1 When one savior dies another one takes his place.

Seventy-five million years ago, there was a race of beings from World Core called the core people. (The core people are the true race all Kai and Supreme Kai come from before being given their respective role.)

During which time a wizard named Demigra in the Heavenly Realm who worked alongside Chronoa (supreme Kai of time candidate) in raising Tokitoki which are species of divine birds that create time. however, he was also an underling of Chronoa's rival Mechikabura and began plotting. He started suspicious research using Tokitoki in his castle, causing time-space distortions. Chronoa noticed that he was acting strange and went to expose his plans and stop him. Demigra and his two wizard allies Putine and Gravy fought Chronoa directly but they were defeated and imprisoned in a space which he and many other wizards transformed into the Demon Realm.

Due to Mechikabura malice, He was also sealed in a space beyond time, where he founded the Dark Empire and became the Dark King. Mechikabura was later sealed in the Crack of Time by Chronoa.

While Demigra was an original member of the Dark Empire and served directly under Mechikabura, but left it to pursue his own goals. Eventually he managed to escape the Demon Realm and tried to take over the Time Vault and kidnap Tokitoki, however Chronoa managed to stop him and seal him away in the Crack of Time. Demigra spent 75 million years trapped inside the temporal rift, building up his magic power and eventually gathering enough Ki to become a Demon God along with Putine and two others..

There was an distortion in space and time caused by the savior of the universe Sparda and his battle with a demon king.


The supreme kai looked had come to earth and presented himself in front of Sparda's disciples. His arrival shook the two whom were training with each other. Not out of fear but...

"He's shorter than you crane"

"What I bet he he probably has a bigger wang than you turle"

but they both thought one thing. (why is he purple? does he have skin cancer or something)

The supreme Kai didn't say anything and looked at both of them with a smile first at the one called Turtle. He was wearing red pants with two black belts wrapped around his right thigh, a black, leather belt, black gloves, and high, black boots. his coat is much basic in design, with an upturned collar and short sleeves with black cuffs, though the coat lacks coattails. Underneath the coat, he wears what appears to be a black long-sleeved shirt, with a red vest with black clasps over it.

He then looked at the one called Crane. He was wearing a long, silver buttoned blue coat with three separated coattails. A white, serpentine pattern runs around the collar, with a snakes head hanging over the coat's left shoulder, and its tail slinking down the right, all the way to the bottom of the coat. A gold lining runs across the edges of the coat, and a silky, golden flower blossom pattern decorates the inner lining. Each cuff of the coat also possesses five, gold buttoned straps with gold lining

Supreme Kai: "good day both of you. I am the supreme Kai shin" he said with his arm out

Turtle quickly got to his knees while thinking how he would fight him. while Crane crossed his arms and squints his eyes.

Supreme Kai Shin: So Sparda*ahem* I mean master Mutaito has asked me to give you something for all your hard work. He felt you reached the point were your capable of having your own students and has gifted you with new titles to go forth around the world.

Shin looked at turtle: "for Mutaito Dante. You are the most gifted physically. Your martial arts rivals even gods. You even seemed to grasp of a realm where even gods such as I struggle to enter. (Ultra Instance). You gained the title of the God of Martial arts and will hence forth be known as Master Roshi the Turtle hermit.

Turtle no Master Roshi tilts his head in confusion.

the supreme Kai looked at Crane: Mutaito Virgil. You possess spiritual power and ki that is unheard of from mortals to gods. From Mimicry with copying any technique you see once, Divination, heck even time manipulation ability. Able to split your souls into multiple forms, Teleportation and more...You will now be known as Master Shen the Crane hermit.

Supreme Kai Shin looks at both of them:"you've both proven you were * cough* I mean are Mutaito Sparda children!

Crane now known as Shen frowns: Ok enough of this bullshit. I'm guessing the old man croaked?

Turtle now known as Roshi stand: yeah...I'm guessing it was a fight. No disease could kill him...

Shin sighs: hmm, I'm not sure how to answer that...He was fighting a Demon King...one of the beings that even I couldn't beat. (Berus may be able to through but...) the fight ended killing the Demon King but he vanished...presumed dead.

The two brothers obvious knew he wasn't telling them all he knew...

After a bit of more talking the supreme Kai gifted them some things. Roshi recieved an ancient turtle. This turtle shell can be worn and it would increase his training due to it being made out of Katchin and the turtle can transform into a weapon. It also has several other uses. As for Crane he recieved an ancient crane that feathers can be atached to him making him fly even faster. Also its eggs can increase spirital powers and it can transform into a weapon...

Then the supreme Kai had left the two Sons and disciple of Mutaito. When he left the two brothers let go of their emotions. shen had started punching the shell off the turtle as hard as he can...and Roshi started crying.

Roshi: how...how is it possible master...father to be defeated

Shen: I know...*bang*

Roshi: but...he beat evil king piccolo, Garlic and bib...bibi..yeah bibi

Shen: bibidi and I'm not sure why he fought a demon king...he always said that demons and gods are beings we shouldn't hate but...

Roshi: C-Crain?

Shen: but I'm having a hard time to not know who to point my anger at...is it gods? is it demons...I don't know...tell me Turtle. Who should I direct my anger at...

Roshi: Crain calm down your talking about killing gods but thats'

Shen: He was smiling as he told us that father had died...SMILING...but your right...as I am right now...I can't do much...first I'll do whatever I need to get to the demon realm...our sister is...no lets not involve her...

Roshi: ...

Shen: Hey turtle why not go to an island and stay out of my way...I might direct my anger to you...also...if I ever go too far...

With that he started walking away but his eye shined for a moment and he looked back at his brother.

Shen: hey turtle you should stop flirting with every girl you meet. You may end up getting a girl knocked up.

Roshi blinks a few times: isn't that the whole point?

Shen shook his head and thought to himself...(A death of one savior leads to the birth of another...isn't that right master...)

that was the last they've seen of each other in years

Many years had past when a confused woman appears out of thin air. she begins walking towards a large tower thats from the looks of it reaches heaven...

AN: you maybe about to write hey those aren't the names of Master roshi and master shen...yeah I know...they were called Turtle and crane in the past but never their real names. those are titles and styles. Plus how can they have eternal life but look old...As for their master. He was said to be earth's first savior so I just changed him to be the original guardian of earth and the universe savior. Also how did Piccolo or kami know of shin in the manga. How? it made no sense so I just had it so he met them through Master Mutaito. As for krillin there is a theory that Master Roshi was his father.

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