18 The Wiseman!

Kayn had long since dozed off under the influence of his space pod. After killing pirates and using so much energy, he was starving. Before dozing off, he ate the food he prepared from his storage watch, so his food and water problem was resolved. However, he still needed to go to the bathroom, so to halt this problem, he went into stasis.

Time passed by per usual, Kayn knew it would take about 3 days with his ship's speed to make it to Yardrat. The Yardratian were not to be underestimated, they had a variety of techniques that most wanted to covet. However, the Yardratian's weren't an evil group, so he was sure they wouldn't have any quarrel with him.

Following his travels, he was alarmed, waking from his sleep due to him closing in on Yardrat. Once he woke up, he could see Yardrat in the distance. Kayn really hoped this place had a good toilet because he had to do it all.

The ship was already upon the planet when he broke through the atmosphere. Yardratians were smart and sensitive to Ki signatures, so it was no doubt he was already discovered. The Space pod swiftly flew over a strange forest and hovered over the ground at the edge of the forest.

Kayn jumped out of his ship and looked around. He didn't waste any time and ran to the nearest tree to take a piss.

"Phew, that felt amazing!" Kayn pulled up his pants in relief, but he still needed to go to the bathroom, so he needed a toilet.

"Oh, a young Saiyan has come from far away, and he's even doing his business on our trees." A voice suddenly rang out from behind Kayn. This caused him to paused for a second before he looked around cautiously.

Soon, he spotted 2 aliens looking at him, they were both hovering someways away from him.

"Interesting, a Saiyan managed to escape death. This isn't a bad thing, but it's still pretty surprising."

They both were obviously Yardratians.

"Most importantly, what brings a Saiyan child such as yourself to our planet? Are you someone sent by Frieza?" There was no hostility in his voice, but there was wariness.

"I just came here to learn some martial art techniques. I didn't come here to seek trouble, just to learn." Kayn didn't answer their question, he still had to be cautious of these minion Yardratians.

"Techniques? Sorry, but we aren't able to make this decision." The Yardratian exclaimed as his gaze scanned Kayn. "Also, by techniques, what skills do you have in mind that you are trying to learn?" The Yardratian couldn't help but ask.

"The Teleportation skill that you guys use." Kayn grinned. He didn't say its name since no one should know its name at this stage. For safety purposes, he decided to call it the teleportation skill.

"Ah, this technique can only be taught by the Wiseman, we can do it." The Yardratian was stunned a bit, he didn't expect Kayn to know of this skill. They made sure to come here without being seen, so how could he know about their teleportation skill?

"Perfect! Let's go." Kayn was secretly excited to learn this skill, it was one of the most convenient skills he had seen in Dragonball Z.

"Sorry, we can't go, but we can point you into the direction he's staying at. He also lives in a cave by himself." Kayn's mouth twitched but he listened anyway, they told him the directions and he flew off.

"An actual living Saiyan, I can't believe it!" One Yardratians was still surprised when he thought of this.

"I expected them to be all dead, but you can't truly kill all of one race, as one will somehow escape. The kid is a good one, so he isn't like the common Saiyans we've seen in the past; this is a good thing." Both of them nodded as Kayn's figure disappeared.


Meanwhile, Kayn continued to fly; he used his Ki senses this time to pick up Ki signatures in the area. While he as flying he saw a modern structure in the middle of a rocky area, which threw him off.

"These people are civilized but they make the most random modern structures in the weirdest places." The place appeared to be a hospital, but he didn't dwell on it and continue to fly pass it.

At this point, he was flying through a desert of some sort, when he finally picked a Ki signature that was much stronger than the norm. Without hesitation, he flew over as a cave was the description one of the Yardratians had given him.

Kayn landed in front of the cave. Just when he was about to say something, a voice sounded off in his head.

"Saiyan child, I know why you've come here, and there's nothing I can do for you." The Yardratian's voice said.

Kayn was stunned for a second, then he said. "Then you know I've come with goodwill. I've come to learn a few skills from your people, so I was wondering if you could teach me?"

The Yardratian slowly emerged from the cave. He had long elf-like ears with two antennas coming down from his chin that looked like Namekian antennas while sporting a beard. He carried a cane with several spots on his bald scalp. His robe was yellow while the jacket he wore over his robed was purple lined with black.

"Hmm, I can see that you've come with good intentions but we can't just hand out our skills so easily." The Wiseman shook his head.

"Tell you what, if you teach me, I'll defeat the Ginyu force and ensure Frieza's defeat in the future." Kayn said with confidence; he already knew Frieza was giving the Yardratian's a hard time.

The Wiseman's eye squinted, he felt like he was hearing the biggest joke ever. He didn't know whether to laugh or mourn hearing such a crazy statement. Thus, he remained silent, honestly, he almost laughed, which was something he hadn't done in nearly forever.

Kayn wasn't oblivious to what the Wiseman was thinking, it made sense that he didn't believe him.

"Okay, let me show you my full strength, even at my current age, you'll be able to tell how far I will go later." The Wiseman didn't say anything, but he kept his gaze on Kayn, as if he was waiting.

Seeing this, Kayn began to power up, he clenched his hand's into fist; pushing his power to the very limit!

His strength spiked from what it originally looked like, which was a measly 5,000, all the way to 193,520!

The Yardratian's expression finally changed, he couldn't believe what he was feeling. This strength was definitely stronger than the Ginyu Force. "Kid, are you really certain that you can beat Frieza when the time is ripe?" The Yardratian Wiseman finally spoke with wide eyes.

"I'm certain, but I won't go looking for them now. At that time, I'll have reinforcements to help me defeat Frieza and the rest of his forces." Frieza's max power level was 120 million, but this was because he was weakened by the [Spirit Bomb]. Frieza's true max power level was actually 200 million without the effects of the [Spirit Bomb]!

The Wiseman looked Kayn in the eyes, then read his mind to see a little bit. He could only read what someone was thinking at that moment, not something from the past or about their life.

"Alright, but don't forget your promise." The Wiseman sighed and said.

Kayn nodded with a calm expression, but inside, he was jumping with joy to learn this new Technique. The worst-case scenario would be him buying it from the system for a great number of points. The other scenario would be to watch other Yardrat folks perform the Technique for the system to scan and process, but that would still cost him half of what the technique cost on the system.

The best way to reduce cost-efficiency would be to learn it from the source itself.

Kayn also added, "If I don't defeat Frieza, then someone related to me will, perhaps one of my brothers." It wasn't guaranteed that he would defeat Frieza, but if possible; he wanted Goku to be the one.

This was mainly because it had helped him become a Super Saiyan, which was much needed later on. Of course, Krillen would have to die, but with Kayn around, things might not go the same route.

"Come, let's head inside." The Wiseman turned and walked into the cave. Kayn followed behind him wearing his typical Saiyan armor. Once they were in the cave, Kayn was stunned for a minute seeing the interior of the place.

There was a lake and a waterfall in this place, while there were several cave abodes as well. He also noticed something that appeared to be a battle arena. "Hehe, first and foremost, let's spare to test your fighting capabilities and mental state." The Wiseman grinned and jumped into the battle arena without giving a further explanation.

"Uh... okay." Kayn was a little speechless but he jumped into the arena anyway.

"Let's begin!"

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