8 A Year's Improvement!

At this point, Kayn is already strong enough to effortlessly defeat whatever is on this Planet. His Power Level had risen to 6,000 overnight. There was no life in this area anymore, but he had enough meat to last him for another year.

Seeing the rise in his strength, he didn't feel a need to buy Ki control. Kayn could save money and head to Yardrat and learn everything there. To know Instant transmission, you would need to have the ability to sense other life forms.

"Yardrat is good and all, but it comes with many problems that could be life threaten later." There were 2 problems when visiting yardrat. The first was the legendary heart disease that took Goku out in another timeline.

The second problem was that the yardratians were probably working for Frieza.

"I could head to Namek and learn from them, they know Ki sense, at least." There were too many options to choose from. Kayn signed, if push comes to shove, he'll just learn Ki-control now, then head to Namek to Learn Ki senses.

But then, Kayn remembered something crucial. Goku had Ki Control on his way to Namek and trained on his way there. With him having that, his training speed was much faster and his strength advanced really quick!

"Yup! Time to buy Ki control, I can't waste any time trying to learn that technique!" He wanted to get strong fast, it wasn't about rushing, it was about surviving!

Kayn bought Ki-Control for 25,000 System Points after that flash of thought.

[Ding! Congratulations Kayn, you've learned Ki-Control!]

Suddenly, Kayn's Power Level Spiked to 12,500! Kayn could feel his strength without having to have his scouter check it, nor having to look at his status page.

"This... This is amazing!" Kayn truly felt strong now, he only smiled as he looked at the palm of his hand, then he clenched his fist! With this, he made his way back to the Gravity Zone to train up. It had already been 3 days since he laid waste to the land in his Oozaru form.

Once he was in the 2nd part of the Gravity Zone, he wrapped Ki around his body and started his training. It was much easier for him to move in but it was still making him stronger, nevertheless.

His training wasn't as intense as Goku's who had lasers shooting at him under the gravity. That further improved his abilities with so much pressure under him. "I might not have something like that, but I have the time advantage, so it'll all balance out."

Time went on as months passed, he continued to do this just about every day if he could. However, he spent most of the time training his Ki-Control, he didn't overdo gravity training so much. With that, a year had finally passed, Kayn had seen great improvement in controlling his Ki.

He was trying to form shapes with his Ki but failed in every attempt he made. Over the Year, he stopped training in the gravity Zone to Work on other areas in strength. Kayn had no high tech ship like Goku, so his speed was slower than his, sadly.

Kayn sat cross-legged near the lake and continued to train his Ki by forming things. He also had to control his Oozaru form, it could come in handy if things got bad.

He was now five years old. Kayn had a goal in mind, he wanted to go to the universe 6 but he couldn't do that now. The system never really talked to him, but it would answer some of his questions if he asked.

What Kayn learned was that there would be a few changes to the Dragonball world. If anything, this could be considered a different Dragonball world from the canon one. Kayn didn't know all the details, but he didn't want any crazy surprises so it was best to get as strong as he could.

The best part was he surpassed the standards of the 2nd part of the Gravity lands. By the time Goku reached Namek, his power level in his base form was 90,000! This was less than a year at that, but Kayn's power level as of now was 25,000 but he spent more than a year training under these conditions to achieve this.

"I've improved a lot but I need to practice using other things, like the Oozaru state." With his strength increase, it should be easier to gain his awareness. Kayn didn't spend any more time in the gravity zone for a bit.

Kayn also learned how to fly, this was the hardest for him to learn alone but he achieved it. He felt really accomplished learning something like this on his own. Kayn took to the air and flew off to a secluded area.

"This should be a good place to use it, I can practice the Oozaru form here." He couldn't be around his house obviously, he nearly destroyed it last year when he went berserk.

Kayn also bought the PowerBall Passive Ability, it counted as a passive because it wasn't something that could be leveled up or do any damage. He had to get over the weakness of his tail as well, it was a really painful process to conquer this weakness.

He had a time for everything, so he was organized on what he wanted to do. This year he was going to focus on Ki and technique, and while he was at, he was going to kill the creature on this planet before leaving.

Kayn threw the Power Ball into the sky and it exploded with energy as it grew in size slightly. With that, his transformation started to occur.

Within a few seconds or so, he transformed into a Great Ape! Kayn started to beat on his chest with eyes of fury, he would stomp and shot beams from his mouth! Then he stopped moving for a moment, it was silent for about 5 minutes.

Kayn had kept his head down for this duration of time, it was like he was fighting a silent battle. Eventually, his eyes changed from glowy red to white with no pupils.

"It looked like it worked, it took me some time to get that under control! I really do get reduced to a mindless belligerent fool when changing into an ape, so much anger and power!" Kayn looked at himself closely, he was still wearing his clothes that hadn't ripped away.

Kayn's power level had gone up 250,000! If he made a fatal mistake, it wouldn't be hard to destroy this planet and himself with it!

"Okay, I better change back, it's best to figure out how to use Ikari later." The PowerBall soon lost its power and disappeared. With that, Kayn slowly reverted back to his original humanoid shape.

"I can only imagine the power I'll receive once I get a good bloodline!" He wanted to ancient Bloodline if possible. It was the safest bloodline for a Saiyan, it would boost his Ki level astronomically!

The Legendary Saiyan bloodlines was a mutation in the Saiyan blood that insight rage tendencies. This came with a super adaptability, chaotic Ki control that would never run out, it would continue to increase and grow.

And if the person in question isn't taken out in time, they would continue to adapt and overcome all threats within the area. Kayn wanted this one as well, but he would opt for the Ancient Saiyan bloodline first, it could keep a better control over the Mutated Legendary Bloodline later.

"The Bloodline of an Ancient Saiyan cost too much! But if I could actually use the Super Dragonballs to do the job for me, then I wouldn't suffer any losses!" Yes, he could just collect the Super Dragonballs later, but that would be sometime from now.

Kayn got most of his knowledge from the show, this was why his strength could advance decently with no outside help. He knew the steps to get stronger, so he had the advantage in this aspect, he also knew the future from the show.

Kayn flew off, he was heading back home at this point, he decided that he wanted to finish off the monster tomorrow. The creature had grown stronger since last year, but not nearly as strong as Kayn.

The stronger it got, the more points it would give him, so he didn't care much. So, Kayn just went home to grab himself something to eat. The creatures on this planet weren't that strong compared to the true series of people to come.

Kayn only had 3 months' worth of food left, so he would have to do some hunting in the future. He ate well as always, a good diet also contributed to his growth so this was another important factor.

At the end of the day, there was no Low to Elite class Saiyans. The strength of the child depended on the parent or was random in some cases.

Goten was one of them, he was already able to reach super Saiyan with no training. This was because Goku's genes had reached this level of power, thus spreading to his offspring.

After enjoying a good meal, he started working on his Ki-Control again.

"Come on, form a knife or something. Salza was able to do it, so I should be able to do it!" Of course, the Salza at time was much stronger than the Kayn now, so it was nothing to him.

Kayn focused and slowly circulated Ki into his hand. Sure enough, a Ki-knife formed around his hand just like Salza's! Kayn stood up with a smile on his face and swung his hand around, it would make a lightsaber sound every time he swung!

Kayn walked outside and started cutting at trees for practice, it was affected as he hoped. "Well, I cut down these trees, so I have to use them now." Tomorrow was the day to finish this mission, then he could continue his training.

|Status Page|

|Name: Kayn

|Bloodline: Modern Saiyan

|Age: 5

|Battle Power: 25,000

|Passive Abilities: Zenkai Boost| Combat Adaptability| Flight| PowerBall|

|Techniques: Kamehameha: F+ (255)| Ki-Control: F+ (327)|

|Transformations/Multipliers: Oozaru (x10)|

|System Points: 8,850

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