16 recovery and destiny Earth

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It had been 1 week since Lottus was in the incubator, there was no sign that he was waking up. His injuries were the most serious of the 3.

The muscles in his body were completely torn by abuse of power, his small body could not contain all that excessive energy he was using. Mental stress didn't help much either.

Using the Super sayajin state with [Kaio-Ken 4x] without controlling the energy was practically suicide, however Lottus at the moment was not thinking straight, he just wanted to destroy his enemy without any resistance.

Kale was in a much better position. Despite being tortured with absurd blows, she had just lost consciousness due to the pain she felt in her head being pressed to the floor. She had already been removed from the incubator at 1 day.

Paragus had already been healed from the wound in his chest, he was the luckiest of all, he suffered a wound in his abdomen, despite the energy going through him, he did not hit any vital organ. He had passed out for a few minutes during the Lottus massacre and did not see much beyond the final blow.

It was terrifying to remember what Lottus did with gelid, cruel, and merciless, with no visible expression of emotion, he just looked like he's playing with an ant slowly destroying him. That gives you fear.

[Flash back]

In the southern part of the new Saiyan city called Kako, there was an advanced recovery center. And you could see a man flying quickly to the place, that man was the king who couldn't believe the news.

The boy he thought was the legendary super sayajin was on the verge of death!

Arriving at the location.

"What happened here?" The king demanded some explanation. He narrowed his eyes seeing the condition of the 3 young Sayajin warriors.

"There weren't 5 of them? Where's the other 2?" Continued the king with the question.

Scalli, who was worried about her son being placed in the incubator, said: "I found him," she said hesitantly.

"How did you find it? Were they not on another planet? It's impossible for them to get here so quickly!" The king spoke seriously.

"They just appeared in front of me, without a spaceship, out of nowhere. Lottus asked to bring them to the incubator, I quickly did it seeing their current situation" Scalli spoke uncertainly of what she commented, that was strange for her too.

"But judging from what I saw, it was Lottus who brought them here, but I don't know how" Scalli gave his opinion.

'No spaceship? Appear out of nowhere? This young man always brings me some surprise ... Is that another technique he created? ' The king quickly analyzed the information.

"How is their situation?" asked the king, the boy couldn't die !.


2 days later paragus woke up healed from his belly injury, the incubator machine's healing is really miraculous, as long as it doesn't die over time it can heal at an amazing speed.

Caregiver A: "Paragus you finally woke up the king wishes you to be present immediately" The order passed to paragus.

Checking his body calmly, he sighed with relief. At least he wouldn't die today ...

"Ok," Said paragus already knowing what it was about, he regretted the death of fasha and radish a little.


Guard A: "Mr. Paragus woke up and is here" informed the guard.

"Let him in" The king's voice echoed.

Bang! The door opened.

"My king," said paragus kneeling on the floor

"Tell me what happened on your mission and what happened to fasha and radish" ordered the king.

"I don't remember much why I passed out, but I remember seeing the skies go black and thunder fell to the earth in the face of Lottus's fury and his hair changed color," Said paragus remembering those strange phenomena.

The king was interested and excited by this information and said: "Tell me everything from the beginning on your mission"


[End of the flash back]


3 weeks later Lottus finally wakes up if his condition is in the incubator machine.


One sayajin who was taking care of them plays that particular one and says: "Call the king he finally woke up" while the other goes out to warn the king.

'Ahhhh ... whatever is in my head and body, it seems that I haven't moved my body in months' complained a young man who was leaving the incubator.

"Don't try too hard, boy, your situation is still not good. Something has inverted your muscles and some have atrophied, others just tore. It will take a few more days for you to fully recover" commented the head of the incubators.

'Ripped muscle? Stunted?' Lottus was confused by what this woman was saying to him. Until he remembered what he did and how he did it, everything that happened.

He turned his face fiercely to the sayajin and spoke worriedly: "Was there anyone named Kale here? Is she alive ?."

"There was, she was already healed, and she left here" confirmed the woman.

Lottus calmed down a little with the news, at least she was alive ... But soon he shuddered with something.

'I almost lost my insanity when I became super sayajin, it shouldn't happen! Will I become a psychopath like Broly? ' Lottus was afraid of this, he remembered what he did and felt nothing! There was even satisfaction!

This is wrong in every way, I have to find a way to control it if it is equal to Broly or worse... I need to train and completely master the super sayajin.

Lottus While he was thinking about his horrifying actions and trying not to think he turned a little, someone had already arrived.

"Come with me Lottus" He spoke calmly.

'King? What is he doing here? ' Confused Lottus still followed him.


Arriving in a room somewhere in the Royal Palace, There were figures, books, rolls of some techniques, gold. It appeared to be the king's vault.

"What is all this and where are we?" Asked Lottus curiously.

"I heard what happened to some parts, in the Sayajins we must prevail in the face of difficulties, survive and avenge ourselves later!

About what he told me, I remembered something I read a long time ago and here it is "the king pulled some images of a man who looked like he was in fury, and the skies resonated with him.

"That is..."

"Something similar to what happened to you, right?" cut the king off without waiting for Lottus to speak.

"In the legend, it said that a sayajin could become the legendary super sayajin when he was furious, and from what paragus told me it is true, the question is: why you?" asked the king as he looked calmly.

"When Kale was hurt and what he said to me, I just couldn't take it and my heart filled with fury and things happened" commented Lottus remembering Kale's pitiful state, he squeezed his hand tightly promising himself that it would never happen again !.

"Can you become that again for me?" asked the king. He longed to see something that was a legend that becomes real.

"I can try," agreed Lottus.

Getting into a comfortable position.


A wave of ki exploded from Lottus but nothing happened.

"There is?" Lottus confused, he couldn't transform!

"You can't do it again, huh?" The king was disappointed.

"How did you get here on our planet without a spaceship? I had it checked but your ship never landed here on the planet" asked the king curiously.

"This is a technique that I developed since I started to sit and meditate I started to feel the energy around me and I thought, what if I could appear where that energy is?" He started making up bullshit again.

"Fortunately it worked or I probably just would have survived ..." He finished speaking the last sentence quietly but the king still listened.

'Such a technique exists huh, this boy' He was really amazed by this boy.

"Go back to your home and rest diligently, so you can go on another mission in a few months." the king had already discovered everything he wanted.

"I have a request"

"What would it be?" Asked the king.

"I would like to stay out of missions for 1 year to train and try to control the transformation, if I can I will try to teach all the other sayajins"

Narrowing his eyes and analyzing the young man for a few seconds he says: "So be it, but when I return I will integrate 2 more Sayajin warriors in your team" without leaving any room for negotiation.

"Okay, but Kale will go with me. Now I'm going to leave.



When he got home, he still needed to get some rest, his body was all sore. Sorry, he feels something touching his head.

"It's good that you recovered well, your condition was more serious than the others" commented roast with a slight smile.

"Since when did you come after me, dad?" asked Lottus, he was confused as to why he didn't notice his father.

"You were distracted thinking and you didn't see me."

"I see, where's mom?"

"She's in the kitchen making some different food that she saw from the Tsufurujins," said roasting with water coming out of his mouth.

Since the Sayajins and Tsufurujins made deals, knowledge of all kinds was also shared, especially the food! I could even see some Tsufurujins in Sayajin city. The disagreement between them was gradually disappearing.

"I'm looking forward to it, hehehe" laughed Lottus, loving the idea of ​​new types of homemade food.

Entering the room he saw a young sayajin who quickly turned his head and shouted: "LOTTUSSSSS, you have finally recovered!" with a touch of sadness and tears.

Lottus holding her in his arms stroked his head, he didn't know what to say in such a situation. His father just watched with a smile on his face.

"Thank you," Kale commented quietly.

"Yes" replied Lottus.

"When are you going to have kids," said Scalli seeing the situation, she started to laugh.

"MOTHER" spoke loudly and ashamed.

"He said that when we grow up we will have several!" coming out of his arm Kale said happily with a smile.

"KALE" Lottus was even more embarrassed.



It's been 1 month, Lottus didn't train and just stayed with his parents and Kale, he knows that one hour they may die or himself, what happened last time alerted him very well.

While watching the kale train he continued to meditate, he firmly believed that this was one of the ways to master that super sayajin state, he did not want to go crazy again and be overcome by fury !.

"Kale, do you want to go to another planet with me to train?" asked Lottus with a smile, the kind of already knew what she was going to say.

Preaching on the floor, Kale gets excited about the idea of ​​training outside and quickly replies: "Of course, I'm not afraid of challenges. What happened last time won't happen anymore!" she shook hands and promised herself.

"We are leaving tomorrow, it is a place far from here, it is called Earth," said Lottus.

"Earth? I've never heard of this planet! It must be very weak," said Kale, becoming disinterested.

"That's true, but there are a lot of martial arts to learn there, and they teach you to control your fighting power more efficiently and ..... there is a lot of delicious food there, much better than the ones here," said Lottus with a malicious smile, now there was no way for her to refuse !.

"Did you say food? * Cough * did you mean learn to fight? Come on!" He spoke quickly with a star in his eyes !.

'She must be the reincarnation of an angel ...' thought Lottus, frightened by this change in attitude.

"Let's go" he got up leaving, it was getting late.



"Are you guys leaving yet?" asked Scalli worriedly, she was different from the other sayajins, she cared about her children and wanted to take care of them.

"Yes, we will only go to train, we will be back in 1 year, I made an agreement with the king" replied Lottus, he needed to go there and meet the kami ... if there is any.

"So let's get a new spaceship since you lost the last one, you will have to pay for a new one" commented roast, leaving a spaceship behind ... only his son.

"No need, I have another method. Kale holds my hand" she said to Kale affectionately, curious about what would happen she did as she was asked.

"Goodbye, I'll be back soon" Saying goodbye to them.

Name: Lottus

Race: God Super Saiyan

Ki: 50.000 (Elite class / Noble birth).

** Acquired with desire **

[Dragon Clan]

[Control of Oozaru transformations].

[Divine Soul]

[Divine language]

[eternal youth]

[Extra Life]


• Transformations.

— Oozaru transformations.

° Oozaru (Giant monkey form) accessible.

° Golden Oozaru (Giant Golden monkey form) Locked

° Oozaru (Ikari) blocked.

° Oozaru (humanoid / SSJ4) blocked.

-SJJ transformations.

° Super sayajin fake (Semi-Locked)

° Super sayajin (Semi-Locked)

° Super sayajin * MUTATED * shine (Semi-Locked) EWWWW

° Super sayajin full power (Locked)

° Super sayajin 2 (Locked)

° Super sayajin 3 incomplete (Locked)

— SSJ God transformations.

° Super sayajin God base (Locked)

° Super sayajin god SJJ (Locked)

— Transformations ??????

° ???????? (Locked)

° ???????? (Locked)

° Ultra Instinto(impossible)

• Martial arts.

• Ki techniques.

• Magic.

• Universal information> universe 1> planet> north quadrant xxx xx> Destination earth.

[Instant transmission]

Scalli & Torra: "...."

"I feel like hitting him."


Appearing in a place full of trees and a blue sky, one can even see the sea. It was a nostalgic feeling for Lottus, much like his home !.

Beep Beep Beep

Kale using his scouter began to sweep the fighting power of these earthlings, and she was dissatisfied.

3 ... 6 .... 10 ... 2 .... 3 ... 40 .... 100 ... 3 ..... 500…1 .... 0

"They are very weak!" complained Kale, turning his face towards Lottus who looked a little stunned and thoughtful she said, "Let's get some good food!" she said, going straight to what interested her.

"They use the money to get food, we can't just steal them, we are warriors, not thieves," replied Kale.

"So what should we do" she was upset! They had no money.

Someone suddenly appears behind them and speaks in a calm voice.

"My distant guests, I could help with that. How about escorting me home?" Giving a warm welcome, he felt that these 2 young people did not have a bad heart.

Getting on guard they quickly got into a fighting position, they didn't feel that is coming after them! That was surprising.

"You don't need to be afraid, I don't want to fight or hurt anyone. Forgive me for my ways, my name is The nameless namekuseijin'S and you are sane?" asked with a hint of curiosity, he never met anyone outside that being.

Lottus's eyes widened, impossible.

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