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Chapter 51: Boss Battle! Against The Mold Legion! And... An Ice Giant Girl?

Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon...




Sudden Plot Twist!

The one behind all of this zombie mold madness is… a young ice giant girl.

And she is also reincarnated like me.

How do I know that?

It is a simple as watching her name, in brackets it says (Miranda)…

And then there are the two Unique Skills out of nowhere, Mold, and Charm.

I got my own through the wishes I got when I died.

What says that she wasn't the same?

But maybe in this world people can get unique skills in other ways?

But what about the name in brackets?

Maybe I am assuming things too much.

And the interesting thing is that I finally found a "person", and it is an ice giant molded.

Ice giant… and the giant tree… If I make a few assumptions here and there… Is this world based on Norse Mythology?

Wack… But cool.

Now, now, it pretty much got confirmed that she is a reincarnation when I checked her Unique Skill.


The Unique Skill was requested by the user when it died, desiring to keep the powers of its past life in the second life.

Carrying the secret bioweapon cataloged as "Mold" within her body, the user can do a variety of things and possess all kinds of supernatural abilities, however, the power comes with great drawbacks as well.


It literally says there that she died wishing this thing to be in her second life.

Wait… she had this in her first life?

Maybe we are not from similar planets then…

Maybe she comes from a dystopian Resident Evil-like world.

Or maybe this actually happened back on Earth, but it was hidden from my very eyes? Who knows…

Anyways, I don't think this is the time to meditate or think things through, although thanks to fast-speed thought processing and parallel minds I was able to do this more or less quite swiftly.


The Mold Legion roars (I will call her like this for now), as it begins to pounce towards me.

I was in midair by the way.

It just jumped right towards me.

It jumped… around 30 meters.



Yuki cries in horror as I swiftly evade in time!


The giant mold claws slash the air as the beast falls over the ground again, generating a loud tremor.

Now, now, how do I defeat this thing… It has a lot of Vitality and strength.

Let's try out with the usual, shall we?

I quickly slash open a wound and spray blood all over it while it rests over the ground.

Like a miracle, it takes effect immediately.


Suddenly, the mold groans in pain, as I can see the face of a young girl groaning in pain before she is covered by the mass of slime again.

Shit… I guess it wasn't as effective.

Nonetheless, she seems tired.

And she begins to pant around, however, the mold is angered at me and shapes as tentacles, beginning to chase me down in midair!

I evade around and fly with all I have, while Yuki is giving me her Mana through our mana connection technique to cultivate, it ended helping her learn the ability to transfer mana.

While she is tightly grasping my back and giving me some extra mana, I fly and evade the sharp-tipped tentacles, as I open my mouth ad shower them with my ice breath.

Although the mold seems fairly resistant to ice, my breath is even more potent now because it is boosted by my magic stat, which is high as hell, and I manage to freeze the tentacles!

With a slash of my claws, I slice through the tentacles, as they shatter into pieces and I catch them with my jaws, eating them and recovering some mana and stamina while evading even more tentacles.

However, the thing won't continue like this!

I have been boiling up a new spell, which is just more Wind, pure wind!

I quickly release the large mass of turbulent winds right over the Mold Legion, which quickly slices into pieces its tentacles and hits it directly!



It once more groans in pain, and I use this opportunity to fly towards it and spray more of my blood all over it!

The crimson-red liquid impacts the mold greatly, making it groan in pain as it suddenly begins to move away from the real body, the blue-skinned girl inside!

"Aagghh! It hurts! IT HURTSSS…!"

She begins to cry in pain as tears started to come out of her eyes, it broke my heart to see such a young girl suffering so much, and… she somewhat reminded me of my crybaby sister.

Oh man, are we going to do this?


Alright… Let's not take the edgy route yet and let's save a person!

I quickly fly towards her as I try to spray more blood over the mold and hopefully her too, if her mouth manages to drink some, she could get the parasite immunity and free herself from her own parasite power.


But the mold manages to fight back, and it extends a giant tentacle, which I cannot evade in time!



It hits me right into the stomach and blows me into the air!


Yuki quickly jumps into my neck and tightly grabs it, I try to stabilize a bit but end up falling to the ground!


I quickly stand up as I see a wave of black mold running towards me!

Fuck! STORM!

I waste a whopping 300 Mana into conjuring my strong spell, Storm, and there are about 200 Mana left before I am completely empty.

I am going all out too!


An enormous wave of slicing winds hit the wave of black mold, slicing through it constantly!


However, the mold groans monstrously as it tries to overpower my winds!

But there's another trick…

Blood Spray!

I spray more of my blood from my very mouth, by biting my tongue!


A large amount of blood sprays all over the mold, and I continue spraying it until my tongue gets completely dry! It hurts like hell, but Immortal Body makes a new tongue right away, which I cut once more to spray more blood!


The mold groans in pain, as I continue to shower it with my blood, and also pour some more winds to keep it at bay!

Come on…

Come out!


Suddenly, the mold begins to move, and the head of the little girl appears again!

Aha! I got you!

I quickly flew towards her and sprayed blood right into her open mouth, she forcefully gulps it down and begins to cough.


Suddenly, the large mass of mold realizes something is wrong as it begins to lose power, the girl keeps coughing but the mold withers and groans until it suddenly… stops moving.

Man… Is it over already?

Yuki is completely paralyzed… no, I think she just passed out by pure fear…

I drop her into the ground gently as I walk towards the mold.

I keep showering it with blood until it stops moving completely, and then begins tearing it apart…

Where is she…?

Come on… Please, be alive…

She even knew English!


Suddenly, I manage to slash a large chunk of the mold, and then… I see blue skin.

Damn, my claws are way too sharp to grab her, and so is my jaw.

I quickly wake up Yuki and she helps me take her out…

She's… fine.

Her heart is pounding, and her breath is stable.

And she's big… around 3 meters tall, pale blue skin, long silvery white hair, but she seems weak, her muscles are very thin… How long has she been like this?

I decide to move her to the cave she was in, after spraying my blood around and eating the mold inside, we put her over a pile of leather she had there.

I inspect her status and she didn't lose any ability, but the Parasite Immunity Ability seemingly sealed the mold-related ones.

That's good...

I sit at her side and… wait for her to wake up.

Why am I doing this?

I really thought I was going to be an edge lord, but look at me, I pitied a stranger that tried to kill me and saved her life…

I am really the worst type of the main character, and the most cliché to ever exist too…


…Maybe I should stop talking like that, this is real life… Who cares about all of that?

I am not interested in fulfilling anyone's self-fulfillment fantasies, I am just me.

And I want to think that… there's still something human in my inhumane nature.

I guess I am really an idiot.

…But maybe it would be fun to finally be able to talk with someone.


No, Yuki, you don't count! You can't talk back with words…


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