4 A Pair of Wild Siblings Appeared!

Devin had been walking for roughly 2 hours and he still couldn't find his way out of the forest. No change in scenery, nothing.



'Oh, look! A fern!'

'Wait, that's just a small tree. Damn! Wish I had a map.'

"Wait, Alice do you have a map function?" Devin asked as he stopped in his tracks.

[Host, I do not have a map function]

"How am I supposed to get out of here?!" Devin shouted as he began walking again. Soon a clearing can be sighted through the trees. Getting excited that maybe he could finally get out of here, Devin began to run towards the space with excitement pumping through him. Breaking through into the clearing that excitement turned to dread as he realized that it was the same one he had crash landed in.

"Is this what my new life is going to be?! One big joke?!" Devin screamed at the sky. Huffing after releasing his rage, Devin took a second to calm himself. With one last sigh, he removed his jacket and set it on a broken tree before having a seat himself.

"Screw this! Alice, open the menu. If i'm going to be stuck here I'm going to figure out this and get started on my powers." Devin said looking at the newly opened menu. Soon Devin realized that there was a new tab in his index labeled "Notifications" sitting at the end of the menu bar.

"Alice, What's with the new tab?" Devin asked with a puzzled look, wondering when this tab had been added.

[Host, this tab was added soon after you started walking. The option for notification of new notifications hasn't been turned on so you weren't notified.]

"Wonderful! Open it would you?" Devin said as he rolled his eyes. Looking over the opened tab, it reminded Devin of an email menu. It consisted of a single unopened option labeled "Good Luck!" so he tapped on it with his finger. It expanded to show a message and what looked like a button with a red present on it at the bottom. The message read as such.

Dear Devin,

As promised we have gone through and selected the 3 suited items that we promised to compliment the powers you were given.

1. A private dimension that only you can access for the purpose of storage that hosts 8 planets that you can have your future vassal dragons live and rule over.

2. You can purchase 1 spirit from the shop for free to jump start your rise to power.

3. You will be given an identity here in this world that comes with all the items that are necessary such as I.D. with history, a starting amount of money, and a property with a fully customizable house.

Warning: You will have to select the property yourself at a later time.

Now I know that the last gift wasn't exactly a gift pertained to your powers but necessary for your new life. Use it well. I look forward to seeing how you handle this new chance.

Good Luck!


At this Devin was excited about the first two gifts, but had mixed reactions on the last one. Finally he settled on being grateful as having to start over without a past would be hard for him, especially having just arrived to this world.

Clicking on the gift box opened a new window that showed the three options that were listed in the message before. Next to each option was a button that said "Collect" on it and 2 out of the 3 were lighted up. The only one that wasn't was the one for the identity and house. Peter did say that he wouldn't be able to collect that until he found a spot later on. As Devin wanted to click on the buttons to collect his gifts Alice decided to interrupt his thoughts.

[Host, there is another update that has come through. Would you like to accept the update? Y/N?]

"Yes, but before that please turn on the notification option to notify me of all messages and updates." Devin said as he looked at his surroundings.

[Done. Now updating.]

While Alice was updating Devin was trying to figure out if he should select his first spirit or if he should keep exploring the system. The spirit is his and there is no time limit so he could receive it at any time. He was gonna keep looking.

*DING* [Update finished. How would Host like to proceed?] Alice asked.

"Anything new that I should know about Alice?" Devin asked as he stood to stretch his legs.

[Yes, a new tab has been added to your menu.] Alice answered in response.

"Open the menu again please." Devin asked with a new excitement. Opening the menu Devin could see a new tab labeled "Missions" in between the notifications and party tab. Opening it Devin found one new mission in the menu. {Find a way out of the forest} and the rewards are 150 Exp, 1 weapon of choice and a skill manual for said weapon. This answers how Devin was gonna learn how to use weapons as he had guessed he could by the weapons from the shop.

"Alice open the shop menu please." Devin said to his system causing another window to pop open, showing weapons, armor, and various other items from the game as he could remember.

"Alice limit the shop to weapon manuals only" Devin ordered. Soon all of the items disappear except the books and over a dozen books for weapons ranging from broad swords to daggers are in the shop. There were weapon manuals for weapons that weren't even in the game which confused Devin.

"Alice why are there weapons and manuals for them in the shop that weren't in the game?" Devin asked as he scrolled through, even seeing a manual for a scythe.

[Host the game was a product of humanity and the system expands the concept that was created from the game and extends it for the greatest maximum benefit for host. As such there are more weapons and skills as well as items and even more.]

Taking everything in that was said ratcheted up Devins excitement even more. More weapons, more items, and more options. Then something from the message before clicked that caused him to open the filter option manually to type in 'Vassal'. The results dropped his jaw. There were 8 Vassal Dragons labeled '????', but this excited him regardless. In the game there were only 3 Vassal Dragons that were shown and all were bosses that had to be battled and defeated with one that was hinted at but was never shown beyond a corpse that was shown at one point. So this meant that he could tame these Vassal Dragons for his own use.

"Alice can you tell me how I can unlock the Vassal Dragons?!" Devin asked at the boiling point of his excitement.

[Yes Host. There are 3 requirements in order to tame a Vassal Dragon. The first is you must have the corresponding spirit unlocked. Second, you must level that spirit up to level 5. Lastly you must have encountered that Vassal Dragon out in the world and defeat it. Only then will you be able to tame it.]

A frown briefly flashed across Devins face for a second before his grin returned. Yes, there were requirements, but it was a goal to work towards and the thought of commanding 8 dragons while flying across the battlefield with armor on and weapon in hand sent chills down his spine. Now he had a goal and now to start he had to find a way out of this forest and complete the mission.

Grabbing his jacket, Devin looked around with a new level of enthusiasm at getting started. It was then he heard some kind of jet or plane flying close by. Scratch that, it's over head and is slowly coming down in the clearing. As it lands Devin begins to wonder not only who this is, but how was he going to explain why he was in the clearing with what looks like a plane crash without the plane.

How was he going to get out of this?

Easy. Lie.

|Sue Storm P.O.V.|

As I landed the fantasticar as Reed liked to call it. I could see the trench that had been carved through the soil ending at a particularly large pine tree. Then movement catches my eye and I see a man with black hair looking up at us with a leather jacket in his hand. Soon the jet was on the ground and I released the latch that sealed the cockpit. Both Johnny and I jump out. Before I can even say anything, Johnny has already shot his mouth off.

"Hey Buddy, who the heck are you?" Johnny shouted at the mystery man. He may have said it rather rudely but it's what I was wondering as well.

"You know, where I come from a person introduces themselves before demanding someone else's." the mystery man says with a heavy dose of sarcasm while raising his right eyebrow.

"I'm sorry about my brother. We think he might have been raised in the family barn at some point." I say as I glare at my brother who just looks back at me like I said he smelled.

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"It's fine. My name is Devin Price. Now, may I have your names and how can I help you?" Mr. Price said to me with a smile.

"My name is Susan Storm and this knucklehead is my brother Johnny Storm. We are here looking into a disturbance that occurred roughly 3 hours ago in this clearing. Now can you tell me why you are here when we show up?" I ask as I look at him with a feeling of suspicion creeping through me.

"I was walking through the woods and I heard a large boom and decided to see what happened and I found this. It looks like an airplane crash, but I can't find any parts or an aircraft anywhere." Mr. Price said with a long look at the trench. That suspicion still hadn't left me, but his excuse seemed plausible.

"Ok, we're gonna take a few readings and look around for a bit if you want to head out. We'll take it from here." I say as Johnny sighs and starts moving towards the jet to get the equipment out. As I turn to assist him Devin speaks once more.

"Actually, I don't know how I got here so I'm actually a little lost. You two wouldn't happen to be able to give me a lift, would you?" Mr. Price asked as I looked at him in surprise.

"Yeah, but you will have to wait till we are done." I say to him only to see his smile turn into a grin that caused my suspicions to rise even more.

"Thanks, you're a lifesaver."

As me and Johnny begin our work Mr. Price just sits on a fallen tree and watches. We spend an hour going over the scans and readings but we find nothing and just as he said there wasn't any debris or anything to give a clue to what happened. We packed up and Johnny helped Devin climb into an empty cockpit while joking about something. Funny that they started off on the wrong foot, but are now fast friends. As we lifted off only one thought kept repeating in my mind.

'Who are you Mr. Price?'

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