66 Dark Evidence of Obsession

The thing with reconnaissance is that most people assume that its either in and out or you spend the entire time sitting in your vehicle staring at a house. Devin decided to take the third approach and just make it seem like he left then just circled through the neighborhood backyards before breaking into the house in question. Walking from room to room, Devin could see the brand new furniture as well as the traces of someone living in the house. Dirty dishes in the sink, clean clothes in the dresser and dirty ones in the hamper.

"So someone has been staying here for sure. The question being who?" Devin muttered as he continued his examination of the room. Just because there is someone living here doesn't mean that it had to be Kilgrave. Looking around Devin couldn't find anything that was out of place until he checked the master bedroom.

At first look the room seemed normal with the usual queen-sized bed, dresser, and tv stand. Upon inspection something felt off to Devin, the arrangement of the furniture felt off somehow. Looking over each of the pieces Devin finally found that the bed had rolling castors that allowed for it to be moved when the locks were switched off which was bizarre in and of itself. Looking further Devin found a secret compartment that had been built into the back of the headboard, but had been left ajar whether in haste or carelessness. Devin pulled the bed even farther from the wall before prying the compartment open all the way. Inside was a large, leather-bound book that fell out with a thud.

Picking up the book, Devin weighed it in his hand with a heavy feeling settling in the pit of his stomach to match the heavy tome in his hands. Opening the book it took a full minute of staring at the pages before him before his hands tightened to the point of nearly destroying the books cover. The smoke that started to drift off the pages was even more of a testament to just how bad what Devin was seeing. Devin knew that it was explained that Kilgrave had kept Jessica as a sex slave in the series, but to actually see evidence of just how depraved the piece of shit truly was. Slamming the book shut and taking a deep breath with his eyes closed to center and calm down before he inadvertently transformed or blew the block up in rage. The creak of the door hinge alerted Devin to the fact that he was no longer alone.

"I wasn't expecting you to find me so soon." a British accented voice came from behind Devin. Devin took one more breath before holding the book up over his shoulder so that it was visible to the person behind him.

"See I had an idea of just how pathetic and worthless you were you piece of shit, but this? This is so much worse than I thought." Devin said as he heard a quick intake of breath from behind though he moved the book before Kilgrave could nab the book back.

"Give me that now!" Kilgrave demanded, probably trying to use his powers to make Devin give him the book.

"Yeah, that's not gonna happen. But ya know what is gonna happen? I'm gonna beat you to within an inch of your life before I drag your near-dead carcass out of here to Ms. Jones and then I'm gonna watch as she finally kills you and ends all this horse-shit." Devin said as he slowly turned around, his eyes transformed and glowing with the amount of mana he was bleeding off from his rage.

"Stop! Stop! I command you to stop! Stooooo-" Kilgrave shouted in fear as Devin brought a fist down in a sweeping arc.


Jessica and Luke were sitting at a table pouring over any and all leads that could be even remotely relevant. They would follow one that would connect to another that would connect to another and another before dying out soon after, but no matter how many dead-ends they hit they kept trying. Luke had given Jessica the boost she needed to see this mess finished and as well as this chapter of her life closed.

Soon Jessica and Luke had gone through almost everything that she currently had and decided to take a break. As they were sitting down to some Chinese food that Luke had ordered earlier, the door slammed open causing the two to jump to their feet with their fists raised, ready for a fight. Soon a silhouette started to walk in from the bright daylight outside only to resolve into the figure of Devin walking in with clothes torn and a large leather book under one arm. The two sighed and relaxed back into their chairs as Devin walked over with his jacket and shirt torn and hair disheveled as he flopped into a chair before tossing the book onto the table with a heavy thud. His appearance caused both of them to raise an eyebrow.

"What happened to you?" Jones asked as Devin sighed and scrubbed his face with his hands before answering.

"I met your friend Kilgrave." Devin said which caused the couple to bolt up in their chairs in surprise and shock.

"How?!" Jones demanded as Luke placed a hand on her shoulder to keep her from jumping over the table and throttling the bedraggled man.

"I'll tell you, but can I get a drink first?" Devin said as he looked at Luke who nodded. Once there was a glass in his hand Devin began to explain what happened.

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