16 Super Saiyan!! (Re-Mastered)


Kayn bought the Lightning affinity and felt powerful energy surging through his body. There was blue electrical energy flashing all over his body. He could feel somewhat of a breakthrough coming, so he immediately left the house to a desolate area near the Gravity lands. Kayn started to remember the Divine water from back then, he had been too happy that he'd forgotten about it. "I just need one more push and super Saiyan Will be acquired. Oh right, I still have those rare Upgrade Tokens." Kayn remembered those tokens since they were extremely Rare according to the system.

[Upgrade Token- A Token that can Upgrade Any Technique by one stage automatically. These tokens are extremely rare and can't and will never be sold at the System Shop!]

Kayn didn't hesitate and put both points into his Ki Control. Kayn felt his body was overflowing with energy. Kayn, without stopping, swallowed the Divine Water as well. Kayn, with his Ki Control Dramatically rising and drinking the divine water, his Power soared. Kayn rose to the sky and began to power up as his yelling grew louder and louder. Kayn was powering-up and golden energy formed around him.

Kayn's hair was blinking time and time again as his eyes lost their pupils ever now and then. It had finally happened, Kayn had become a Super Saiyan. Kayn looked at himself in a mirror he purchased for 5 SP. "Oh my gosh, I look good haha! Fighting cooler and surviving? Fuck that, I can kill the bastard now."

He had decided that once he was done with his rescue he would higher the gravity in the Gravity lands to train his super Saiyan form. Kayn also wanted to train in his great ape form to further control it. Kayn could even feel that he might be able to master all the forms of Super Saiyan, then he could easily make a breakthrough to SS2. Kayn believed it would only take a year or less with training. Kayn honestly wanted to give up on this rescue mission and just train, Kayn was just too excited.

"Well, I better finish this mission. The question is, do I kill cooler or do I save him for Goku and the others?" Kayn couldn't decide, the mission did say to only survive and not to kill so he decided to not kill him and play him instead. It sounds easier said than done so he better not underestimate cooler because he knew he would be asking for trouble if he did.

"Okay, I better head to back to finish this mission, the sooner the better." Kayn then powered down and used Instant Transmission and arrived back on Malacore 7. "Dr. Oak, I will be back once again. I have to clear out the North Before I go find the wood fools... I mean Doctors." Kayn said that and without giving time for Oak to speak he disappeared.

"What in world does he mean wood fools, kid these days" Oak smiled bitterly

Meanwhile, Kayn continued to slay people like a mad man. Kayn power level had Skyrocket and one hit was sufficient enough to kill anyone in his way.

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Mid-level Warrior 2000 SP!]

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Low-level Warrior 500 SP!]

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Mid-level Warrior 2000 SP!]

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Low-level Warrior 500 SP!]

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Super-level Warrior 6000 SP!

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Super-level Warrior 6000 SP!]

Coolers Henchmen [137/300]

"Whew, all the low minion are dead, time to Kill those Elites in the east. Sadly it turns out that those two were just Super warriors." Kayn didn't know who could be deemed as an Elite, but it didn't matter since they would all die with one hit without being able to resist at all. To him, it was like beating a game and coming back to be a starter area to kill some noobs. Kayn then called to the system a purchase Spacial Ki Laws that were on discount Sale and fused them to create a powerful warping ability.

"I guess I better head back to the east again to find those last 3" Kayn shot out his sense and found the same energy signatures right away, but this time they had a lot of reinforcements. "Haha, it looks like more SP appeared and there is about 100 to 120 of them, money, money and more money." Kayn's eyes gleamed and he used Warp and fused it with his Electric Ki Affinity. The Void was completely Destroyed upon Kayn's entry and it had killed 30 to 50 warriors just like that.

"Who is that? How dare you? Are sick of li.." But before he could finish his words his head was sliced off. Everyone looked at Kayn in shock, he had killed so many people as he appeared, what was that!?

"No, I actually like living. It was you who was tired of it." Kayn said with a grin

"Attack! Throw everything you have at this guy, go, go, GO!!" The Super Warrior shouted and all the Warriors attacked altogether. They started shooting Ki blast toward Kayn, this caused a devastating explosion to occur. "Haha, to offend the cooler squad, he was asking for death! Guys, for killing this guy, all drinks are on me." As soon as he said that, two Red Destructo Disc came out the dust cloud and Sliced 4 guys in half and was heading toward him.

The Super Warrior dodged, but still got his leg cut off! "AHHHHH! MY LEG! HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE!? KILL HIM!!" The Super warrior yelled hysterically from pain. Many warriors rushed to Kayn but were Insta-killed without a sound. The Super warrior was horrified and turned to run, but this was Kayn we're talking about, how could he allow that?

Kayn powered up a mini spirit bomb and threw it towards the super warrior. "NOOO" The super warrior wanted to dodge but It was too late, the Super Warrior screamed and he started to twist and distort as he was reduced to nothingness. Kayn continued his massacre by shooting lasers and killing at random, Kayn could feel an enormous power level approaching the planet from some distance away.

"So, he is coming already." Kayn knew this was definitely Cooler and his ship approaching.

Coolers Henchmen [277/300]

Kayn was trying to further sense who was with cooler but sensed people trying to sneak him. "Haha, the 3 stooges I've been waiting for. I let you guys go last time but you've decided to come to me again."

"So you're the one that killed Gorrin and Nad, but you're not our match and even if you were, your death is inevitable. Lord Cooler will be here soon, so all you can do is die. Tell you what, I can let you off if kneel, kowtow, and become my minion. I can find a way out for you." The Pig faced Alien smiled menacingly and said.

"Sorry, I don't work for Bacon." Kayn said bluntly

"Bacon, what is bacon?" Alien was confused, it didn't know what bacon was.

"It doesn't matter, the 3 of you, just die for me, please!" Kayn didn't have time for this, he needed to kill these guys and head to the south to pick up both Doctors. The City was called flood city and was occupied by the last number of warriors he needed to kill, which were 20 guys total.

Kayn moved with speeds that couldn't be processed by the naked eye, at least for these weaklings. Kayn then swung his fist towards the pig-faced warrior. The warrior couldn't see anything, so it was natural that he couldn't react to it. The Pig-Faced Warrior head exploded like a watermelon from the punch received from Kayn. Kayn then formed a Ki Sword, not 1 but 2 and crossed them towards his chest like an X shape and rushed towards the next individual, a Lizard like-man. The Lizard-like man was like pizza and was cut into 4 slices.

"NOO!! HOW!?" The Ratface man was scared to death, his scouter had completely shattered when Kayn unleashed his attack on the Lizardman. This had told him that this foe's power level was far above his . Just like everyone else, the rat-man turned to run.

"Another one wanting to run, is this all they can do?" Kayn was getting quite used to this scene. "Hahaha, Wanna Run, Can You!?" The Ratman felt a chill run down his back hearing the echoing voice behind him, he'd never run so hard and fast before. As he was running he felt something cold run down back. When he looked down, what he saw scared him. There were 2 red Beams of energy protruding out of his chest. The rat could even say anything, he knew this was the end as he slowly closed his eyes to darkness.

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Elite-level Warrior 12,000 SP!

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Elite-level Warrior 12,000 SP!

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Elite-level Warrior 12,000 SP!

"Phew, I better leave quick and head to Flood City." Kayn Instant Transmission and was now on his way to flood City. Kayn had killed everyone here already and some bodies weren't even left intact.

Coolers Henchmen [280/300]


MeanWhile, Over Planet Malacore

"Lord Cooler, We've lost contact with all our warrior's and Elites in the East and North. We have reason to believe that it is the guy that was reported about not to long ago." Salza said bitterly, how could he kill elites like this? How strong was this guy?

"I can't believe someone has the guts to kill my men, was it one of Frieza's elites?" Cooler said with killing intent in his eyes, the only one who would do something so low would be his brother.

"We don't think so, according to our spies there isn't anyone capable of taking down our elites like this. This person is a loner and must have some sort of grudge." Salza knew about the Ginyu force, they were nothing compared to Cooler Super Elite squad.

"Hmph! Grudge or not, he must die! Descend to the planet and I will handle this quickly.

"Yes Sir" Salza complied and started descending towards the planet.


Meanwhile, On Malacore 7

"AHHH!" Screams of grief could be heard everywhere, Kayn didn't know about the situation that just took place but he knew a fight was inevitable.

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Low-level Warrior 500 SP!

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Low-level Warrior 500 SP!

[Ding! Congratulations you've killed Cooler's Super-level Warrior 6,000 SP!

Coolers Henchmen [300/300] COMPLETE!!!

[Ding! Mission-[Prelude to a Massacre Completed!!]

[Ding! Congratulations you've received Random Bloodline!]

[Ding! Congratulations you've Received 2,500,000 SP]

[Beep! Would Host Like to roll for randomized Bloodline!]

"Roll it" Kayn didn't hesitate, he was eager to see what he would get.

[Beep! rolling....]

[Ding! Congratulations you've received Frost Demon Bloodline!]

[Would Host like to take on some characteristics as a frost demon!]

"No way, Just get me the innate abilities of the race! I don't wanna walk around with a tail. I wanna stay looking like a badass Saiyan." Kayn roared, was this system stupid to ask him such a ridiculous question?

[Ding! Giving Host Innate abilities...]

[Ding! Congratulations you've received-Enhanced Durability]

[Ding! Congratulations you've received-Enhanced Breathing Capabilities]

[Ding! Congratulations you've received-Enhanced Strength]

[Ding! Congratulations you've received-Enhanced Survivability(No Oxygen)]

[Ding! Congratulations you've received- Superior Senses]

"Haha" Kayn laughed and flew to the city. Kayn landed and people started to point guns at him and taking out swords. "Wow, relax people, I come in peace. I only came to find Dr. Wood and Birch." The people didn't by it and was about to pull their triggers until a voice came over everyone,

"STOP!! Are you people insane!? You people are always wanting to shoot at anyone who comes near or into the city!" This man had a large gray beard, he was wearing an army outfit.

"General Tin, he might be with those aliens, just look at his armor, it's so flashy." The people noticed the all-white and gold armor Kayn was sporting. Most of the people had their doubts if they could even penetrate it.

"Sir armored warrior, you said you were looking for Doc Wood and Birch?" The General spoke politely, he could tell Kayn wasn't someone to be trifled with.

"Yes, that's right I heard that they were here from Dr. Oak" Kayn said as he nodded

"What? Do you know doctor Oak?" He knew that they wouldn't just tell people their identities like that.

"Yup, I also know Norman, he is the reason I am here." Kayn said lazily

"Oh my god, please follow me. I will lead you to both of them." The general was shocked, was everyone going to be rescued from this doomed planet.

Kayn was then lead to a huge building made of brick. They went inside and on the first floor, there were a lot of wounded people which seemed to be caused by the constant wars. "Over here" The general pointed to the room.

"Ah, thank you, I will go then" Kayn walked forward and inside the room. There were 2 old men playing chess at a table, these two men were Doctor Birch and Wood.

[Host's Status:

Name: Kayn (Luke)

Race: Saiyan

Bloodline: 100% Saiyan (Super Elite Class innate Latent Talent), 100% Frost Demon (Innate Latent Talent)

Talent: Spacial Ki Laws, Lightning Ki Laws,

Age: 7-Year-Old

Lifespan: 500 years

Body State: Healthy

Battle Power: 28,000,000


[Ki Control: (A)],[Ki Shaping: (B+)],[Kamehamaha: (B)],[(Instant Transmission: (B+)]

[Ki Senses: (B)] [Destructo Disc: (C+)] [Creation: (B)] [Warp: 1500 (B)]

[Spirit Ball: (D)] [Spirit Bomb: (C++)][Superior Senses: (C++)]


[Oozaru:(x10)] [KiaoKen:(x3)(x4)] [SuperSaiyan (x50)]

[Passive Abilities-]

(Eye Of Judgement),(Zenkai Boost),(Power Ball),(High-Speed Regeneration)

(Aura Of Terror),(Aura Of Oppressive Might)(Divine Language) (Eternal Youth)(Enhanced Breathing) (Enhanced Survivability(No Oxygen), (Enhanced Durability) (Enhanced Strength)


[(Omni Cure Pill x3)] [(Discount Card(50%) (x1)] [(Power Pill x5 (Low-Grade)] [(Disguise Card x7)] [(Senzu bean (x10,000)] [(Discount Card(100%)] [(Super Dragonball Radar)]

[(4,989,000 System Points]

Author Note: The bloodline will not affect his kids if he has any, they will still be Saiyans but with extra abilities.

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