1 Episode 1

Gohan-chan! Gohan-chan! Lunch is ready! Gohan-chan! This one will do! Gohan-chan! Welcome back. Goku-sa, where's Gohan? I'm famished already! What are you talkin' about? Have you seen Gohan-chan? Huh? I ain't seen him. Where could he have gone off to? If you don't eat and get out of here soon, Muten Roshi-sama and the others will grow impatient waitin' for you. All right, I'll go look for him. I don't think he's gone too far off. Right. Leave it to me! I'm countin' on you! Really, what am I goin' to do with that boy? Just a little bit more now W- what was that just now!? A meteor!? A UFO!? How's about I go look? Okay, now Ah, that's no meteor! What in tarnation is it? Huh? So, the folks on this planet are still alive after all, huh? That miserable Kakarrot! W- who are you!? Your battle power is a mere 5, huh? Piece of trash! D- don't come no closer! I- I'll kill you! Hmph. What a fragile people. There's somebody with a great power around. Range: 4880. Is that you, Kakarrot!? Father! Father! Father! Hello there, butterfly! Wait! You're way over there All right! Play dead! My hat? Father gave that to me! Hey, Gohan! Father! Mother! What a nice headdress! You sure are pretty. My name is Son Gohan. Wait! Mother! Father! Hey, you, about that hat That belongs to my son, Gohan. Where did you come by it? Where did you come by it!? Father! Mother! Gohan! Gohan! Gohan! It's Father! Just wait there! I'm coming to save you now! Gohan! A little farther! Father! Gohan! Father! Mother! Father! Gohan! Gohan! All right I'm scared! I'm scared! I can't get down! I'm scared! Father, that was scary! That was so scary! Gohan, did you-? I- I don't know. Gohan, let's go home! Your mommy is worried! We have to go to Old Timer Turtle Hermit's place right away too, you know! That lousy Kakarrot! W- what kind of power is this? It couldn't possibly be Son Goku!? No, it's not! You're not Kakarrot. Who are you? Do you have some sort of business with me? I don't have any business with the likes of you. Then what have you come here for? Do you want to die? You sure are in high spirits. Ho Battle power 322. So, there are folks like you around, huh? However, you are still no match for me. What did you say!? Do you know who it is you're talking to here!? Not really W- what is the deal with this guy's power? That was a worthless technique, huh? Is merely kicking up dust all it can do? Now it's my turn. Let me show you a sample of my techniques. There's another great power here. That way Range: 12909. It's large the largest power on this planet This time for sure, it's Kakarrot! T- this is ridiculous! I- I was shaking so much, I couldn't move! Have you lost sight of your pride as a Saiyan, the mightiest warriors in the universe Kakarrot!? Who are these Saiyans, the mightiest warriors in the universe? And who is Kakarrot? lt appears that the mysterious alien and Goku are somehow connected. Next time, Goku's past will finally become clear!

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