1 Chapter 1

[tournament of power]



as my fist collided with jiren's a large explosion covered the whole arena then suddenly my vision slowly faded away as I saw jiren's body slowly fall to the ground then I pass out.







"Hmmm ♫ hmmm ♫ hmmm ♫ hmmm ♫"

I woke up to the sound of a woman humming

"oh your awake!"-???

I saw an old woman looking towards me

"W-where am I"-goku

I said confusingly as I looked around of what seemed to be a wooden cabin

"Oh about that you're in my house, I found you in the forest passed out so I brought you here"-???

She said while tilting her head towards her right shoulder

"~grumble grumble~" my stomach growled

"Pftttt! Hahahaha! I see you must be hungry huh hold ill get something from the kitchen"-???

She laughed as she walked towards the kitchen. And shortly came back with large bowl of meat

"Here you go"-???

She said as she put the food on the table. Without any hesitation I wolfed down on the food, and in an instant the food disappeared

"Whew~ you sure eat fast"-???

She whistled in awe as she took the empty bowl and went to the kitchen

"I'm Ann by the way"-Ann

She said with a welcoming aura

"Oh I'm Goku by the way"-goku

I said as I stood up, I felt something strange about my body it feel as if I shrunk, I look down and saw that I had small feet and small hands

"ehhh! I'm a kid again!"

(Hello Sorry for the short chapter since this is my first time publishing something so please bear with it and i'm too lazy to add more so enjoy the next chapter which is next sunday or thursday)

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