23 End of an Empire [part 1]

Out of the shadows stepped the man that Sue and Devin had seen sitting in the throne as the leader of the little grey goblins with the high tech rifles. He was wearing the same clothing as before only this time he had what looked like a gold scepter with a massive amethyst set in the top and surrounded by dime sized rubies sitting in the crook of his right arm. He soon stepped up next to Kala before taking her by the waist and kissing her passionately. The longer the kiss went on the more and more infuriated Mole Man became and soon after they broke away from one another he finally erupted into a string of profanities before glaring at the man he had never met.

"Who are you?!" Mole Man screamed almost at the level of hysterics.

"I am the true ruler of the underworld, Tyrannus!" the now identified man declared as he raised the scepter into the air and a purple light began to shine from the amethyst before the scepter changed into a golden-hilted sword with an amethyst as the pommel.

"No! I am the ruler of the underworld! And when I get up I'll make you rue the day you crossed me, both of you!" Mole Man hollered as he tried to pull himself up before losing his strength and falling back to prone again.

"I doubt it, because, you see, this is where you die." Tyrannus said before he swept his sword forward slicing through the fingers of Mole Man's right hand causing him to scream in pain before his left slipped lose and the rotund man fell the hundred feet to the floor cracking the stone on impact. Even though he was a villain to the Four his demise still left them saddened as Sue turned her face into Reed's shoulder and the boys looked on with grim countenances.

"Now that that waste of space is gone we only have four little problems left. Seize them!" Tyrannus hollered as numerous grey Moloids streamed into the room and surrounded the Four.

"Hey Reed, now would be a good time for you to tell us you have a plan or something." Ben murmured over his shoulder as the team went back to back with them now fully surrounded by rows upon rows of little grey men.

"I'm not too sure what to do, but give me a minute and I'll think of something." Reed quietly answered back.

"Well you better hurry Reed because here they come!" Johnny said as he transformed and engaged a small contingent of moloids in front of him as the others dove into their shares.


"I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque." Devin muttered as he was looking at a four-way intersection once again.

"This is getting ridiculous! Why do these people need so many of these? Are they ants?!" Devin said as he looked at the other three tunnels. He was about to choose the one on his right when he heard an explosion in the distance from the opposite direction.

"Well, that was convenient." Devin muttered as he took off running in that direction. Soon he found an opening, but had to skid to a stop as there was only open space after it opened up. Looking down he saw a massive mushroom as well as a massive battle between his new friends and those silver little goblins. On the opposite side, about fifty feet below him was the dude from that chamber earlier and that woman Mole Man was with, but where was the Mole Man?

"Sigh, well lets get this over with. I need to get back to the surface to check on everyone at home. They're probably worried about me." Devin said as he drew his dagger and his pistol then backed up a couple dozen feet back. Taking a deep breath then running forward and jumping from his spot, Devin was aiming toward the two on the other ledge first. He reached the ledge just as the guy turned his face to loo at him causing Devin to knee him in the face and launch him into the wall while Kala looked absolutely shocked about what just happened.

"Sorry about that!" Devin shouted as he back-flipped off the edge with his middle fingers raised before he disappeared below the ledge. Devin descended once more before landing in the middle of a large group of the grey moloids, scattering bodies in random directions and kicking up a cloud of dust as a small crater formed. Soon a form exploded out of the cloud swinging a dagger into the neck of some poor individual before the pistol in the other hand exploded in a hail of bullets that tore through another half dozen enemies. Devin's entrance shocked his companions more than the moloids as they weren't expecting him to arrive that soon after having left him to fight that behemoth on his own.

"Devin are you alright?!" Johnny shouted as he toasted another swath of moloids while dodging blasts from lasers.

"Yeah! lets hurry and finish this." Devin said as he dodged a swing from a moloid that was swinging a stalagmite like a baseball bat and gave a swing of his own as he switched his sword in for his dagger and lopped off the creature's head. Soon Devin's back met a large hard surface that seemed to move. Whipping around and pointing his gun Devin came face to face with Ben and seeing who it was they turned around again and continued to fight.

"Wish we could have met over a coke and some ribs, but guess this will do huh?" Ben said as he decked another moloid causing him to mow down another half dozen of his friends.

"Could be worse right?" Devin said as he shot another moloid. Thats when an obect dropped from on high just like Devin except there wasn't as much dust as his drop. Soon the dude who he had kneed in the face emerged except that he was now sporting a broken nose and some blood splattered on his lower face along with his sword.

"Do you have any idea who you just offended?!" the bloody man gritted out as he stomped closer to Devin.

"Honestly? Not a clue, but damn you look a lot better now." Devin said with a grin.

"I am Tyrannus, The King of the Underworld!" the now identified man yelled a she charged at Devin and clashing swords.

"Well allow me to send you to the true underworld." Devin said as he broke the lock and began to clash with Tyrannus. Blow after blow the two continued to clash and neither could gain an advantage.

"You're good. I'll admit that, but you'll never beat me." Tyrannus said as he pushed Devin back causing Devin to slide back a couple feet before he stood up and then looked at his opponent with seriousness.

Alright, lets get serious then." Devin said as he pulled up everything that he had learned when he got the sword and manual. The two clashing once more went on to last even longer than the previous round, but eventually Devin gained the upper hand and kicked Tyrannus backwards on his ass.

"How d'ya like me now?" Devin asked as he smirked at the supposed Mighty King of the Underworld.

"You think you won, but you can't even comprehend the circumstances of what is happening." Tyrannus lectured.

"Oh, I think I do and this is your end." Devin said as he drew his gun again.

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"Everyone freeze or the girl dies!" a female voice rang out as everyone stopped in their tracks. Turning everyone saw that somehow Kala had gotten behind Sue and was now pointing a blaster at her head.

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