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Downtown Mania


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Ikebukuro is Ikebukuro and nothing else. And in this one of a kind city on earth all hell always breaks loose. From gangs running about smashing everything, to gangs running back and cleaning their mess. It’s the land of everything and anything. And in that lands lies two gangs who each control half of Ikebukuro... The Flowers and Titular. Both of them are rival gangs, brawling each and every single day, The Flowers with their brute force, ruthless and absolute unity and peak physical condition. On the other hand Titular fights using tactics, custom gadgets and all sorts of traps. Yet no one gang could ever trump the other. However it seems like the fickle master that is Ikebukuro has yet to be satisfied, as along with the forever expanding and spiralistic nature of the town, a new threat showed up from the sky... An alien invasion makes Ikebukuro its starting point. It was then that Racer (The Flowers leader) and Harmona (Titular’s boss) decide to unite against a single enemy. And what a shitty unity has that become.


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