64 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Dragon Pissed Off

The fact that Henric, a ten year old boy just came in to tell Devin that he could now breath underwater brought some very concerning things to Devin's mind.

"Is that so? How did you find that out?" Devin asked as he continued across the room towards the excited young boy. The boy was excited to the point that he was starting to bounce in place. As Devin got closer to the boy he could now see that his clothes were soaked with water to the point that he was beginning to drip onto the floor.

"I was outside and I thought I saw something in the pond, but when I went to reach for it I fell in on accident. Next thing I knew I was in the water but I felt fine!" Henric said enthusiastically. Devin was confused at how Henric was mutating, one moment he was going one direction before he got another mutation and he was off in a different direction next. So far his mutations numbered only three now four with this latest addition.

'What is the connection between them all?' Devin thought as he studied Henric.

"Okay, I want you to go up stairs and change into your swim suit and then you can show me how you breath underwater." Devin said as he waved for Henric to head up top to his room. Henric nodded his head vigorously before running for the stairs. Izabela passed him on the stairs, stopping to watch her younger brother zoom past her and into his room before shutting the door. Turning back around Izabela made her way to Devin with a confused look on her face.

"What is wrong with Henric?" Izabela asked when she got to Devin. She had showered and changed due to the damp hair that hung down her shoulders. She now had on a long sleeved sweater dress in a cream color with maroon leggings and matching slipper shoes.

"He found out he has another new ability." Devin said as he looked from Izabela to the door that Henric had disappeared behind.

"Another? Are these apart of the same mutation or does he have a separate one?" Izabela asked before following Devin's gaze to the door of Henric's bedroom.

"As far as I know mutants can only have one mutation, but that one mutation can lead to several useful applications. For example Yana's mutation is the manipulation of water, so theoretically she could use that ability to not only create ice and fog, but she could potentially use that ability for things like controlling plants and animals due to how much water is found in those things. Though I would hope she doesn't come to use those kinds of abilities." Devin explained as he turned to look at her before moving to the living room couch with Izabela following.

"So this ability could be related to the others he has discovered?" Izabela asked as she seated herself on the couch as well.

"Yes it's just not apparent as to what the connection is so far. Henric has a more physical manifestation of his mutation. My biggest concern is that those with physical manifestations do sometimes get stuck in their manifested forms permanently and they have harsher lives than others." Devin said with a frown creasing his brow. This also caused a frown to mar Izabela's face as well. It was at this moment that Henric came down from his room in a tank top and swim shorts.

"Alright, let's see this new ability." Devin said as he stood up and gestured for the two siblings to exit ahead of him. Henric ran towards the edge of the water and was about to jump in when Devin called out for him to stop. Henric managed to skid to a stop on the grass just in time before he fell into the water.

"What's wrong?" Henric asked confusedly while wondering what he did wrong.

"Nothing I just want to check and see if there are any external signs of your mutation before you get into the water." Devin said as he continued towards the water's edge. Henric tilted his head before realizing what Devin was talking about.

"You mean something showing up on me?" Henric asked as he waited for the pair of adults to catch up to him.

"Yes, so lift your shirt for a second." Devin said as Izabela and him finally got to the bank of the pond. Henric did so, revealing nothing other than pristine skin. Devin motioned for him to lower his shirt before taking Henrics head in his hands and turning it left and right as he examined Henric's neck for anything only to find the same as before. With this Devin waved towards the water and Henric let out a childish "Yippee!" before jumping into the water. He stayed under for a minute or so before resurfacing.

"Anything?" Devin asked as Henric treaded water.

"I think so? I didn't feel like I need to breath." Henric answered from a dozen feet out.

"Well then, come on out and we'll check again." Devin said as Henric made for the bank and once he had managed to get his feet under himself, Devin reached down and help the boy out. The tank top and shorts now filled with water causing them to drip everywhere while the shirt clung to Henric's wiry frame. The boy once again lifted his shirt and this time there were three slits in the skin just below his ribs on each side as well in the sides of his neck. As they stood and watched the slits started to seal themselves shut the drier Henric got.

"So, when you are enveloped in water you seem to grow gill slits so that you are able to breath when submerged. Interesting." Devin muttered under his breath as he watched the gills disappear. Some of these abilities seem to indicate that Henric was adapting to his environment, but from his knowledge there was already a mutant that would evolve to both his environments as well as threats. Code named Darwin he was able to adapt to situations and enemies, but this had to be something different. No two mutants had the exact same mutation though siblings could have similar mutations. The Summers brothers were a good example of this.

"Anything wrong?" Izabela asked as she looked at the gills disappearing as well.

"Hmm? No, just thinking. By the way where is Yana?" Devin answered before asking a question as well. By this time the gills were gone so Henric released his shirt.

"She sent me a text saying she was meeting some friends at the library to do some studying. I told her that was fine though she had to be home by eight." Izabela said as the group moved towards the house once more.

"Good, she needs to make some friends. It's about ti-" Devin was saying before his phone started to go off in his pocket. Reaching into his pocket Devin checked the screen to see 'Jones' across the top.

"Hello?" Devin answered wondering why it was every time he came back from a mission that something seemed to happen with the private investigator. Labored breathing came from the other side of the line which was slightly concerning before a male voice came through the speaker.

"So are you Jessica's new source of confidence and defiance?" the mystery man asked causing Devin's stomach to knot up for a minute.

"Mr. Kilgrave I presume." Devin answered as questions by the dozens filled his mind.

"You may know me, but I don't know who you are. Though Jessica has you down as 'Asshole' in her phone. I wonder why you have decided to stick your nose into my business." Kilgrave said as Devin motioned for Izabela and Henric to head inside before answering.

"I had need of Ms. Jones' talents, so I decided to offer her a deal." Devin answered as he decided to walk around his yard while he talked.

"Then let me suggest that if you don't want unfortunate things to happen then I suggest that you cancel your deal and maybe everything will turn out for the better for everyone." Kilgrave said with an even tone though there was a hint of annoyance buried under the cool façade that he put up. Devin knew it was a threat and if Jessica couldn't deal with it on her own then it was time that Devin did so for her. Especially since Kilgrave seemed intent on including Devin in his plans. The sick bastard.

"How about this, I'll give you three choices. First, you can turn yourself in to the authorities and confess to your crimes, spending the rest of your life in prison. Second, you can let Jessica kill your pathetic ass and save everyone the trouble. Third, I will come find you and when I do I will show you that this little phone call was one of the biggest mistakes you have ever made, right before I send you to the deepest depths of hell. So Mr. Kilgrave, what will it be?" Devin said before a short silence ensued. Finally Kilgrave's voice came back through the speaker with some anger coloring his tone.

"You should have just listened to me and cut ties with Jessica. Now you'll wish you had listened." Kilgrave threatened causing a familiar rage to rise in Devin's chest and the phone to creak as he tightened his grip.

"No Kilgrave, you should have take one of the first two options. Now? Now I'm coming for you and I'll show you just how hot the fires of hell truly are. See you very soon." Devin said before he ended the call. Devin entered the house to see Henric missing, presumably up in his room or the living room while Izabela sat at the kitchen table with a steaming mug clutched in her hands. As Devin entered he saw her look up from the mug with a look of concern.

"Is everything alright?" Izabela asked as Devin could feel the tension he had released before come back with a vengeance.

"Yeah, just have to take care of some business with Ms. Jones." Devin said as he headed for the Armory. Make a pitstop to grab some things and then head out.

"Time for some hunting."

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