20 Handling it!

Kayn wanted to train these days but this Heart Virus would require his utmost attention. His heart started to beat fast; it was no doubt he was feeling fear right now, he couldn't afford to die.

He knew the virus came from Yardrat, this heart virus was due to their planet's harsh conditions. Kayn remembered that Frieza had said this to Goku, but this was told to the trunks timeline Goku at the time.

Frieza had mentioned that Goku was a dead man regardless if he won or lost. However, at the time, Goku didn't pay any heed to what Frieza was saying and Frieza didn't bother elaborating as they continued to fight.

Eventually, Goku would truly die of the Heart Virus in that timeline.

Thinking up to here, he wondered what timeline of reality he was in. Kayn was sure that there were different realities and timelines but he wondered where he stood. Judging by the number of Saiyans, there seemed to be little too many of them alive.

"I can't be sure since there are more alive than there should be. This Saiyan girl and me surely shouldn't be around." He had suddenly recalled Vegeta's brother who also survived Planet Vegeta's destruction. He was sent away earlier on due to him being a weakling in the eyes of King Vegeta; he wanted to hide this shamefully weak son from the public.

Kayn could careless. The more Saiyans around, the easier it would be to survive in his book. Sadly, not all Saiyans had this same train of thought. The only Saiyans who thought the more Saiyans the better chance of survival was Nappa and Raditz from what he could see from the series.

"These two died earlier in the series. What a pity, they could have been so much more, but thinking about how strong Universe 7 would be if they survived, could be scary." Thinking no further, he quickly left through the pad back to Yardrat.

Kayn didn't have an antidote for this Heart Virus, which caused him great worry. He hurried over to the Wiseman to explain everything. "There is such a thing? Could this be why we don't get many visitors?" The Wiseman looked like realized something.

Even though Frieza caused trouble for them, he never came here directly to handle matters. He usually sent people to do the work for him. Needless to say, most people were aware of this planet's problematic conditions that could lead someone to death later.

"Oh, my god! You didn't know about it?" Now Kayn was worried. How can these guys not know about the condition of their own planet?

"Well, we barely leave our home so we don't know much of the gossip going on, sorry." The Wiseman said bitterly.

Kayn was really regretting that he didn't leave a Pad back on Namek right about now. "Maybe we can have our doctor examine you? We might be able to figure out the problem if you allow us to check you out."

The Wiseman gave his suggestion, but Kayn only shook his head; they didn't have the technology to create an antidote for this Virus. The Wiseman sighed, it was nothing he could do then at this point.

Vegeta would later come here to train as well, but that was far off into the future. However, he won't get a Heart Virus. This was because he was far too strong at the time, and he had Divine Ki running though his body to stave off mortal viruses like the Heart Virus.

Kayn may know [Instant Transmission] but he was too far from Namek to warp there. Suddenly, Kayn's eyes brightened, as an idea ensued him.

Looking toward the Wiseman, he said. "Do you know the planet Namek? Is possible that you can [Instaniously Travel] there?" Kayn asked with hope. If this didn't work, then he would be forced to use the system by buying an antidote.

"Ah, yes, what about it? Does this Planet have some type of cure present that is able to help you?" The Wiseman's eyes glimmered with hope as well. Who didn't know about the planet Namek?

"Yes, there's a cure there that can help me, so I wondering if you can warp there?" Kayn was certain that Frieza already had his men invent a cure for this virus long ago, but there was no one else who had an antidote for this.

"Of course, this isn't a problem at all." The Wiseman nodded with a strange smile on his face. Kayn breathed a visible sigh of relief.

"Haha, so you can show emotion! I never would have thought that the first ones I would see would be relief and fear." The Wiseman laughed and grabbed Kayn's shoulder, while his other arm extended to his forehead, putting 2 fingers on it.

Kayn looked up and knew what he was doing, so he didn't say anything. Suddenly, the scenery changed into one Kayn easily recognized, it was Namek.

"Phew, I was also worried that I would have to waste my shuttle pass, but I get to keep it." Kayn hadn't exactly checked how much the antidote would cost on the system, but it was a mortal virus, so he didn't think it would cost much.

Upon their arrival; they were instantly detected by several Namekians close by. Kayn felt bad using their Dragonballs like this, but he briefly explained everything to them. Guru was easily able to see this problem, so he didn't need to check and see if he was lying or not.

They also recognized that the person Kayn was with was a Yardratian. They knew many things about these people, but they knew most importantly of all that they weren't hostile troublemakers. Although Kayn felt bad; the Namekian didn't care much about him getting more wishes.

As long as these wishes weren't made by evildoers who would and could harm them and others, it was okay by them anytime. Nail sent many Namekians to retrieve the dragon balls, as finding them for the Namekians was too easy.

"Unreal, you've grown much stronger, Saiyan." Nail evaluated Kayn and said.

"Oh, yeah, if you train as I do, then it won't be hard." Kayn nodded and confirmed. He struck many conversations with Nail because he knew how Piccolo was. Piccolo was cautious and didn't trust people easily, so when he fused with Nail later, he would see all of this in Nail's memories.

Kayn wasn't going to come on like a good guy when he ventured to earth, but he wouldn't be evil or bad either.

He had a role to play, and he loved roleplay!

Not long after, the Dragonballs were gathered. Kayn already explained to the Wiseman that this Information about the Dragonballs must not be leaked or there would be some major consequences for him and everyone.

The Wiseman naturally understood the people who would be drawn to this, so he quickly agreed to keep this information to himself. Before summoning the Dragon, he had the Wiseman warp him back to Yardrat.

"Just a second." Kayn used [Instant Transmission] back to his Yellow pad and stored it before teleporting back.

Not knowing what Kayn did, he went back to Namek again where Nail stood in place ready to summon the Dragon. Kayn knew it would be a while before he would come back to make more wishes.

Nail said the standard words to summon the Dragon in the Namekian language, causing the sky to darken. The dragon in a normal fashion shot out of the Dragonball towards the sky.

The Wiseman was shocked seeing this behemoth Green Dragon. The Dragon asked Nail what his first wish was in a language Kayn could understand. Sadly, he wouldn't grant any wishes to anyone who didn't ask him in the Namekian language.

"I assume your first wish is to deal with this Heart Virus, right?" Nail looked at Kayn with his hands behind his back.

"Yes, cure this Heart Virus for me." Kayn nodded lightly. Though it could be considered wasteful to use a wish to rid himself of this virus, he had other wishes to make anyway. He could always come back sometime in the future.

Nail looked back at the Dragon who was silently waiting and spoke. The Dragon's eyes flashed red and.....

[Ding! The Host's Heart Disease had been cured!]

"Nice!" Kayn smiled hearing and seeing the notification, it was a great relief to him. Nail could see his relief, as the Dragon asked what his second wish was at that moment.

"There are 2 more wishes as usual, what will the next one be?" After hearing the Dragon's question; he naturally asked Kayn again.

"I want the ability to survive in the vacuum of space, so I won't need air to survive." Kayn didn't need to think about this one, and spoke almost instantly.

Nail looked indifferent and looked back toward the Dragon again, stating the wish.

[Ding! You've gained a New Passive Skill: Enhanced Breathing!]

[Ding! You've gained a New Passive Skill: No Oxygen-Survivability!]

"Now I won't die to the Vacuum of space." The Dragonball World was scary; so if you were weaker than someone, than they could one-shot you and that would be the end of it all. This was so in most cases, but there were some that could hold on a bit without getting killed so quickly.

"Okay, what will be your last wish?" Nail's voice resounded in Kayn's ears again.

"Ah, my last wish will be... Hmm.." Kayn thought for a second and spoke his last wish.

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