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Dragon Sorcerer in One Piece


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What is Dragon Sorcerer in One Piece

Read Dragon Sorcerer in One Piece fanfiction written by the author ElJonson on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, system, overpowered. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What would you do when you end up in a world full of adventure and great stories? What would you do when you obtain a power of 12 talismans from Jackie Chan Adventures? It's a new adventure for our main character David and he will witness stories he knew and interact with. Note: I grew up watching Jackie Chan Adventure and One Piece. This is fanfiction and the cover picture isn't mine but it looks awesome so I post it. Please support the original work of One Piece and Jackie Chan Adventure. Give me tips and advice on how to improve stories and world-building. Thank you


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Me here !! Still didn't read But when i saw that you used the power of the 12 talismans of Shindu i directly praised you thousand time This is somethin unique , like i said i still didn't read and i hope he have the power of talismabs and not the talismans cause he may drop them in a fight or someone steal them . Also if you want to put love interest i gotta say every single womens is used i only want you yo make love interest two womens . Viola + Shirley (can give her a hito hito no mi that help her change into human legs) Unique idea with unique love interest please make it both Viola and Shirely i beg you


I really love the story and glade you used Jackie Chan, there is so few stories for it that are any good, please keep up the great work and can't wait for more


I'm a simple man, I see jackie chan, I click. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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finally a one piece fanfic with out harem!!!! and most importantly an OG story not one of those carbon copy. Story flow is good not the best but by how many fanfic i have read. this one is really unique and and has good build up. power opness of the mc is too much for me. but hey i like Jackie chan adventures. so let that one alide. grammar im not good with that aslong as the sentences are readable and doesn't look and sound weird. its good for me. i know i tried writing and im crap at it. soooo kudos to you Author. again thanks for this chapter. hopefully there is no harem or early love snusnu. but if you really have to go that route. hope you deliver it just right.


Everything is amazing . Just don't drop author san . Try to increase chapter release rate . Ty ...............................................


The first ten chapters are a bit tedious to read. We are introduce to his powers at this time along with his slave status. However, it was hard to understand what were his powers exactly do, but the author managed to fix this later on. I for one took a break from the story when it first came out, but I am glad I came back to it now. A lot of preconceived tropes were hinted, but the author listened to his viewers and managed to do a few twists. Making the fic a exciting read as the plot building turned out to be original compared to the copy and paste ones that are scattered on the net.


Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey Me Likey...............................


Rat: Power and ability of Animation. "Motion to the Motionless" Gives inanimate objects life. The animated object takes on the personality, powers and abilities of the person or thing it's modeled after. A Quetzalcoatl (sun god) statue could fly and shoot fireballs and the Lo Pei statue knew chi magic. When Shendu was under the spell of Lo Pei, this Talisman was required to maintain his form, if the Talismans were used to free him from his statue form. Found on the bottom of an ancient Chinese lantern. Ox: Power and ability of Super Strength. Found by Jackie on the mask of El Toro Fuerte. In the episode "The Mask of El Toro Fuerte", it greatly strengthened Jade to superhuman levels. Can also strengthen objects. Tiger: Power and ability of Balance (in the spiritual sense, not literally). When activated, it splits the user's positive and negative halves (Yin and Yang) into two separate beings, each holding a half of the Talisman. Can also be used to find the "other half" of a broken object. The two beings rejoin when they reunite the broken Talisman. It was found within a pie. In Season 1 episode 12 "The Tiger and the Pussycat" Shendu claims it is "the glue which binds the others together. "Rabbit: Power and ability of Superspeed. It was found stuck in the shell of a Giant tortoise in the Pacific. When used in conjunction with the Rooster Talisman, it allows the user to fly at supersonic speeds. Dragon: Power and ability of Combustion. Highly destructive and explosive bursts of fiery energy are discharged from the Talisman. The Dragon Talisman can be fused to the wielder's hand. Found in a volcanic cave, it is shown to draw power from the user's emotions. Snake: Power and ability of Invisibility. Found on the ceiling of a chamber of a Snake worshipper's temple near the Amazon River and later donated to a New York museum. It is also Viper's favorite Talisman (as she considers it to be her "sign.") The only drawback is that Shadowkhan can see the user despite being invisible, as well as various magical items designed for locating. In addition, the show has a running gag in which characters believe that they are using the power of invisibility when they are not. Horse: Power and ability of Healing/Renewal. "The noble Horse of a knight" can "expel all alien forces within," curing the user of illness (foreign bodies,) and can also heal physical injuries, repair broken objects, and instantly relieve physical pain and disorientation. Found within a structure atop an unnamed mountain. In the Old West, it was government property destined for the San Francisco museum. Its whereabouts in between are unknown. Sheep: Power and ability of Astral Projection, or the ability to remove the soul from the body (and others too) and wander as an invisible spirit. While projecting, the wielder is able to enter another person's dreams. Although they can't hurt a person's astral form, if two or more users are both astral then they can do damage to each other (as seen when Chow fought Jackie) and the user's body is susceptible to all damage when the astral user returns to the body (i.e. Hak Foo during his fight with Tohru.) It was first found in a crate on a freight train bound for Istanbul. Monkey: Power and ability of Shapeshifting. Grants the wielder the ability to metamorphose anything they wish into any animal. Found by Jade at the bottom of the sea next to a volcanic island. Any item/person/animal may be mutated into the shape of any animal by saying the name of the intended animal's shape. The effect can be reversed by pointing the talisman at an affected object or person and saying "Change him/her/me/it back. "Rooster: Power and ability of Levitation. Allows the user to levitate themselves and other objects, effectively giving them telekinesis. When used in conjunction with the Rabbit Talisman, it allows the user to fly at supersonic speeds. Found within a golden shield inside a ruined Bavarian castle. This was the first talisman of the series and has been used quite often throughout the series. Dog: Power and ability of Immortality. "The Dog talisman is best friend to man, it restores youthful energy to its holder, and grants eternal life." It prevents death and grants partial invulnerability. This Talisman was found in a Bavarian windmill. Pig: Power and ability of Heat Vision. "Heat Beam Eyes" allows the user to expel extremely powerful beams of pure heat energy from their eyes. Found on the hat of a mechanical pig atop a Bavarian clock tower.


Very few ff's use Jackie chan talismans, but when they do they are dropped. Please don't listen to the horrible people and trolls out there and just write for fun. Way to many stories are dropped. Also maybe you should have him use tech to absorb the talismans energy into his body or something like this.


Thanks for the good work ! 😁👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟






this remands me of the Fanfic - Marvel Invincible talisman - where the 12 talismans are used in marvel instead filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler


This story is incredible, i'm always watching jackie chan when i was a child so this was a great story for me. Is there romance in the story? if so can it be Nico Robin??


[img = recomendar]


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


is there harem in it?? I would like it if it does so comment 5646837984685584335738758780075336890075699543696332268054368744654322267875587543


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