70 Back Up

Devin awoke first thing in the morning early to prepare for his meeting with Kilgrave. Devin knew that this whole situation was gonna be tricky as they had to nab a full-grown man in the middle of the day in a public park. Devin still had everything packed from his first confrontation so there wasn't much to gather that he didn't already have.

Devin began to go over various plans and so far he only had one that had any possibility of working and he was hesitant to use it. Finishing a mug of coffee, Devin went over his plan once again as he said good-bye to the rest and strolled out to his truck. Devin knew that Jessica and Luke were gonna hate this plan but the only alternative involved using either a random civilian or asking a favor from someone, possibly the X-men, which Devin was loath to even considered after the throw down he had with Cyclops.

Arriving at the bar once more where the three had agreed to meet, Devin walked in to find not only Jessica and Luke but a man with dark hair cut into a professional, side-swept style with a shirt, tie, and a pair of dark red glasses. His dress coat hanging on the back of his chair as he clutched a cane in a similar color to the lenses of his glasses in both of his hands. The other man was a blonde with close-cropped, curly hair and a five-o-clock shadow to match. He had on a button-up plaid shirt with a zip-up jacket over top of that.

Upon entering Devin found three sets of eyes on him and an ear turned towards his direction, causing him to pause in his steps.

'Danny Rand and Matt Murdock, the Iron Fist and Daredevil. The whole of the Netflix Defenders are now here and apparently know one another. What is going on with this time line! Somethings are accelerated while others shouldn't even exist and some are right on schedule. Talk about a cluster fuck.' Devin thought as he stared at the four superhumans sitting at the table.

"Luke, Jessica, I didn't know we were having guests for this meeting." Devin said while trying to sound light and nonchalant while his mind now raced a million miles an hour at this new curveball as well as the implications that could come of it should they still go with Devin's original plan.

"Well me and Jess were thinking that since Kilgrave was dabbling into controlling other people with powers then we might need some backup." Luke said as he nodded at the new pair before speaking again.

"They also stopped by because we hadn't talked in quite a while and they were checking to make sure we hadn't killed each other or gotten arrested again in Matt's case." Luke said ending with a chuckle and a nod at the man with the cane and glasses who also had a half smirk at what Devin could only surmise was an inside joke between the four.

"Well alright then lets get introductions out of the way and then we can discuss wat to do now." Devin said as he stepped up to the new comers and offered a hand to the blonde first.

"Devin Price." Devin said as the blonde man took his hand in return.

"Danny Rand." the now named man replied.

"Of Rand Enterprises." Devin said which made Rand nod. Devin then turned to the last man and saw that he already had his hand extended for Devin to shake. Devin took the hand and introduced himself once more.

"Matt Murdock." the man said before dropping the handshake.

"The blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen. I read about one of your cases a little ways back." Devin commented as he took a chair from another table and sat down on it in reverse.

"So Devin, how are we gonna do this?" Luke asked as everyone settled down to talk.

"Well before that how much do these two know so far?" Devin asked as he nodded at Rand and Murdock.

"They know what Kilgrave can do as well as the fact that he forces people into not only slavery but into doing horrifying things to themselves as well as those around them at the command of Kilgrave." Luke said as the two other men nodded.

"Do they know that there is some personal stakes in this little back and forth we've got going with Kilgrave?" Devin said as he motioned to himself and then to Jessica with a raised eyebrow.

"The gist's, but not the details since Jess didn't feel comfortable with talking about what she remembers." Luke said as Jessica scowls at the table after hearing the explanation.

"Alright then in that case lets begin. Jessica, Luke, and I have confirmed that Kilgrave had a person spying on Jessica and that they would meet at a kiosk in a local park so as to pass off the collected information in return for a special kind of payment." Devin began before a clearing of a throat caused everyone to turn and look at Matt.

"I do want to remind everyone that I am a legal representative." Matt said with his head bowed. Devin figured that this was Matt's way of trying to keep them from going to far, but Devin needed to get the end fate of Kilgrave through to the two new comers as well as Luke and Jessica in case they were mistaken as well.

"Funny, coming from a man with the smell of blood on him. Make no mistake, I am helping these two to put an end to Kilgrave and I'm not talking putting him away in prison, because with his abilities it is inevitable that he will get out of what ever hole you toss him into. No I'm talking a more permanent end to him and I will do it myself." Devin said as he leveled the most serious glare he could at each of them without his eyes changing. The various faces around the table expressed everything from disbelief to acceptance, that last one belonging to Jessica.

'Looks like she's ready to do what needs to be done at least.' Devin thought on see Jessica's look before the others erupted into a chorus of objections.

"Shut UP!" Jessica shouted before slamming her hand flat on the table top causing it to creak with the force. This quieted the three men causing the cacophany of protests, though to Luke's credit he was arguing more for the fact that he didn't want Jessica involved in the actual killing of Kilgrave.

"Devin is right. Kilgrave can't be contained without the risk of him getting out by manipulating someone and then we're back where we started, but it's not just the need to see him stopped, but I NEED to put an end to what ever this is that is between me and him. To put this behind me once and for all." Jessica said as Luke put a hand on her shoulder in comfort due to the raw amount of emotion that came with her explanation. The other two seemed to recognize just how much Jessica was invested in this fight.

Some time passed before the other two seemed to steel themselves and then look up towards the others, which in hind sight seemed odd to Devin what with Matt being blind, and nodded in a sign of acceptance.

"We'll help you all out." the two said one after the other. This brought small smiles to both Jessica and Luke at the solidarity from their two friends while Devin just nodded.

"With that done, lets get back to developing a plan, because there is a rather big problem that we have to solve before we can subdue and finish this conflict as Jessica put it." Devin said as he gestured with his hand to get things back on track and rolling.

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