21 Disrupting Best Laid Plans

It took a bit of time to fill Reed in on the things that they had seen as well as the things that they had discovered. Reed was surprised that there were other factions in the underground world. It was more shocking when he in turn informed Devin and Sue about the substance that the rockets contained and what it was capable of.

"So what you're telling me is that that rocket ya'll blew up contained a liquid that not only blocks out the sun, but will turn everyone into a mutant?" Devin asked as he stared at Reed for the longest time.

"Not exactly. It won't turn them into the mutants you probably know which are Homo Superior, but most likely a type of regressed mutant that thrives in the dark and can be subverted due to lowered intelligence by The Mole Man eventually." Reed stated as they walked back the way he had initially come.

"So what's the plan now?" Devin asked as he glanced at Sue to see her reaction. She looked less lost than when they had been wandering the tunnels just the two. It looked like it was true about these two being made for one another.

"Let's start with finding Ben and Johnny then we'll figure out where to go from there." Reed replied just before a beep sounded from Reed. Pulling a device out that projected a screen in the air above it. A woman appeared on it with wearing the usual uniform for SHIELD agents with her brunette hair in a tight bun at the back of her head. Devin stepped to the side so that he was just outside her viewing range just in case the darkness wasn't enough to hide him from view.

"Agent Hill, did your scientists start producing the cure?" Reed asked as he saw who was on the screen in front of him.

"No Mr. Richards, there was a complication. Our scientists say that they need a sample of the origin to successfully create the formula that you sent to us. Are you in a position to retrieve a sample for us or do we need to dispatch a team to do so?" Agent Hill informed causing Reed to frown in concentration. It was as he was thinking that Sue took over the device.

"Agent Hill we are still in the underground looking to meet up with my brother and Ben. Once we find them we will start searching for that sample. Is that ok?" Sue asked causing Hill to nod in confirmation.

"Very well, I will notify Director Fury. Glad to see you're alright. Hill out." Agent Hill said before the screen disappeared and Sue handed the device back to Reed.

"Well looks like the field trip isn't over yet. So we need to find the dynamic duo and then track down Ole Moley so we can convince him to hand over the source of whatever he used for the mystery goo. Lets get going." Devin said as he started walking again only to stop by what Reed said next.

"Actually we'll continue on to find Ben and Johnny. I think it would be best for you to head back to the surface for your own surface. I know that you have some combat training, but what we will be facing is beyond what normal soldiers can handle." Reed said as he walked over to stand face to face with Devin. Devin understood what he was saying, but if he wanted the rewards for the missions he received earlier then he needed to continue.

"Reed you don't need to worry about me, I can handle myself. Lets just continue and find Ben and Johnny." Devin said before turning and moving on.

"But..." was all Reed could say before Sue placed a hand on his shoulder and shook her head signaling that he should give up on convincing Devin to leave.

Soon the three came upon another massive hall like cavern that even the big ugly dude from the surface could move around in easily.

'Where are these three finding these caverns or are they so vain as to have them carved out?' Devin thought as they looked around. Soon movement at the other end attracted their attention. The Mole Man and Kala walked out from yet another tunnel. Devin soon found himself getting sick of all the twist and turns. He wanted open air and blue sky soon.

"So, the last of the rats have finally scurried out of hiding." the pudgy little man said with a greasy sneer on his dirty face.

"Harvey you need to stop this! You're gonna hurt so many innocent people if you continue with this path!" Reed said as he tried to reason with the former surface dweller.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Harvey is dead! There is only the Mole Man now!" the Mole Man screamed in frustration.

"And why would I stop when I have the upper hand!" Mole Man said as he waved his hand towards the tunnel he had entered from. Soon a half dozen of the golden goblin creatures that Sue had called Moloids entered towingtwo massive ropes. Not more than a few seconds later two massive carts appeared with Ben and Johnny encased up to their shoulders in a grey cement looking material.

"Johnny!" "Ben!"

Both Reed and Sue called out in concern for their captured teammates.

"We're alrigh' Suzy, but we ain't gonna be much help till we get out of this gunk." Ben called out as Johnny glared at the short villain standing only a short distance from him. Devin could see Reeds brain crank up to eleven trying to think of a way to free the two, but the Mole Man interrupted once again.

"Haha! I have two and now all I need is you two and then not only will I have the whole set, but there will be no one to stop me! Soon I'll cover the surface in the my void gel and then i'll be able to make all of those fools who laughed at me cower before me! Not like they will even know for long before they regress to mutated slaves for me to command!" the Mole Man monologued.

"Are you quite done? We still need to actually stop them before.." Kala demeaned her companion before being interrupted by a loud bang ranging out and a massive chunk of the concrete stuff covering Ben ripping away. Everyone turned to look at where the source of the sound came from only to see Devin standing there with an assault rifle shouldered with the barrel still smoking slightly. Bringing the weapon down from his shoulder Devin glanced at the group on the opposite end.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we're on a bit of a tight schedule and need to wrap things up before things start to go bad up top. So, can we skip the part where you explain everything and move to the part where Ben rips through that stuff and we all start brawling? Besides, we already know what you are doing and why so it's pointless to listen to you talk Ole Moley." Devin said as Mole Man began to turn purple with rage at the humiliation from being interrupted as well as demeaned. The nickname that Devin had called him being the straw that broke the camel's back soon had the rotund little man howling in rage.

"Why you..." "How dare you call me..." the Mole Man sputtered as he grinded his teeth causing his voice to devolve into unintelligible gibberish from his anger.

"T-t-t-today junior." Devin mocked as he estimated another two burst should free Ben completely. He couldn't risk the same stunt with Johnny as he could just as easily shoot him.

"Arrgghh! Gigantus!" Mole Man screamed. Soon the ground began to rumble with the giant steps of something. Wasting no time Devin reshouldered his rifle and released a couple of bursts to rip away enough of the cement stuff that Ben finally ripped his arm free before tearing away the rest and rushing over to Johnny to free him. As he was doing this Sue and Devin were covering him with bullets and Psyonic Bolts leveling all of the moloids that were rushing towards them. Reed ran towards the two leaders to try and subdue them, but the crumbling of the entire wall stopped him in his tracks as the massive being that they had seen on the surface stepped through the ruined wall and into the hall.

"Kill them!" Mole man howled as Kala dragged him through a tunnel to escape. By this time Ben had rescued Johnny and most of the moloids in the room had been layed flat, wither dead or unconcious.

"Sis! You're alright!" Johnny yelled as he hugged his older sister.

"It's good to see you too johnny.' Sue said with a smile. As the siblings separated Johnny saw Devin standing not too far away with a grin.

"Dude, I knew that you'd keep her safe!" Johnny said has he fist bumped Devin.

"Yeah, but looks like we have a bigger problem." Devin said as he nodded to the massive creature in the room. As everyone glared at the creature a notification sound rang out in Devin's head.

'Yes! Alice open missions.' Devin thought in excitement.

[Mission Completed: Investigate the Invading Forces]

[Rewards: 500 Exp, 500 Shop Credits, 1 Bloodline]

'That's good, but I don't have time to select the bloodline right now. What else we got?' Devin thought as he mentally scrolled.

[Updated Hidden Mission: Giant Slayer]

[Info: Fight and Slay Gigantus Solo]

[Rewards: 2000 Exp, 1000 Shop Credits, 1 Dragoon Spirit]

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Devin's joy soon turned upside down as he now knew what the hidden mission was. Not only did he have to solo this giant behemoth of a mutant, but he somehow had to convince his new friends to leave him to deal with this alone.

'This sucks!' Devin said as he strode over to Sue as she would be the easiest to convince to let him fight solo.

"Sue I need you to listen to me." Devin said causing her to look at him with a hint of trepidation.

"I want you and the others to leave this guy to me and go after Ole Moley and his chick." Devin said causing shock not only for her but the others as they had managed to hear him.

"Kid you can't be serious! Look at that thing! We'd have trouble with it let alone a guy like you with no powers!" Ben stated as he waved at the thing.

"Guys, trust me I have a plan. Plus, you guys need to stop that bastard and get the source for the cure. Go!" Devin said as he tucked his rifle behind him using the strap on it. As the other three continued to argue about him not doing so alone Sue merely studied his face before only asking one question.

"Devin, are you sure?" Sue asked as she looked into his eyes. Turning to her a glowing red started to bleed into his eyes as he gave a firm affirmative. At that sight Sue nodded before turning to the other.

"Guys, if Devin says he can handle this, then I believe in him. Lets go" Sue said. Without giving them a choice Sue hurried towards the tunnel that the Mole Man had left through. The other three stared after her before wishing Devin luck and chasing after her. Reed was the last to leave, but stayed long enough to ask a single question.

"Devin why is Sue so sure you can handle this and can you handle this?" Reed asked as he looked at the other man.

"Because I gave her a little of the truth and if I didn't think I could handle it then I wouldn't have volunteered." Devin replied. Reed stayed for only a second longer before turning and chasing the rest. Devin was standing there wondering if this was truly the right thing but it was too late to change his mind anyway.

"Well it's just you and me big guy. So, shall we dance?" Devin said as he exchanged his rifle for his sword. This caused the giant, orange fish-man to tilt his head before roaring at him and charging strait at him, causing Devin's stomach to drop.

"Fuck me."

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