1 Reincarnated

It was a somber and dark felling as Jack fell onto the road. Feeling cold, He looked to his Side And saw a pool of hot red blood

Jack's last thought as He laid motionless on the ground was " is this really how I die". A couple blinks later he succumbed to his fate and blacked out.

After I blacked out, I thought I died ; however, I regained felling along with a faint noise of what sounded like a name.

Right after I figured out the name, which was haze, my head experienced extreme pain that was almost unbearable. Once the pain subdued a sound in my head said , installing system!


Host please select a name to finalize the integration. (Jack) As I saw a floating screen that said system, I was extremely excited because I was about to get my very own golden finger. After it asked for a name, I decided to put Haze due to a gut feeling.

Once I put my name in the system it said, "Welcome!!! Congratulations for gaining the overpowered system"! Host will be hatched in approximately 16 days and 5 hours

(Jack) I was a little surprised at first because it said overpowered system along with hatched. Out of curiosity for what the system said, I finally noticed my current situation. I was currently in a jelly like fluid in a inclosed space. That's when I realized that I was in a egg of some kind.


I did not want to wait that long, so I asked the system if there was a way it could put me to sleep till I waked up. The system is instantly with a yes and my vision went dark.

From now on the mc will be called (Haze ,also the next chapters will be longer)