10 House Cleaning, the Lovegoods', and No.4 Privet Drive

Standing in front of the beautiful manor I look to Blordak and ask, "Are you sure it is only boggarts and cornish pixies, this looks way too good condition for the price even if it was infested? I was expecting broken glass and some walls turned in to rubble."(I)

"That is all we found when looking through the wards." He answers with a shrug.

I start walking to the manor while asking, "What happened to the old owner, did they say why they were selling it?"

"They were very rich and had bought it years ago but never visited it, they decided to come look at it just recently and then sold it right after. All they said was that they could not handle it and did not feel like hiring people to clear it out." He explains as we reach the front door.

I open the door and allowed Blordak in first as he is the one that will be clearing it out. He takes a short sword, which is a large sword for Blordak, and something that looks similar to a compass out of his pouch. I follow in behind him while closing the door quietly.

After looking around and not finding anything he explains, "Not the first time I had to clear out places like this so I already had this ready. It points us to any nearby boggart, pixie, or ashwinder. We wont have to worry about any ashwinders though as all magical fires have been put out with the wards earlier."

He takes another step forward and almost immediately a closet to our left starts shaking causing me to jump to the side. He calmly explains to me while taking a empty box out of his mokeskin pouch, "Probably a boggart, they like hiding in dark confined places like closets or trunks when nobody is around. Can you open it for me so I can capture it, it will take time to transform so you wont have to really worry."

Remembering the one class from Harry Potter taught by Remus Lupin that had one in the school I figured it was probably safe, and with a nod I slowly open it. As I'm opening it Blordak begins to shout however it is too late. A quidditch bludger flies out at me at high speeds and I have barely enough time to react.

My tail instinctively comes out and smacks it away, with the body of the tail not the spiked end, and as it begins to turn around to come back Blordak cast a spell in gobbledook with his hand causing it to pop like a balloon making me sigh with relief. 'Honestly I had forgotten goblins can use magic since they don't have wands due to the stupid ministry.'

"Sorry, should have checked my compass first. It seems we may have to also worry about cursed objects now so be careful of what you touch, probably why it was sold." He says making me look at him in surprise.

I ask curiously, "You are not going to charge me extra for the cursed objects?"

"Nope, I will however be taking them to sell."

'Should have seen that coming.'

...-One Hour Later-...

After a bit we finished clearing out everything inside the house and the shed outside, although Blordak said we might have missed a cursed object or two. During this time we had come across many cursed objects like a chandelier that falls when walking under it, a small statue that kicks you in the shins if you get close enough, a ugly panting that swings like its on a hinge to smack you, a chair that grabs and holds you on it with its legs, and the one that scared me the most was the biting toilet. He had also made sure to set it so the wards recognize me as the owner, currently there are only muggle repelling wards and a ward to make it unplottable so it does not appear on maps.(I)

Right now I am sitting across from Dobby in the living room, who took some convincing to get him to sit down, after getting back to the manor from having finished signing the papers and waiting for Blordak to store his captured boggarts and dead pixies. Wow, that sounds gruesome... but they aren't exactly how pixies are normally imagined and are quite malicious to be fair.(I)

"Alright Dobby, first of all I want you to clean yourself and get something like butler clothes- no I am not freeing you. If you want to be my house elf you must be clean and presentable." I spend the next ten minutes arguing with him trying to convince him to wear clothes and telling him to clean the place up as it had gathered some dust along with getting new things to replace the cursed ones that had been destroyed and taken by that little-..., I had also told him to get a certain muggle item.

'Hm, now that I am an heir to house Wyllt I should think of a way to make some alliances with other families. I will also need a regent to speak for me soon.' After thinking for a few minutes I decide to visit the Lovegoods', there would not be much benefit in visiting the Weasels... Weasleys' I mean, and I will probably visit the Diggorys' in a couple of days as well.


Waiting for a few moments after knocking on the door to the cylindrical tower, the Lovegoods' house, the door opens revealing a woman with long light blonde hair. She looks at me confused for a few seconds before asking, "How may I help you dear, are you lost?"(I)

"I am not lost Mrs. Lovegood, I am here to introduce myself as your new neighbor." I answer while pointing in the direction my house is, "You can't see it from here but it is the manor in that direction."

With a look of recognition on her face she replies, "Ah yes that one, well welcome then. Are your parents going to coming or only you?"

"I live alone, never met my parents." Before she can apologize I quickly tell her, "You don't need to apologize or be upset, it doesn't really bother me at all."

She opens the door and lets me in while gesturing towards a couch, "Well come in and sit down, let me go get my husband quickly."

I sit down and look around at the various odd objects as she walks up the stairs. A few seconds after walking up the stairs a small head pops out from behind the other couch and stares at me. 'I guess this must be Luna then, she should only be around four right now.'(I)

"Your eyes are cool." She informs me.

With a slight laugh I respond, "Thanks. What is your name?"

"Luna Lovegood." She answers as if rehearsed, probably taught by her mother or father.

"Nice to meet you Luna, my name is Kylar Wyllt." I tell her, to which she nods.

After a few seconds she seems to realize something and asks, "Wyllt, like that cool old man in the books I read?"

Before I can respond to her, her mother and father comes down the stairs. Her mother seeing Luna speaks with surprise, "Ah, there you are Luna. I was looking for you to bring you down but it seems you beat me to it."

I stand up and give a handshake to the slightly eccentric man, "Xenophilius Lovegood, author and owner of the Quibbler magazine. Just call me Xeno."

With a slight bow I introduce my self, "Kylar Wyllt, your new neighbor and Heir to the Most Ancient and Most Noble house of Wyllt."

He sits down next to Luna who had just sat down while rubbing his short stubble, "Ah yes, house Wyllt. Wyllt? Wait you mean that Wyllt!?"

"Yes, that Wyllt." I say making them both stare at me shocked.

Xenophilius responds to me after a few seconds but gets cut off by his wife smacking his shoulder, "Can.. can I write about you for my next magaz-"

"Haha, if you wait before I start Hogwarts we can come to some type of deal." I respond with a small laugh.


After chatting with the Lovegood family for around an hour, both Luna and Xeno seem less... odd... which is probably since Pandora is still alive and I will try to keep it that way, I returned to my new house which now looks completely spotless. I look to Dobby, in a new muggle kids butler suit probably made for Halloween, who is trying to clean the already spotless floor and speak, "Good job Dobby, have you gotten yourself what I asked?"

He looks at me on the verge of tears at the compliment, "Thank you master." He pulls the item out of his coat pocket and says in a shrill voice, "Master has presented Dobby with a Glock!"(I) (I could not not do it.)

"Pffft-hahaha. How! I didn't even tell you to do that yet!" I say while laughing. Although not knowing why I am laughing he joins me and starts to laugh even harder than me while rolling on the ground, "Alright Dob- wait keep your finger off the trigger!"

...-A Little While Later-...

Currently Dobby and I are standing outside of Number Four Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey. The wards luckily only seem to protect Harry from people with malicious intent against him. I look over to Dobby and speak while we sneak into their backyard, "Remember Dobby, no magic or we will alert the ministry and maybe Dumbledork."

Looking through the glass doors at the chubby boy rummaging through the fridge I quietly whisper, "Find somewhere to hide and when we are gone... well you know what to do, once done come pick us up and take us back. Understood?"

Dobby shakes his head up and down repeatedly and I have to stop him with my hand before he smacks it against something. I open the door and walk though the kitchen as quiet as possible trying to ignore the loud pig in the living room watching rugby and into the hallway, whilst Dobby has hidden in a cabinet under the sink successfully. Standing in front of the familiar cupboard I let out a sigh, 'Although it will be worth it for his support in the future, it is going to be annoying explaining everything to him until I can find someone to give him to. Maybe Amelia Bones? I would have to make sure to visit often though so he does not forget me.'


Although he is helping Harry out of a mix of sympathy and for his support in the future he is not going to be a simp that solves all his problems.

Also Kylar will at least be friends with Luna even if Fleur wins... and no, I refuse to do both.

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