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Dragon Academy


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(Dragon Gods) In the divine realm there are a dragon god and goddess. Both loved each other, but the dragon god, named Aster, did not want a child due to the fact that the child may become stronger than himself. However, the dragon goddess, named Liz, wanted a child. One night, Liz found out she was going to have a one. Once Aster found out, he ordered the death of the egg. Fearful of Aster, she took her took her egg to a dragon orphanage in the mortal realm. Before she left she named the egg, boy or girl, Haze. Upon her arrival back at the divine realm Liz told Aster she destroyed the egg. With Aster pleased, they returned to their celestial palace. (Jack) Jack was a human of the planet earth. One day he went out for a walk. While crossing the streak, a drunk driver ran a red light killing him. As he breathed his last breath, He wished he could live another life of which he can fulfill. After his death, Jack awoke to a black void and a strange feeling. Seconds later, Jack heard a strange voice call out the name Haze. MC: the main character is OP !!! ( I write for fun) !!!


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