyes and switched to his thermal vision. Looking around he finally found the cameras that Stryker was using to watch them. After locating them all he turned back to the speaker.

"So I am going to have you stay here till my plan is complete and then I'll be down to collect your remains. Give my regards to the Reaper." Stryker fair-welled before the speaker cut out.

"Bitch, I am The Reaper." Devin whispered before turning to the three others.

"Okay boys I have a plan for us to get out of here. Are you ready?" Devin said as he looked at the others. Seeing nods left and right Devin nodded too.

"Okay First off lets take care of these." Devin said before drawing his pistol and shooting each of the hidden cameras which startled Cyclops and Colossus.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Cyclops yelled as he had a finger in his ears to relieve the ringing.

"What the fuck was that!" a voice yelled from the window leading to the other room.

"Looks like the other group are awake." Wolverine stated.

"We're trying something to get out of here so hang on and then we'll come get you." Devin yelled to be heard from the other side.

"Well hurry up asshole!" a male voice yelled back.

'Your pushing it dickwad.' Devin thought as he turned to Scott.

"I shot the cameras that Stryker was using to observe us so now he's blind as to what we are doing in here." Devin explained before turning to Colossus.

"I need you to punch each of the walls as well as the door a few times for me so I can see how thick they are." Devin said as Colossus nodded and walked towards one of the walls. After about three to four punches he would move on to the next. When Colossus was done he was rubbing his knuckles.

"What ever those walls are made of is pretty solid." Colossus said to Devin who nodded.

"From the sound of it the outer walls are two feet thick and the inner wall is about a foot. Both are more than likely cement reinforced with steel rebar and covered in tempered steel plating. The door is about a foot thick as well but is solid steel." Devin said before Beast chimed in.

"Actually the door and inner wall are actually thicker by about three to four inches from what I heard." Beast said to which Devin nodded.

"Okay, Wolverine I need you to score the door as deep as possible. Then when that's done everyone stand back and I'll take care of the rest." Devin said. It took at least five minutes before Devin called it good and told the three to head for the opposite wall.

"Hey, all of you in the other room. I suggest you head for the wall opposite of where this window is and cover your ears as things are about to get explosive!" Devin yelled as he began to draw on the Red-Eyed Spirit. With a blinding flash of red light Devin stood there in his red dragoon armor and his transformed sword now out. This caused eyebrows to raise in surprise.

Devin slowly rose up with every flap of his wings before he twirled his sword and a crimson glow appeared in front of his chest.

"Explosion!" Devin yelled as he twirled his sword into a reverse grip then with both hands on the hilt he dove down and then drove the point into the ground similar to how he had driven it into Gigantus' back. The difference this time was that a red line of energy ran forward from where the sword pierced the ground to the spot that Wolverine had scored before stopping at the door and pooling near it's base. Soon an orb ascended up from the glowing pool before plunging back into the pool and causing dozens of smaller orbs to jump out of the pool and explode before the pool itself erupted in a massive explosion.

Once the sound stopped ringing in everyone's ears the three X-Men looked to see a cloud of black smoke covering the front of the door. A single flap of Devin's wings cleared the smoke to show a massive ragged hole in the massive door with both the shredded edges and the ground where the door had been previously was a crater and glowing orange from the massive amount of heat that was generated.

Devin landed and folded his wings behind him. A quick check of his energy showed that he had used a third of his energy for that. Looking at the surprised looks on Beast's and Cyclops' faces and the smirk on Wolverine's caused a smirk to crease Devin's own before speaking.

"And that gentlemen is how you make an entrance."

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