1 Chapter 1, a dragon drag off

Eleven years ago I had my first run-in with a dragon, beforehand they just flew over me or sniffed me before flying off, but that first time was something I'd never forget. a titanium-colored scaled dragon came flying for me. for a split second, I was dazzled before I realized it was coming for me. I quickly ran back inside the building.

Today I was a local celebrity as I had saved 100's in my area from being grabbed, but one evening in May something happened that changed my life.

"OK, not good, you again!" I say to the black dragon, its claws grasping me in its hand. But as I struggle to break free it keeps its grip on me which it normally wasn't this firm. "Now I have a feeling my luck ran out," I said to it. But it just kept a hold on me, not flying off as a few other dragons fly over the forest. It was In the evening so some of them weren't easy to see. But as I look around the dragon holds me up to the side of its chest and as I heard its heartbeat it put me at ease; I felt like I was home. Then I started to doze off.

But the main reason it kept its grip is that one of the dragons was eyeing me. The black one wasn't letting them take me. A few hours later I got woke up to the black one looking like it was arguing with one of the green ones with me in its hand. I was worried a fight would break out so I struggled to get out of its hand and as I did it scared the green one-off. Then it loosened its grip and flew off. But as I made it home I realized it had marked my arm with its claw. "Carol" I screened as I ran inside showing her the claw mark.

"So it's going to take you, any day now!" She said. I knew very well that the black dragon usually just comforted me when it dragged me off. But now after 10 years; it's going to take me away.

"We need to hide. Now!" She told me

"It'll only put others in danger. maybe my luck has run out." I said to her.

"After 11 years you can't be serious! Nathan where are you going. Nathan!" She said to me as I walked out the door.

"If we hide it might hurt others trying to get to me. If I don't come back by tomorrow, it likely grabbed me and flew off. Tell that to the school principal. It might be 2-3 years before we see each other again." I said to her before running into the woods.

I ran to where she usually took me out of spite. I hadn't give it a second thought; I felt like I should be here "Wait. This is the same area as before" I said to myself. That's when a green dragon tried to grab me before trying to make a turnaround. Though it was an unusually human acting one. "Sir? Mam? Whoever you are you OK? I said to it. The dragon turned into a tank top and jeans-wearing woman in her 20s.

"So you're the one that a lot of dragon shifters have been talking about on Facebook. The one that's a metamorphic equivalent of a gourmet meal." She said to me looking as if she was after me too. "That dragon isn't here yet, its as if she marked you to grab some others. So tell me if you were able to choose. What style would you choose."

That's when I heard a roar and she transformed and flew off. As it landed I quickly ran but she used her claws to box me in. As she grasped me in her hand she started taking off, and as she held me to her chest her heartbeat relaxed me into slumber.

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