1 Dragon That Devours All Things Chapter 1

Chapter One Dragon Beast of Bad Luck

In the western part of the Bitmos continent, there is a monster territory called the demonic beast forest.

This place is chaotic, bloody, and violent.

On the outskirts of the demonic beast forest, there is a Great Swamp called Chobi, which is inhabited by the notorious evil Black Dragon Silo.

At this time, the center of Chobi Great Swamp.

The evil adult mother Black Dragon is looking impatiently at the five dragon eggs in the dragon nest.

"Damn bastards, why haven't you been born out of your shell? How long do you want me to wait?"

Silo roared in a low voice.

"The regulations of Tiamat , the mother of evil dragons, are really disgusting dragons."

"Why do we, the five-color evil dragon clan, want to be like the good wives and mothers of human beings and feed them? These dragon boys?"

"I curse you all with impure bloodline and become Dragon Beast, so that I can throw you away."

"Even, eat you all ."

Silo said terrifying words that made the scalp numb.

For the evil dragon, there are no relatives or friends, only self-interest.

All Dragon Races have strong selfish desires, and the evil dragons are getting worse and selfish to the extreme.

The troublesome thing of raising a child, evil dragons are very repulsive.

If it weren't for the evil dragon's Spiritual God, Tiamat, in order to avoid the evil dragon clan's self-death, and thus stipulated that the dragon egg and the wyrmling could not be abandoned, then Silo would have lost the dragon egg.

Of course, Dragon Beast, a lesser dragon with serious defects, is not within the scope of Tiamat's regulations.


ka-cha, ka-cha ...

Maybe I felt Silo's resentment and eagerness, a dragon egg cracked, A black young dragon was born.


"Qiuka…" As soon as the young dragon saw the sky again, he instinctively said the real name attached t o his bloodline.

Silo was a little disappointed, "Damn it, it's a True Dragon."

The young dragon Qiuka felt the dissatisfaction of his mother, and he bowed his head and did not dare to say hello.

It's restless to eat eggshells.

True Dragon with his real name, even if he was just born, has a lot of wisdom.


Qiuka is very acquainted and has a good eye.

Next, another dragon egg shattered, and a Little Black Dragon crawled out of it.

Silo's "luck" is not so good, because the four young dragons born earlier have their real names, which means that they are all True Dragons.

And as long as it is True Dragon, then Silo has to nurture them.

The breath of Silo has become more dark and evil.

"hehe, really didn't expect my bloodline is so good, all dragons born are True Dragons." Silo gnashing teeth.

The poor many young dragons have their scalp numb when they are frightened. They are really afraid that Silo can't control th e malice and kill them all.

The last dragon egg, also under Silo's gaze, cracked.

A Dragon Beast with no dragon wings and a body similar to a black crocodile dragon is born full of bewilderment.

"ha ha ha, very good, there is a Dragon Beast. I can throw it away." Silo laughed in surprise, she quickly raised her hand to grasp the Dragon Beast and flew away gone.

Only four young dragons looked at each other in blank dismay left in place.

After that, they scrambled to grab the eggshell left by Dragon Beast.


(My name is Woz, I am born again.

Yes, I am not born again for the first time, I am the second Rebirth again .

Together, I have lived for three lives.

In my first life, I was an ordinary mortal in Earth China.

At the time of second life, my good luck was so great that I was actually reborn into this fantasy world. I also have a Heavenly God father, and I am considered a son of God. It's a pity that the Godslay er of mankind came out to slaughter the gods. The poor God Father was slaughtered, and my son of God was buried with me.

In the third life, I feel that the environment here is very familiar. I think this may be the second life of the world where I live.

This time, my luck was very bad, I was actually reborn as a Dragon Beast that was about to be abandoned.



"Lovely Little Brat, you have to live well. When you grow up, it's time to repay my stomach." Silo stopped on a damp grass, and she casually took Dragon Beast dropped to the ground.

Silo took off and left here without nostalgia, she returned to Dragon Nest.

Woz watched his mother leave unfeelingly, and his mood was not wonderful.

"Although I am reborn, I am also very happy. But now this situation seems to be very bad."

"Damn Godslayer, my beautiful past life, I was so You are ruined."

"How can I live now."

"And, it seems that even if I really live, Mother w ill eat me too., She treats me as a food reserve."

"Why is my good fortune so gone."

"I knew so, I should work harder in my previous life."

"If I have enough power, even if the Father God is killed, I can live."

Woz lay down on the grass, looking down at the clear sky. sky.

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