59 Great Boost In Stats!!


Kayn woke up the next day and as usual, he did his morning routine of eating breakfast and washing up. Afterward, he went outside. As of now, he was in his Personal World which was inhabited with many slaves he had gotten from the lords he killed recently. Kayn decided to have Alia assign everyone a job in this space. There were close to 3,000 people here so many things could get done with no problem.

Kayn told Alia to pick competent leaders to oversee certain areas to ensure the work got done. It wasn't anything hard, they just needed people to catch fish or gather food in the space. They would also have to keep things clean, he also wanted them to grow different types of vegetables to eat later on.

Alia agreed instantly and started to find the most competent people within the group of previous slaves. This was not an easy task since there were so many people, so she had everyone gather and made an announcement.

Meanwhile, Kayn was training himself. He was doing pushup and shadowboxing, he was shirtless which displayed his muscular and sweating figure. He continued to practice peacefully with no problems.

"Once these 3 days are up, I'll head back to Kornet. After these 3 years have passed me by, I will head to another planet for a bit and train my super Saiyan 3 form a bit more. System, how much mastery do I have with all my Super Saiyan forms.

[Your mastery for Super Saiyan is 99 Percent! Your mastery for super Saiyan 2 is 97 percent! Your mastery for Super Saiyan 3 is 94 Percent! These are your Ancient Saiyan Forms percent ratios!]

"Hmm, so 90 percent or higher could be considered mastering a form?" Kayn questioned

[That is right! You should get everything to 100 Percent then start working on your SSJ4 form! Be sure to get your Ki control to S Rank to make things easier as well!]

"Okay, I see how it is. This shouldn't be a problem then, but I have noticed that ranking up my Ki control has become much harder these days." Kayn was having a slight problem with his Ki control, it was much harder to level up. If only he had those cards that could level up his Ki control much faster but those were too hard to come by.

[No worries! The Elixir you took yesterday will raise your Ki control to S rank when it takes effect!]

"What, are you serious?" Kayn was overjoyed to hear that his Ki control would rise to S rank.

[I don't Lie!]

The system said coldly, but Kayn didn't care, he knew the system wasn't lying anyway.

"Well, since I have free time right now, why dont I check out somethings on the System store." Kayn opened the interface and began to scroll around. He had a little over 10 million system points right now.

"Hmm, What should I buy? I can't afford the Cosmic Ki laws right now and even if I could, it would deplete my system points." Kayn thought for a bit and decided to Click the Energy and Combat Techniques category.

Kayn looked and saw that he still wasn't qualified to buy the Big Bang Kamehameha Technique. So Kayn decided to buy two moves that piccolo owns, which were Special Beam cannon and Hell Zone Grenades. This cost him a total of 4 million system points which was not considered a loss for him, he now had 6 million system points.

Kayn continued his practices, he trained his final flash and big bang attack as he would use them often to level them up. Three days were nothing and they passed just like that. On the 3rd day, Kayn could feel the effects of the Elixir. His body started to heat up and a burst of Ki shot out of his body, his power level was rising at an insane speed until it eventually stopped.

Author Note: He can use the system to train the abilities through virtual means, like meditating, he can't actually use the attacks. It's like virtual training, I meant to tell people about this earlier, sorry. I dont wanna contradict lol!

"Oh my gosh! My strength is far greater than before, it is more than double my strength from last time!" Kayn then looked at his status page. "My Ki control has really leveled up to S rank, this is too amazing! I can feel the difference, it feels like my fist can shatter reality itself, haha!" Kayn was satisfied with his improvements. In fact, all of his abilities upgraded at the same time, he couldn't even image the improvement if he got a better elixir.

Kayn believed that he could turn into a Super Saiyan 4 by the time he left this Universe. He planned to stay in the Universe for a least 5 to 6 years before returning. Kayn then remembered something dire and left his Personal world.

"Snow owl, to me!" Kayn called his snow owl over in an urgent voice, he then bought a small bottle of heart disease cure from the system. That's right, he was sure that Bardock and the rest would soon suffer from heart disease and die while he was away.

"Take these back to Bardock, Chili, Nanasha, and Sasha." The Ai Owl said nothing and followed his orders, it had the same Space abilities as Kayn and warped away. Kayn then began to text Sasha about the Owls arrival and what was going to happen to them soon, it was crucial that they take the medicine Kayn sent.

"Well, I should head back now, so long, Geneva." Kayn then warped away. Moments later he appeared in the same alleyway he always appeared in on Planet Kornet. Kayn didn't forget to shapeshift to another person while leaving the alleyway.

"What the hell, is this joke? This clan dont understand the meaning of death!" Kayn was shocked to see that his bounty had risen since he had been away. His bounty on the poster was now a whopping 75,000 gold coins!

Kayn expression turned sinister. "Haha, I guess I'll have to pay this clan a visit!" Kayn would have to find the chance to either completely wipe this clan out or cause them severe losses. He then shot out his sense, he was scanning the whole city. Kayn was trying to find the princess's Ki signature. It didn't take him long to find it.

Kayn warped to her position, at this time, she was in her room alone reading an important manual. The only reason one could assume this was because of the seriousness on her face at this moment. During her reading, the void suddenly shook as the space near the princess twisted.

"What? Who goes there?" The princess was alarmed and she formed energy in her hands, she was ready to fire at any moment. She thought this was another assassination attempted. Soon Kayn appeared but his time he was his true self, it had no reason to come looking like anyone else.

"Gasp, it's you!" The princess breathed a sigh of relief seeing Kayn appear. "You're back like you said. How was your trip to Geneva?" The princess sat on her bed, she seemed to have forgotten that a male was in her room.

"Hehe, it was good, the gains were well worth the trip. How about you, why did you look so serious not too long ago?" Kayn had got a glimpse of her face before she had a change in expression upon his entry.

"This... Before I tell you that, you should sign this contract. Please read it and see if you agree with the terms." The princess immediately pulled out the contract and pen from her bosom. Kayn really didn't get why he had to sign contracts, this was kinda meanless to him but to noble standards, it was the way of settling business.

Kayn read the contract and agreed immediately, it was within his terms of Agreement. "There, it has been done." At that moment, he heard a notification go off in his head.

『Ding! Mission: The Defender has begun!』

"Hmm, it looks like it worked, and so it begins." Kayn sighed and looked at the princess who had a smile so wide that it looked like it might come off her face. She took the contract and rolled it up, putting it gently into her bosom area. Kayn couldn't help but think, how can she fit so many things in there? Those things were super huge, he had to catch himself and look away but he had already been discovered.

"Hmph, having such dirty thoughts, that isn't any good." The princess frowned a bit when she caught Kayn's gazing, she had seen tons of gazes like this before from many of those nobles families that met her. However, their gazes were full of lust, as if they would attack her at any moment.

"Hey, it hard to do that. I mean come on, look at how huge they are, like damn!" Kayn couldn't help but speak his mind. They were indeed quite distracting and anyone couldn't help but stare, at this moment she was wearing pajamas with Pheonixs' all over it. Did this clan have Pheonix everything!?

"You!" The princess was speechless. No one has ever been this straight forward with her before, at least they wouldn't dare to speak like that, they usually just stared but Kayn had the audacity to say it outright. Strangely, she liked that about this guy, he didn't hide anything at all, he was who he was with no tricks included.

"Don't say such rude and disrespectful things, definitely in public. That could cause you a lot of trouble and even my clan may face some annoying trouble makers coming to our clan demanding an answer." She knew how jealous those young master were, they were chasing her like dogs. She had a friend who was just like her and was being pursued by many.

"Yeah, Yeah sure, my bad. Anyway, your business is my business now, so tell me everything." Kayn dug in his ear like he didn't hear anything and spoke.

The princess's mouth twitched a bit seeing Kayn's nonchalant answer and actions. "Well, there are a lot of events this year. The Heavenly wolf clan Auction is coming up soon and many clans from different continents will be there." The princess paused and her face changed a bit. "There is also a competition or should I say tournament 3 months after the Auction. I like to fight but I am having trouble advancing in strength." She held nothing back and told him everything.

It turns out that the competition would heighten the influence of any clan that won along with some other prizes that they could win. But, there were a lot of strong young misses and young master entering this tournament, they had very high power levels and she felt like she would get eliminated with ease. The clans would get more land, they would be able to open their another city and gain more riches and draw in more clans into their new city. The young generation would have to fight for their clans in this tournament, so this tournament was very important.

"Hehe, I wonder, what benefits I could get for doing this bodyguard thing? I can also be a trainer, what can you give me for doing this for you?" Kayn asked with a grin.

The princess nodded. "Yes, I can give you anything you want when the time comes, you can just ask for it." The princess understood Kayn's worry and answered his question right away. At that moment Kayn scanned her body with glaring eyes, he looked her up and down.

"You, this..." The princess blushed and spoke. "Anything but that, dont be such a perv!" The princess bald up her fist and protested, she then tried to hide her upper body under her sheets. Kayn could see those huge lumps from under the cover so it didn't matter.

"Haha, relax, I was just joking. I am doing this for another reason so I'm good for now." Kayn waved his hand and acted modestly.

"Okay, I understand." The princess paused and continued "You said you could train me? My power level is pretty bad but my Techniques are good. I will introduce you to my dad, that pill you gave me some time ago actually worked, he is in tip-top condition now and wants to meet you anyway." The princess was full of smiles and ran to her private dressing room.

"I am going to change my clothes, wait right there for me. I will need you to get acquainted with the people of my clan." The princess shut the door and began to change her clothes. Kayn sighed, he could only feel that this was going to be a troublesome 3 years.

"Well, it is for the mission and it's an Ultimate crate with a Blutz Wave machine. If I were to use that, getting to super Saiyan 4 would be far easier." Kayn was content with this setting, it was worth it for the strength he would soon gain. At that moment, a notification sounded in Kayn head.

『Ding! Mission Unlocked!』

『Mission: Source of Evil!』

『Source of Evil: Find and Eradicate the Order of Assassins!』

★ 6,000,000 System Points

★ Discount Card (100%) (x1)]

★ Roulette Token (x2)]

『Mission: Source of Evil! Part 2』

『Source of Evil: Find and Eradicate The UnderWorld Alliance!』

★ 6,000,000 System Points

★ Embryo Editing Interface

★ Skill Creation Card (x1)

"What the heck!?" Kayn was shocked seeing the mission which had 2 parts to it! "What in fuck, System! How do you expect me to find and destroy the underworld Alliance which is scattered across this universe!?" Kayn was shocked and angry, was this system playing him again!?

[You don't have to kill every member, you just have to kill their higher-ups and destroy their base of operations, this goes for the Order of Assassins as well! I dont give these mission out dude, it is completely random! The system will help you track down the people you need to kill as it has always done!]

Could it be that bearded god that send him here? Kayn believed it to be so, but he wasn't here so he couldn't complain to him no matter what he did. "That damn old man dares to play me like this, just you wait, you old foggy!" Kayn gnashed his teeth, all he could do now was accept the mission.

At that moment the princess came out of the dressing room. She wore a standard dress with their traditional Pheonixs' on it, it was just as Kayn had thought or was thinking, everything had a darn Pheonix on it!

"I hope I didn't make you wait long." The princess cheekily said

Kayn said nothing and pulled out the amulet she gave him before he left to Planet Geneva, he didn't need at this point, she had no clue that Kayn could teleport just about anywhere or she probably wouldn't have given it to him.

"Here, take this, I dont need it now." the princess nodded and took the amulet.

"Okay, let's go." The princess proceeded to walk to the door as Kayn followed. The princess then stopped and asked. "Before we go, what is your name, I never asked.

"Hehe, My name is Kayn, and what might yours be?" Kayn took to the time to ask her name in return.

"My name Athena, it nice to meet you formally." Athena smiled and said.

"Wow, that's a nice name!" Kayn complemented

"Thank you, your names pretty unique itself, let us go now, he will want to meet you." Athena opened the door and they both walked out.

[Host's Status]

Name: Kayn (Luke)

Race: Saiyan

Bloodline: 100% Legendary Ancient Saiyan

Talent: Spacial Ki Laws, Lightning Ki Laws, Fire Ki Laws, Ice Ki Laws,

Age: 18(+3)-Year-Old

Lifespan: ∞ Years

Body State: Healthy

Battle Power: (15,000,000) 815,000,000,000,000 ((Trillions))


[Ki Control: (S)],[Ki Shaping: (A++)],[Kamehamaha: (S)],[(Instant Transmission: (S)]

[Ki Senses: (A++)] [Destructo Disc: (B+)] [Creation:(A)] [Warp: (S)]

[Spirit Ball: (B+)] [Spirit Bomb: (B)][Superior Senses: (A+)][(Solar Flare: (B][Galactic Donut: (B)] [Warp Step: (A)] [Final Flash: (C++)] Big Bang: (C++)] [Super Kamehameha: (A)][Space Creation: (C)] [Special Beam Cannon: (D)] Hell Zone Grenades: (E++)]

[Close Combat-]

[Muay Tai: (E)][Boxing: (A+)][Taekwondo: (A)] [Taijutsu: 1000 (A+)] [Tiger Style Kungfu: (B+)] [Dambe: (D+)]


[Oozaru: (x15)] [KiaoKen: (x3)(x4)(x20)] [LASSJ: (x100)] [LASSJ-2: (x200)] [LASSJ-3: (x800) [Infinite Might: (Initial Stage(x5)/(Stage One G-1(x20)] [Ikari: (x15)] [True God Essense (Sealed)]

[Passive Abilities-]

(Eye Of Judgement),(Zenkai Boost),(Power Ball),(Instantaneous Regeneration)

(Aura Of Terror),(Aura Of Oppressive Might)(Divine Language) (Eternal Youth)(Enhanced Breathing) (Enhanced Survivability(No Oxygen),(Enhanced Durability)(Enhanced Strength)(Immortality)(Moon Essense)(Combat Adaptability)(Anti-Destruction)(Divine Creation)(Universal Warp)(ShapeShift)

[Ki Practices]

(Legendary Ancient Ki)


[(Omni Cure Pill (x1)][(Power Pill (x5) (Low-Grade)][(Senzu bean (x89)][Reality Orb [0/2]][(Power Pills (x1) (Mid-Grade)][Discount Card(50%)][System Ai (SnowOwl)][Ki Orb(SSG-Ki)][Time Ring][Water Of Life (x2)][Elixir of Speed (x1)][High-Grade Power Pill (x2)]

[(6,200,400 System Points]

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