67 Diamond Shock

After downing his glass and Luke giving him a refill, Devin was ready to tell the pair what happened when he found Kilgrave.



Kilgrave was scrambling backwards on his ass to get away from Devin after he was slugged in the jaw hard enough for a couple of his molars to become loose. Devin was slowly approaching the downed man with his eyes fully transformed and his Iron Knuckle gloves equipped to his hands. Devin could see the confusion and fear enter Kilgrave's eyes before the downed man spat out a wad of blood from his split lip.

"How are you doing this?!" Kilgrave demanded as he finally managed to get to his feet now in the hall of the house as he wiped the excess blood from his mouth.

"Doing what?" Devin asked as he still approached the vile, little weasel, "You mean how are you unable to control me with your abilities or how did I find you so fast?"

"Yes! I should be able to make you do what I want! So why are you still able to defy me!" Kilgrave shouted as he finally backed up enough to see the front door. Devin could see the desperate man glance at the door before returning his gaze to him and continuing to try to stare him down.

"Did you really think that everyone would be susceptible to your little pheromone, mind fucking? You had to think that there might be someone out there who you couldn't control or are you really so self-centered that you never considered that possibility?" Devin said as he stopped a couple feet away with an eyebrow raised in disbelief and question. A moment of silence ensued before Kilgrave darted towards the front door yelling for "one of you" to help him. Just a second later Kilgrave dove to the side with Devin hot on his heels and into the kitchen as the front door exploded with a massive shockwave. The shockwave continued on through the front door and slammed into Devin's chest and stomach, throwing him backwards into a wall.

Shaking his head, Devin Looked up and saw a person standing in the ruined remains of the front door wearing a yellow, patchwork body suit with brown pads held on with leather straps. On his legs were what looked like black leather chaps and boots that matched his suit and pads. A power ranger-esque helmet was encasing his head with glowing yellow eyes. The one piece that caught Devin's eye was the two technologically advanced gauntlets that were worn on both arms. This was one of Spider-Man's more well known rogues, Shocker.

Another man appeared a second later behind Shocker in the doorway. This man looked like a walking diamond in a blue costume with a diamond symbol embossed on the chest portion surrounded by a yellow splash design. Everything from the man's skin and hair to his very eyes were made of what looked like diamond. This was Diamondhead. A friend of Shocker's as well as one of the hero Nova's rogues. Made of diamond with enhanced strength and regenerative abilities that allowed him to regrow or reassemble himself if damaged with a background as a boxer.

The arrival of the two villains slightly puzzled Devin as the MCU Kilgrave never used superhumans with the exception of the couple characters in the Jones series, but the Killgrave of the comics regularly did.

'Guess he learned a thing or two after controlling Jessica and Luke, though where he found these two is beyond me. Plus does this mean that Spider-Man and Nova are running around?' Devin mentally questioned as he stood up and dusted off some of the splinters that covered his clothes. Kilgrave strode over to the two with a smile on his face though his lip was beginning to swell where it was split. He took a minute to straighten his suit before turning to Devin.

"If you won't take my offer to stay out of the way and insist on getting involved then you are another obstacle that needs to be removed. Also since my influence doesn't seem to work on you then I'll just have my associates here remove you for me. I'd wish you luck but I'm hoping that you'll be dead very soon." Kilgrave said as he turned and strode out the door. Devin sprinted to catch the man before he could leave but took another blast from Shocker's gauntlet to the side that lifted him bodily and threw him into the wall on the other side of the kitchen.

Getting up from the floor, Devin looked at the two only to see Diamondhead mid shoulder charge. Rolling backwards, Devin dodged the charge causing Diamondhead to plough into the wall that was already severely damaged by Devin's earlier impact. Devin decided that fighting in such close quarters would be to their advantage so sprinting across the room Devin dove out a window just as another shockwave blew a three foot crater in the wall just to the right of the window he had exited.

Rolling across the grass Devin put away his gloves and drew his daggers. Soon both men exit the house as well. Rolling his neck, Devin settled into a crouch, before secretly flipping one dagger into a throwing position. As soon as Shocker raised his gauntlet to fire again, Devin whipped his arm out and impaled the gauntlet causing it to spark and smoke. Unfortunately, Shocker was quick on the uptake as he had already raised his other arm and fired though it went wide due to a fortunate shock from the ruined gauntlet.

Diamondhead charged once more, this time going for a right hook to which Devin leaned back. As Devin did so he realized that the fist seemed to go by a little slower than usual. Devin taking advantage of this moment stepped into his opponent's space and placed his hand flat on his opponent's side before gathering mana and producing a fireball and firing at point blank range. This rocketed Diamondhead through the air and back into the house through the broken down front door.

Turning to see Shocker a second away from firing another blast, Devin activated his wings before taking off just as the Quilted Northern Man released the blast. Devin concentrated mana into his hand again, this time converting it to light before lobbing it at the villain. When the orb landed it caused a massive flash of light, blinding any who looked at it. While Shocker was trying to get his sight back Devin pitched into a steep dive towards the man. Shocker in his panic started letting off blasts in random directions, making Devin to swoop and evade before flipping mid-air and delivering a powerful drop kick to the man's chest launching him into a tree and knocking him out. Walking over Devin crouched down and removed both gauntlets from Shocker in case he woke up. It was as Devin was looking around that a thought came to Devin, as a smile creased Devin's face the gauntlets disappeared into Devin's inventory.

A crash alerted Devin to the fact that Diamondhead was back. Stepping out of the house Diamondhead caught sight of his compatriot down on the ground and growled, actually growled. Devin wasn't sure how he was gonna stop a living chunk of diamond. He doubted that his iron knuckles would work and blades were useless.

'Maybe magic is the answer, but how?' Devin said as he studied his opponent who was now moving to confront Devin again.

'What do I know about diamond? It's super hard but will shatter under enough force, but I don't really have anything that can generate something like that.' Devin mentally tallied as he ducked a punch by the shining asshole. It was when Devin swiped some sweat off his forehead that he had an idea. He remembered from school in his previous life that they had learned in chemistry that when diamonds are super heated they will oxidize into carbon dioxide and disappear and Devin could do fire spells.

After dodging a few more swipes, Devin began channeling fire mana into both hands once he was sure enough was there he placed them together and channeled the power into another fireball. He then lobbed it at Diamondhead. When Devin lobbed it a small *ding* noise was made in Devin's head. Upon contacting the ground in front of Diamondhead a Pillar of fire erupted from the spot causing the gem-made man to scream in pain. Seconds later Diamondhead's arms and legs started to burn with a orange flame and then disappear as his body began to glow white hot. Soon after the geyser petered out and all that was left was Diamondhead with his limbs amputated. Devin was sure that in a few weeks he would be back to his original condition, but behind bars.

Looking around found the area still deserted and Kilgrave long gone. Devin having lost his chance and now covered in rags since the shockwaves had shredded his clothes. A few scratches from Diamondhead's punches as well as the blasts were also present, Devin started to walk back to his truck to get his phone and call the cops to come and pick up the two villains and go deliver news of Kilgrave's escape and get a drink.



The two stared at Devin as he finished his tale though he may have omitted a couple things such as his use of magic and some other details that were need-to-know. Devin had also finished his second glass of whiskey.

"So he's controlling other people with powers to do his bidding? What the hell are we gonna do now?!" Jessica asked as she banged her forehead on the table in frustration, causing a sizable dent to form in the wood.

"Same thing we were doing before. We track him down and finish this and if anyone gets in our way, then we take them down as well." Devin said as he set his glass down.

"But how?" Jessica asked as she laid her head on the table.

"You have an idea of where he is don't you." Luke said more as a statement than a question.

"I might have a lead, but I'll have to check it out after I change clothes." Devin said as he stood up.

"I've got some spares upstairs you can borrow if you want." Luke said as he took Devin's glass.

"Yeah I'll take them. The sooner we get this done, the sooner Kilgrave gets put six feet under." Devin said as he followed Luke.

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