29 Motivation!

Kayn continued to practice [Kaio-Ken] by using it often during his training. The Kaio-Ken Technique was good early on but it wasn't so good when put in the middle. Kaio-Ken would become useless when Super Saiyan became a thing.

However, it was would be viable again once he learned Divine Ki, so it was good in the late stage as well. Kayn was aware of this, so this was something he wanted to learn and use to boost his strength even further.

Kayn sat down on the grassy plain in deep thought. He recalled the question someone asked Toriyama, the creator of Dragonball. The question was- What is your personal stance on Dragonball's theatrical films, sensei?

In his reply, he said 'I take the movies as "stories in a different dimension from the main story of the comic". I'm entirely just an audience member for them.

Thinking of this, he was surely not in the main storyline, but things were going as they should be. There were a few things that weren't supposed to be, but it was okay, he liked a little change.

"Oh, I hope Kakarot hit his head or there may be trouble." When he thought deeply about this, there could be other changes. The worst-case scenario for Kayn was Kakarot not becoming Goku. At the very least, he wouldn't dense but he liked the dense idiotic Goku.

Kayn stood up and walked back to where Gine and King Kai were. Her strength didn't increase much from what Kayn could see. Gine had gotten a Zenkai boost when she recovered from her weakened state.

Gine was already fully healed at this point from a Senzu bean. Kayn had completely forgotten how strong the Senzu bean's effects were.

"Just focus, and let the energy pass through your body. It's like widening your horizon, approaching a bigger view." As Kayn walked over, he could Hear King Kai speaking to Gine about something. He didn't say anything and just waited until he was done.

"Oh, you're done training testing, and training the Kai-Ken? How do you feel?" Once King Kai was done talking to Gine, he pointed his attention towards Kayn.

"Really good. A Technique that can boost someone's strength by multiple times, it truly is an amazing skill." With a bit more training, he would be able to access Kaio-Ken Times 20; this was a big game-changer since he wasn't super Saiyan.

Kayn wasn't at all worried about delaying the unlock of the times 20 Kaio-Ken. His S-cell had already reached 91 Percent.

Super Saiyan was right around the corner for him! As for Kaio-Ken, he just needed to train the Technique a bit more to unlock it. This skill for mortals depended on how strong the Ki, body, and compatibility was with this Technique, so it wouldn't be hard to unlock times 20 for himself within 2 days or so.

Yamcha, Piccolo, and the rest couldn't learn Kaio-Ken during their stay here, they had failed to learn it because they couldn't.

"Looks like you're ready to learn the [Spirit Bomb Technique] from what I can see." King Kai's glasses gave off a gleam.

"Yes, just give me a second, I need to do something really quick." Kayn suddenly remembered something.

"Uh, okay, I'll just continue to guide your mom." King Kai shrugged and walked back over to Gine.

Kayn walked a few steps away and looked into the system. To be exact, his System Void Space. This was an area that carried Items that had to be carried by the system. For example, the [Bronze Crate] Kayn had earned some time ago.

"Alrighty, let's see what we get inside this [Bronze Crate]. Come on, you have to be something good! [Bronze Crate Open!]" Kayn spoke in his mind, then the Crate flashed with a Dark Bronze light.

[Ding! Opening Bronze Crate.....!]

The Opening took 10 minutes until he heard another notification. The [Iron Crate] took a minute, but the [Bronze Crate] took a whole 10 minutes!

[Congratulations, you've opened a Bronze Crate and received: [x5] Multiplier Booster Card (x2)

[Congratulations, you've opened a Bronze Crate and received: Potara Earrings (1set-Purple-Gold)

[Congratulations, you've opened a Bronze Crate and received: X-Ray Vision Skill

"Wow, this is actually pretty good!" Instead of 2 items, he got 3 this time around. The skill was added to his Status as soon as it appeared out of the Crate. As for the Potara Earrings, he put them inside of his Storage Watch.

"I wonder what Higher Crates will give me? The next Crate after Bronze should be Silver or something." Kayn didn't think about too much and went back over to King Kai and Gine.

"Oh, you're done with your business, right? You didn't take a piss on my lawn, did you?" King Kai looked at Kayn strangely.

"What? Why would I do that?" Kayn was speechless.

"Ahem, good. Anyway, are you now ready to learn or what?"

"Of course, but before that, I need your help with something." Kayn pulled out to 2 bottles from his storage, it was 2 bottles of [Divine Water].

"What is that? Is that wine, what a considerate disciple." King Kai looked at the Bottles with greed.

"Wow, this is Divine Water, I think you understand what this stuff can do, right?" Kayn said, "I want to drink a bottle and give one to my mom here." Gine was in a battle stance at this moment and looked over when she heard Kayn mentioning her.

"What, no wine?" King Kai sighed.

"No problem, I heard earth has the best wine. I'll grab you some when I visit the place in the future." Kayn patted King Kai's shoulders to cheer him up.

"Good, as long as you don't forget me." King Kai was always pissed off at Goku due to his death. He was even more pissed that Goku never revived him when so many opportunities were present.

"This stuff can be poisonous, but it can awaken someone's potential. I'm not worried about myself, but she might not be able to take it." Kayn believed that King Kai should be able to suppress any problems that might occur.

"Oh, yes, I know of this stuff and I wouldn't normally advise drinking it since most people would die instantly from the poison." King Kai warned, but his words also hinted that Kayn should be okay.

"I'll drink it first, then Gine will drink it." If Goku could survive drinking the stuff then he and Gine should be more than likely to survive it.

Kayn opened the bottle and gulped the whole thing down. Suddenly, Kayn felt a surge of power flowing through his body like static. He could feel his strength increasing without a doubt! Kayn didn't get poisoned; he was perfectly fine.

King Kai and Gine stared at Kayn. "Are you alright, I was about to stop you from drinking it but you moved too fast." Gine was about rushed and knocked the bottle out of his hand if it was poisonous.

"For people like you and me, it won't poison us, you should be alright with your strength." Gine strength was enough to avoid getting poisoned when he thought about Goku's situation at first.

Kayn tossed the bottle towards Gine, insisting that she drink it. If something went wrong and King Kai couldn't do anything, he could just utilize the system for help. King Kai wanted to ask how he managed to get Divine Water, he knew this stuff was on earth but Kayn never visited earth before.

Gine caught the bottle, she knew what Kayn wanted her to do. She looked reluctant to drink it, but after a second of thinking, she unhesitatingly drunk the bottle of Divine Water. After she was done drinking it, her eyes went wide from surprise.

Gine didn't get poisoned, she started to power up to the very limit. Kayn didn't know the exact number her strength was at, but he believed it was around 2,500 to 3,500 at this point, it might be higher.

"Still got some ways to go, but soon!" Kayn evaluating Gine and said. He said this in his mind, so no one would hear it. Once she started to really train, then she would rise without question.

"I've grown stronger! I never would have thought in my life I could get this strong!" She started thinking that she would pass Bardock at this rate, she didn't know his exact strength level but she knew he was strong.

"Well, it looks like you didn't need me after all." King Kai said somewhat sadly, he wanted to show off.

"Well, are you now ready to learn the [Spirit Bomb Technique]?"

"For sure this time." Kayn nodded seriously. King Kai started to explain a few things about the Technique. King Kai's explanation of his skills would somehow light a flame inside of you. It was as if these Techniques could only be taught by him, so you wouldn't be able to teach others.

Gine listened and watched as usual; these were the skills she was going to learn eventually. Kayn started to practice the [Spirit Bomb] under King Kai's guidance, he obviously could have used the system to instantly learn it, but that would cost points.

Points didn't come easy, so he didn't use them easily. While practicing, they would take breaks by eating. Kayn really wished he could have brought that large ship along, but it was far too big to fit into the Storage Watch.

Time passed day by day, Gine had access to King Kai's bathroom, so she used it often. Kayn had taken out one of the space pods he stole from one of Frieza's planets. This was for Gine to sleep in, he also had his own Space Pod to sleep in.

These days they had been sleeping inside of King Kai's house, which was too small. Kayn had left his scouter inside of his Space Pod a while back, so he took it out the next day to accurately check Gine's strength.

Her max power was at 4,250; this was a decent improvement for not doing any proper training. Kayn really liked this numeric system, so he planned to create a machine, well, have Bulma create a machine that could measure these things in large numbers.

Gine didn't need a scouter anymore, so she didn't care too much for the device. Afterward, Kayn asked Gine for a spar and she agreed. He suppressed his strength and battled her on King Kai's planet, however, this only made King Kai complain and scold them.

So they never sparred again and just trained for the time being. Kayn patted King Kai on the shoulders, saying that he will use the Dragonballs to restore his planet to its original form. King Kai was shocked, he looked at Kayn with his mouth hung open, did he know the story of his planet?

King Kai couldn't utter a word, he had never told anyone about this besides a few people, such as King Yemma being one of them. 'Damn, did King Yemma open his mouth and tell Kayn all of these things?'

King Kai thought about it, but he couldn't figure out why King Yemma would say anything about that.

"Dragonballs? What are those?" Gine, who was stretching someways away overheard what Kayn said.

"Special Balls that can't grant nearly any wish. I'm going to use them to wish Bardock back to life."

"What!? What did you say? I'm hearing things, right?" Gine's heartbeat sped up like never before, balls that could grant just about any wish and bring back Bardock from the dead!? Kayn recalled that he hadn't told her about the Dragonballs yet, so he expected this reaction.

"Oh, yeah, they do wonders, so we'll be seeing Bardock again soon. So, you need to be stronger than him when he returns to the world of the living." Kayn tossed in these words on purpose to fuel her determination further.

Gine's eyes were red, she was panting hard with emotion. Kayn noticed long ago that she was a very emotional person for a Saiyan. Kayn went up to her and hugged, she was leaking tears of pure joy. She never asked or tried to confirm if such balls were real, but she felt that Kayn wouldn't lie to her about something like this.

"I'll continue to train and wait for us all to be united!" If she was training hard before, now she would train even hard to improve.

"Perfect! Let's start our training then, I need to practice this [Spirit Bomb Technique]." Kayn Patted her shoulder before leaving to the other side of the planet. Gine sat down in place, it was no telling when King Kai appeared behind her and started instructing her.

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