Dracula Reincarnated With A System

In a world dominated by those who worshipped gods and where Vampires are relentlessly hunted... Vlad, a young and feeble vampire, witnesses the brutal massacre of his entire family and clan at the hands of Humans. As despair consumed him, Vlad questioned the unfairness of their plight. "Why are vampires the sole target of persecution? Why is there no one to come to our rescue? Is there truly no God?" Those haunting words become Vlad's final lament before a spear pierced his heart, bringing him to the brink of death. But as his end came near... In the throes of his fading consciousness, a robotic voice resonated within his mind, jolting him back to a semblance of awareness. [Blood Sovereign System activated!] As Vlad's life force waned, a surge of memories flooded his mind, unlocking the hidden truths surrounding his existence. Amidst the fragments of recollection, a single name resonates louder than the rest... "Dracula." ---------------- [[CrimsonWolfAuthor : This story features a Villain protagonist, so read at your own risk. Unlike many other stories in this genre, the female characters here are not brain-dead or damsels in distress, thus the development of the romance between characters and the expansion of harem will take time. The protagonist is not a typical hero; instead, he is an evil villain, and the story follows his rise to power and the journey towards the ultimate goal. The character is complex and nuanced, with a clear motivation for his actions. So don't expect some character development and learning through mistakes. MC is a seasoned veteran and a cunning mastermind from the very beginning.]] ---------------- Note : Character Reference Arts are available in chapter comments and our Discord Group. Discord Link : https://discord.com/invite/ASRdeHfDMX ---------------- Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 100 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 200 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 10 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 20 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 50 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week

CrimsonWolfAuthor · Fantasy
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59 Chs

The Mayhem

Dracula now levitated in the air while being surrounded by thousands of deities, demi-gods, and divine beings. Right when everyone had ganged up on him and even dared him to fight against their massive numbers… the vampire sovereign brought in 3 heavy hitters of his own.

It was one thing if only Dracula faced them… but there were other three strongest beings of the mortal world whom the majority of them feared greatly.

And the main reason was that although the residents of the divine realm had reached the peak of their existence… they were still not as strong as any of them.

The only difference that separated these four monstrously strong beings was that they hadn't received their Ascension from the Gods. Otherwise, every single one of them was already strong enough to surpass 90% of the creatures, deities and demi-gods of the divine realm.

And now that all four of them stood on one side… even the previously haughty and overbearing deities had an aghast expression on their faces.

"Shall we begin?" asked Dracula in a jarring voice that raised goosebumps on most of their bodies.

"This!... When did he turn them into his puppets? Weren't their bodies buried and are under surveillance?" asked Goddess of Nature.

"No… I think they were never the real bodies, to begin with. He somehow created fake bodies and used their blood and mana to replicate a similar aura matching the original ones.

Wait a minute…" iterated God of Life as he came to a realization.

But before he could complete his sentence, team Dracula already started their attacks.


An ear-deafening roar from the Dragon Emperor who sent hundreds of deities flying just with flaps of his wings shook the entire divine realm.




His vast and monstrously oppressive aura filled with killing intent instantly froze many of the enemies on the spot as the dragon with black lifeless eyes and under Dracula's control charged at a group of deities.




Dozens and then hundreds of gigantic deities and demi-gods were ripped apart from the slashing attacks from the dragon emperor's humongous claws.

"Arrghh!!" screamed a demi-god with a head of an eagle as half of its massive 100 meters tall body was crushed under the dragon's stomp.

And right when everyone surrounded it, the ginormous creatures finally used its kin's signature attack skill…


Hundreds of enemies were turned into cinders regardless of their defensive skills, powers and abilities as none of them could hold against one of the most powerful and destructive attacking abilities from the world of the living.

While the Dragon Emperor started his onslaught, the Elven Saint cast 12 different elemental archaic pentagrams, each of which was 100 meters in circumference, and soon… a volley of multicolored beams of pure mana and chaotic energy that varied from element to element came to be and massive canon shots erupted from these pentagrams like rain pouring from the sky.

Hundreds of divine creatures spread over a few dozen kilometers were targeted like homing missiles by these beams of elemental energy, each of which was enough to destroy a full mountain on their own.

"Noooo!!" wailed a deity whose 2 kilometers wide red wings were poked through by these beams and the lower half of its body lost a very important soldier.

On the opposite end of this terrifying mage… was a bloody battle where the Dwarven King ran through the bodies of the enemies and cut them in half with a giant battleaxe in his hands.

Just a single punch or a slash from this mighty warrior from the world of the living was more than enough to make even the titans lose their heads in a flash.

On top of it… it had an apparition that was hundreds of meters in height and had 4 arms, each equipped with a legendary weapon that decimated his enemies in a single strike.

For the first time, the divine realm was filled with the torn bodies, multicolored blood and intestines of its residents who resided in this place for millions of years.

By no means were these divine creatures weaker… just that the enemies they faced were comparable to world calamities on their own and now… all 4 of them had joined a side in an onslaught.

But to make matters worse… Dracula himself joined the fray and used thousands of his blood weapons that were suspended in the sky above him.





His vast numbers of weapons that had different sizes, shapes and uses swarmed the enemies and broke through their ranks while piercing, cutting, shredding and impaling these divine beings, deities and demi-gods.

As their one-sided massacre continued when Dracula himself joined the fight…

The heaven itself was no longer… heavenly.

In just an hour… 40% of the enemy forces were butchered by these 4 monstrous creatures.

Even the gods couldn't help but have their mouths wide open and had a dumbfounded expression on their countenance.

But before they could fully come to accept the scene in front of them…

A 10 kilometers wide blue formation, filled with ancient texts and runes appeared. It quickly ascended high in the air and suddenly, a terrifying suction force was released from the center of this formation.

"Impossible! Is he using that forbidden spell? How did he get his hands on it?!" exclaimed God of Sentience.

And right before their eyes…

This massive and widespread formation started sucking in a bright golden aura from the bodies of all the fallen beings.

"How did he know about it? Seriously… since when did he know about this spell's existence?" spoke God of Life who was as clueless as the rest of them.

"This vile monster… He's stealing the Divinity from the others!!" shouted Goddess of Nature in a thoroughly enraged voice.

"This bloodsucker! He didn't kill them on a whim.

Us bringing him inside the divine realm… the deaths of those three and now that spell…" spoke God of Wisdom as he came to a conclusion of his own.

"It was all part of his plan!"