48 Healing and Info

Running up to the couple on his doorstep Devin asked the first though which was obvious.

"What happened!" Devin said as he help the big guy up as Izabela opened the door.

"I was investigating a lead on the school principal when I got a call from Luke, but when I got to him he had been taken over by Kilgrave. I knew that he was impervious to bullets and I had to stop him so I shot him." Jessica said frantically.

"Wait if he's impervious to bullets then how did he end up this way?" Devin asked as he lead Jessica and Izabela toward the basement stairs as Izabela told the kids to go play.

"I shot him in the side of his head with a shotgun." Jessica said in a hushed voice as Devin looked at her with an 'are you serious' look.

"Well that explains where to look for trauma." Devin muttered under his breath as they finally arrived at the medical room and layed Luke on the table. Assessing his vitals as well as checking his head showed that there wasn't a mark on the outside of the man but knew what had happened. The blast from the shotgun had basically gave Luke the worst version of a concussion instead of splattering his head everywhere. Devin knew that Luke's skin, muscle, and bones were near invulnerable, but his organs weren't and if Devin didn't do something fast then Luke would die and that would be a problem.

'What was it that happened in the show? I know that this happened in the show and that Jessica originally to him to a nurse instead, but what was it she did to help him?' Devin thought as he looked at Luke's eyes to double check the concussion theory. Then he remembered, the nurse had put a needle through his eye.

'Yeah, that's not happening. I wouldn't trust myself to do that for a corpse let alone Luke. Maybe I can mitigate the pressure problem as well as speed the healing with magic like I did with Rogue?' Devin thought as he stepped up to the head area of the table.

"Jessica, I'm gonna try to either reduce the severity or heal the trauma from the gunshot, but on the off chance that I can't I want you to call Metro-General Hospital and ask for Claire Temple. She knows Luke and about his abilities so she can be trusted to help." Devin said before turning and concentrating his mana on Luke's head to search for any abnormalities.

"I can't get a signal down here." Jessica fumed before running for the stairs to head up top.

"Devin are you sure you can help this man?" Izabela asked as she saw Jessica had left the room.

"Honestly? I don't know, but I'm damn sure gonna try." Devin said before diving into his search. Devin scanned for any lethal blockages or obstructions that had occurred due to the concussion and didn't find any yet. He then began to feed mana into Luke's brain and willed it to fix anything that had been damaged. At first nothing happened, but after a bit certain areas of Luke's brain began to light up as the mana began it's work. Devin smiled for a brief moment before the mana consumption multiplied by a huge amount that left Devin at a loss for breath. He was nearly out of mana and had only fixed just over half of the damage.

Devin decided that he would stop and rest for a moment and regain some of his mana before continuing. As Devin pulled back he heard a door slam open and Jessica as well as another woman entered. The woman was Claire Temple, an african-american nurse at Metro-General Hospital that had helped both Luke and Daredevil in the past. She ran over and began checking vitals immediately.

'How long was I out of it while I was healing Luke? Jessica just left to call her.' Devin thought as he stepped back and sat in a nearby chair to temporarily rest. Izabela thankfully answered his mental question without him even voicing it.

"Are you okay? You just stood there for about forty-five minutes not moving and then stopped." Izabela asked as Devin nodded.

"I think he's out of the lethal territory, but I need to regain some energy before I can continue or I'll also be in trouble." Devin explained.

"I thought you said he was in critical condition? From what I've found he might have a mild concussion at most." Claire said as she looked from Jessica to Devin.

"I've mitigated the major damage, but I can't do more since I'm out of energy at the moment. I had Jessica call you here because I need you to keep an eye on him since I'm not sure if there might be some after effects or some kind of complication." Devin said as he stood up slowly.

"And who are you?" Claire asked as she kept checking over Luke for problems.

"I guess you could call me an acquaintance and partner for these two." Devin said as he gestured towards Luke then Jessica who snorted in slight contempt.

"Now, what are you gonna do about you know who Jessica? Do you need me to help?" Devin said as he turned to the dark-haired woman who stood at the foot of the table where Luke was laying.

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"No, I don't need nor do I want help. He is mine to take down." Jessica all but growled as she gripped her own fist tightly, her knuckles turning white.

"All right but if you need help or anything then let me know. Now not to be rude or anything but have you found anything about the principal or the school?" Devin said before asking about the investigation.

"Yeah, the principal has been taking bribes from some of the richer families so that he will look the other way when their kids get into trouble. He also puts pressure on some of the teachers to give passing grades to those same kids instead of failing grades. I was looking into his personal habits when this all went down." Jessica said as she refused to take her eyes off of the man she loved.

"Alright, do you have evidence of what you've found so far?" Devin asked as he started running plans through his head on his options.

"Yeah I have photos of him taking bribes and a couple of the angrier teachers that I've spoken to have expressed interest in testifying against him as well. I'll get them to you later." Jessica said.

"Alright. Also, let me know if you find anything else." Devin said as he walked towards the door.

"I'll give you some time and all three of you are welcome to stay here tonight." Devin said as he allowed Izabela through first as the two women nodded in acceptance before he shut the door.


The next day Luke had awaken and after a bit of explaining knew what had happened. Luke, Jessica, and Claire all decided that it was time that they left. Devin had reminded Jessica that she wasn't alone now and that if she needed help all she had to do was ask. She had merely nodded before stepping out followed by Luke and Claire.

Devin fought on whether or not to track down Kilgrave himself, but in the end he decided that he would wait and see what Jessica and Luke could accomplish before deciding to step in.

Devin decided to start his plan to aid Wakanda now that he had everything squared away for the minute. He checked and found that the Wakanda embassy was in New York even though it wasn't built till much later. Devin formed a plan in his head that would allow him to possibly speak with the big shots of Wakanda though the chances of getting to speak with the king was not very high.

Getting in his truck and traveling down to near where the United Nation's building is, Devin was looking for the Wakanda Embassy. Pulling up to a large, concrete building that had the Wakanda flag raised on steel poles, the building itself looked like an upscale hotel instead of the embassy of the most advanced country on Earth. Walking up the steps found Devin standing in an impressive lobby with various art pieces decorating the walls here and there as individuals either talked or went about their business.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" An African man in traditional Wakandan attire asked as he walked up to Devin.

"Yes, I have an urgent and important matter to discuss with the ambassador." Devin said as he turned around to observe the man he was speaking too.

"I'm sorry but he is very busy at the moment. Maybe I can help you?" the man informed with open arms.

"Then maybe you can pass on a message for me." Devin said as he smiled.

"And what message is that?" the man asked in curiousity.

"That Ulysses Klaue will be raiding your country for it's greatest asset soon." Devin said causing a look of shock to cross his face and then for it to transform into one of seriousness.

"How do you know that name?" the man asked as Devin smiled.

"I have information, but only for your ambassador." Devin said causing a frown to further grace the man's face.

"Fine, I will lead you to him and you can explain." the man said as he turned and started walking.

"Finally, a chance to get stronger."

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