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Dragon Rebirth


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The dragons have come and gone since the Pliocene epoch when Wooly Mammoths roamed with humans during the ice age. For many of the I and E generation in the Americas and parts of Europe, it was something to avoid being taken by them to their world. But many knew the stories they told, the things they saw and missed, and in this world of social media, the child coming home, reborn as a shifter. For 16-year-old Nathan that was his reality. For 11 years he's not only avoided getting grabbed but helped others avoid a similar fate. But a black dragon was watching him grabbing him only to lay low in the nearby woods, something they did to pick out who'd they take. It did that for 10 years, more than 3 times longer than usual. His actions and the amount of time he had avoided them made him a sort of celebrity in his town in the midwest. But one day that black dragon made its decision, he was to be her hatchling. When they're usually marked the child could turn to protective mode, running from home to prevent drawing attention to other children for the picking, and that's what he did, right to where they last landed. Luck, choice, a possible spell in those claws, whatever you may think doesn't matter. A black dragon never misses its mark. With agility unsurpassed by the other types they're almost impossible to avoid. But these dragons didn't breathe fire, were a threat, nor in any way the size of a 747 max. All they had that was unique from other creatures was a highly evolved brain with the intelligence of a human and a heart of platinum.


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