12 If You Have A Dream, Don't Wait. Act.

Striding back into the room, Devin sat back on the couch as Yana looked at him quizzically. Devin was not 100% sure how to go about breaching the subject, but it still needed to get done. Taking a deep breath and then letting it out slowly.

"Yana, I have something important I need to talk to you about." Devin said in all seriousness. This caused Yana to become nervous all over again.

"Yes Sir?" Yana answered with slight trepidation.

"If you and your family had the chance to leave here and have a better life away from the bad neighborhoods and the asshole customers, would you take it?" Devin asked her as he folded his hands and interlaced his fingers. A look of confusion followed by contemplation creased her brow before she turned to Devin.

"I would take that chance, but I can't make the decision for my siblings though." she said as she smiled wistfully at the thought of that dream life before she was snapped out of her thoughts by the clearing of Devin's throat.

"Yana, let me put this another way. If I could take you and your siblings with me back to the US, would you go?" Devin asked as he held his hands open with invitation. The shocked look on her face said everything that she had going through her mind. Devin had a brief thought that he might have broken her before she dove over the table and knocking them both along with the couch over. Devin's bruises screaming at the maltreatment they were receiving caused a low groan to emit from deep in his throat after they had landed.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Please take us with you! I promise no matter what you need from us we will do whatever it takes to make you happy as long as you take us with you!" Yana practically shouted as she beamed a smile at him with a look of pure joy and happiness. Devin looked up and couldn't help but smile as well at the enthusiasm the young girl was showing. He knew that he would have to have a talk with Strom about the siblings, but to see the look on Yana's face was well worth the work.

"Okay Yana I will do my best, but you should get up as you don't want me to get the wrong idea now would you?" Devin said to her. Yana stopped smiling to look down and saw that when she had knocked them over she had sat up on his lap in a straddling position that could be misconstrued by anyone. Soon her entire face, neck, and ears were cherry red and she jumped up and scrambled away in her embarrassment. Standing up Devin just smiled at the teasing he had given. She was to easy and her face after she realized her mistake was adorable as ever.

"Alright Yana, I'm gonna make a call to get things started why don't you go home and speak with your siblings and maybe we can meet tomorrow." Devin said as he grabbed his phone and stood up. Yana couldn't say anything and nodded her head before taking the trolley and stepping out. Devin punched a button and soon the phone began to ring.

"Hello Mr. Price, did you decide on our deal?" Strom answered. No beating around the bush then, guess we'll get right to business then.

"Yes I have and I'm going to refuse your initial offer and give you a counter offer." Devin said as he stared out the full sized window of his room.

"I'm listening Mr. Price." Strom said with what sounded like he was intrigued.

"Ok, you give me the original pay for the job, but instead of the additional amount for silence I want you guys to help me get three local civilians visas and all the necessary paperwork needed for me to take them with me when I leave. If you do that then we have an accord." Devin stated as he spoke his demands to the silent government worker.

"Hmm, that could take some time to accomplish , but it is doable. Give me 24 hours and I'll get back to you. Would that be acceptable?" Strom asked as he seemed to be looking through something. Devin knew that his request would take some working so that was a given.

"That sounds reasonable." Devin replied normally even though there was happiness in his heart.

"If I may have the names of the three individuals just in case my superiors agree?" Strom inquired and as Devin saw no harm in answering gave the sibling's names to him.

"I will be expecting a favorable reply tomorrow Mr. Strom. Have a good night." Devin replied using the same phrase that Strom said to him before hanging up. Devin finished his food that had cooled for the most part. Then after taking a hot shower and a couple aspirin, Devin settled in a plush chair with a glass of whisky from the bottle and a bag of ice on his neck to alleviate the ache there. He knew that tomorrow was gonna be another interesting day for everyone.


[Yana's Apartment]

As Yana moved through the thin door she saw her brother and sister both sitting at the crappy table with a bowl in front of Henric and a glass of water in front of Izabela as she was resting her head on the heel of her hand with a tired smile gracing her beautiful face.

"Sister you're finally home!" Henric said excitedly, leaving his bowl empty of it's contents. He jumped up and ran forward to hug his sister, him being only ten was not afraid to still hug his sister. Yana hugged him back before walking over to join their third sibling. As Yana sat down the the chair's flimsy legs creaked under even her slight weight, but even so she couldn't contain the news that she had for her family.

"Sister I have exciting news for all of us!" Yana burst out as the excitement of the future made her bounce in her already fragile chair. As Izabela looked at her sister, she was expecting her to say that she had gotten a promotion or something of that line, but what came next made her both shocked and extremely concerned.

"I met a man at the hotel. He's very kind and considerate. He was the same one that saved me from those thugs that were harassing me. I was talking to him and he offered to take us with him when he goes back to the US." Yana said which caused Henric's eyes to become stars and Izabela's to fill with worry and caution.

"Yana, this man. Do you know what he does for a living? What about his home or better yet what are his reason's for him offering this to us?" Izabela asked as she looked Yana in the eye. These questions stopped Yana's excitement as she didn't think of these questions till they were brought to her attention. Now that she thought about it she had no clue about Mr. Price's job or other things about him, but the condition she saw him in wasn't a good sign that what he did was very nice.

"He offered to meet and explain his offer tomorrow as he was getting ready to rest when I left tonight. We could ask him questions and you could see that he is a great man." Yana said to Izabela as she made a case for the man she knew was truly kind and honest in her heart. Izabela knew that most men in this kind of scenario usually had alternative reasons for their seemingly good-natured charity, but the look on Yana's face pleading for the chance to prove she was right about this mystery man caused Izabela's will to give in and decide to at least meet the man.

"Alright, we will meet this person to see if he is safe and honest about his intentions. If I don't like his motives or if he seems like he is up to no good then we are rejecting his offer and will have nothing to do with him." Izabela said as she laid out her conditions for meeting the one who made an offer that sounded too good to be true.

"Sister what is his name?" asked Izabela as she shooed Henric to bed to get some sleep before he had to get up for school tomorrow while complaining that he wanted to meet the foreign mister too.

"His name is Mr. Price." Yana said to her as she made a simple meal of cheese and bread before she would have to get ready for bed as well. As Izabela help Henric to change his clothes for bed she had one last thought on the matter.

'Hopefully this offer is true and doesn't have an "exorbitant" Price attached.' Izabela thought.


[Devin's Room]

The night had been fit though the soreness was a slight annoyance, Devin had still slept like a log. He awoke well rested with absolutely no soreness which surprised him. Walking to the bathroom and looking at his back in the mirror showed that the black and purple bruise that had marred his skin the night before had now faded greatly with only small yellow and green splotches being the only indication that he had any injuries at all. Devin assumed that it was a passive side-effect of having a dragoon spirit as in the game the characters seemed to develop more sturdy constitutions, but to be sure he decided to consult Alice to be sure.

'Alice, are there any passive effects that I gain from being fused with the spirits?' Devin asked as he threw on a fresh set of clothes and ordered some breakfast.

[Sir, the passive effects of the spirits depends on the spirits that you have unlocked and what level they are. The Red-Eyed Spirit has the passive effects of boosting fire elemental magics as well as other unknown abilities later. Though all of the spirits do have a physical and mental boosting ability so that the longer you are fused with them the stronger your mental and physical capabilities will become. Unfortunately, this does come with some physical changes as well. As time passes you may notice some draconic characteristics bleed into your physical body when you become agitated or have high levels of emotion.]

This development definitely shocked Devin as he was thinking of some of the draconic beings he had seen in various fantasy works and began to panic as growing wings and a tail would make things impossible to conceal in the future.

'Alice just how much of a physical change are we talking?!' Devin asked as his stomach turned at the thought of being some anthropomorphic hybrid that would be hunted in the future.

[Master, relax. I am sensing a detrimental rise in your stress and anxiety levels. The most extreme changes will be to your eyes as well as minor changes on your face and arms. There wont be any extra limb growth or extreme physiological changes that are permanent. Even with the changes they only occur during the times of your emotions running high, emotions such as anger.]

At the mention of nothing permanent or him growing anything extra, Devin began to calm down. If it was such minor changes and only during certain times then he could handle it. Next Devin remembered that he had several missions from his fight at the base he had yet to redeem so he thought to look into them.

'Alice, open mission tab for me.' Devin said as he pulled the trolley in from the bellhop that had delivered it. As he sat on the sofa with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and toast with coffee and orange juice Devin looked at the screen that was now in front of him.

[Mission Complete: Clear the Base]

{Rewards: 'Iron Knuckle' weapon, 'Rouge School Martial Arts' manual, 750 Shop Credits, & 350 Exp.]

[Mission Complete: Investigate Sokovia]

[Rewards: 200 Exp, 1x Weapon w/ manual, 500 Shop Credits]

[Hidden Mission Complete: Kill Transformed Genetic Berserker]

{Rewards: 1x Stardust, 3x Spirit Potion, 2x Healing Potion, 1x Healing Fog, 1x Sun Rhapsody]

The first two missions were known, but the third was a surprise as Devin didn't remember hearing a chime for the notification. Then he remembered that he wasn't really focusing on anything other than trying not to die. So his opponent was labeled as a Genetic Berserker by the system, interesting and could also explain why Beanpole was looking to steal genetic research. The rewards were also surprising as the Spirit Potions alone were extremely expensive in the shop. Now Devin could practice if he could find a place where he wouldn't be found out. The confusion he was feeling was from the fact that he got a Stardust as a reward. In the game they were a collectible for a npc in return for special items. Is this a similar set up or something different, because the npc would say if you collected fifty of them they could grant the holder a singular wish.

Devin clicked on the {accept all} button as he finished his last bite and took a sip from his black coffee. A DING noise sounded and a notification appeared saying that Devin had new items in his inventory. Another notification appeared saying that he needed to choose a weapon for one of his rewards. Devin ignored the weapon selection for now as he wasn't sure which one he should choose. He opened his inventory and could see all the "New" item signs all over his inventory. Devin started by clicking on the "Rouge School" manual and the same as last time a small discomfort was had as the info rushed into his mind and soon it was over. He could feel the combined strengthening from both the exp increase and the Rouge School Arts. Soon he looked at the conundrum of the Stardust. A knock at his door interrupted his chance to investigate so he closed the inventory, but only after removing a handgun from the fallen foes last night and creeping to the door.

"Who is it?" Devin said with a slightly raised voice. Yana's voice floated through the solid door. What time is it?! Why was she here so early? Did she talk to her family already? Devin looked through the peep hole and saw Yana and another girl who looked in her early twenties with long, wavy brown hair framing a heart-shaped face wearing a pair of brown pants a white button-up shirt with billowy sleeves and a brown vest over top. the ensemble was completed by a pair of low-heeled black boots that encased her feet and calves. If she had hoop earrings she would look either like a pirate or a gypsy. Putting the gun back in his inventory Devin opened the door with a smile on before speaking.

"Welcome Yana and you must be Izabela correct? Come in and we can talk about the future." Devin said as he bowed and waved them in while greeting them.

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