1 Chapter 1:Early Saiyan Transformation.

Somewhere in the woods Golan and Goken her younger sister is training. Goken wishes to achieve Super saiyan just like her older sister but she is gonna need some training.

Golan:Ok the first thing you need to know about Super saiyan transformation is that it's always powered by someone or something.

Goken:(confused) wait!Huh?

Golan: Ok let me put it this way yo-

Goken: Golan come on!


Goken:I thought you were gonna teach me how to become super saiyan what's the lecture about?!

Golan: Hey!I've never done this before so cut me some slack.

Goken:Ok fine.....

Golan: Ok I guess every one has their own time of achieving Super saiyan for me and Gohan it was when we fought Cell.

She picks up a rock from the ground and smile.

Goken:(confused) huh?what are you smiling about Sis.

Golan tosses the rock at Goken and she catches it.

Goken: (confused)What am I gonna do the rock.

Golan: I'm gonna show you an example,I want you to throw as many rocks at me as you Goken.

Goken: WHAT?! why?!

Golan: (smiles) Just do it.


Goken carries a bunch of rocks in her palms and starts throwing them at Golan with great speed.

Golan is dodging without a sweat.

Golan: Come on!.....Faster!


All of a sudden Goken bursts into Super saiyan and Golan freezes in surprise. Goken throws the last rock at Golan's fore head.

Golan:(Rubbing her head from the shot)ouch!

Goken powers down to base form and runs up Golan to help her up from the ground.

Goken:Sorry sis,I guess I went to far.

Golan:Golan w-when did you achieve it?

Goken:Achieve what?

Golan: Super saiyan!

Goken :What are ya talking about I haven't achieved Super saiyan.

Golan: No you have!Super Saiyan has golden coloured hair with Golden aura around,like you did just now.

Goken starts jumping in the air in joy.

Goken:Wowy!!!I can't believe I achieved it I didn't even know.

Golan POV

This girl may have more potential in her than me and Gohan.

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