1 Chapter 1: The Great War of Calamity

In our world, there is only a few species, the humans that run the world and all the animals, sea dwellers, avians, and insects. Our world isn't inhabited by anything special. But what if told you that in this other dimension, there are far more than mere humans that live on Earth. Welcome to a world filled with demons, angels, and dragon folk as well as the humans.

However, with all these different species living on one planet, conflict was eminent. 5000 years ago, a war so destructive, so horrific broke out between all the different species. This war was known as The War of Calamity, or The Destruction War as it was named later in the history books. This war was so bloody that it drove the demons and humans almost to extinction. However, one species suffered the worst of the war, the Dragonkin. The Dragonkin were a species of human-like people with dragon-like abilities. They were feared by all the other species for their unmatched and destructive powers. But of course, even a mighty army can fall, too.

The king of the Dragonkin, Rex Drakona, was a proud and powerful leader who effortlessly won many battles with his cunning tactics and leadership skills. Even though he had a tactical mind, he is more well-known for is ruthless power. But, he got cocky and let it get to his head. So it didn't take much for to get bested on the battlefield, however, it so became the worst mistake he had ever done. One of the demon's elite assassins snuck into the world of the Dragonkins while the war was going on. Since all the Dragonkin warriors were deployed, the home world was vulnerable to enemy attacks. The demons ravaged their home and killed all the innocent people.

When word came about the attacks came to the King, he was mortified. But he knew there was no way to get back in time to save them, so he ordered the remaining survivors back home to use the Timespace Pods to send the women and children to others planets. If you wondering " what the in the world is a Timespace Pod", don't worry I'll tell. A Timespace Pod is like a regular space pod(like Dragon Ball Z space pods), but are triangular in shape and can jump forward in time. However, the pods are still prototypes and weren't ready to work. Even with that, it didn't stop them from leaving their once beautiful home. The women left in the pods with their children just before the enemy could stop them.

You remember what I said about them being prototypes, well that came back to bite them. Some of the pods broke down and they got captured, some sent them to random and unknown places, and some simply blew up. But there are few who managed to make it to safety. Those who made it set their course for the planet Earth in the year 2000.

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